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  1. Oh my GOD GT; Yael simply takes my breath away. I'd sell my car to spend 2 days with her.
  2. Thank you waterat, you got it right.
  3. Ah the taste of we men; for a number of years way back, one of the most popular red heads was porn star Elle and she was very flat chested.
  4. Oops forgot: American Grafitti or Grease? [and I'll keep asking until someone gets it right]
  5. High waisted always; makes a ladies legs look longer and doesn't every woman want longer legs?
  6. "Letters from Iwo Jima", a Clint Eastwood movie which covers the Japanese defense of Iwo Jima against the soon to be American invasion of the island.
  7. If insurance coverage is the issue, then what will happen to Playmate and NuDen? Everybody needs insurance so Phil will have to sell quickly [in Spring or summer] or either he or new owner will have to turn the building into something "insurable". Frank sold Pigales few years ago [very good timing] but retains ownership of the building. I bet BF could be renovated into a very nice massage parlor. That industry seems stable.
  8. I used to work close to Pigales so it was my go to club for many years. In a number of "surveys" it was always voted best club in the area. One thing that I remember was someone saying that the owner, Frank B. allowed girls from Montreal to stay at his house overnight for a very nominal fee. This saved the girls at least $50 a night times 4 nights-an extra $200 to take home every week. His house on Aylmer Rd has 7 bedrooms so anywhere from 7 to 12 girls could be there. I think Frank sold the house in 2001 so this practice stopped but the club still maintained a very good group of ladies working there. I'll always remember Frank carving up the huge roast of beef for lunch time. He ran a good club and I hope he is still doing well somewhere. Many of his staff did well over 20 years there. I'd be very interested to know when Pigales opened. Think it must be early to mid 80's.
  9. I always preferred Gina to Sophia Loren. Many thanks GT for these beautiful retro beauties.
  10. Thank you Ali for this. I know for sure you have your head screwed on right.
  11. FH Fripple, posted "Monday at 11:49am" last of 3, pulling on grayish top, black G sting, Daisy Dukes deserves to be posted here too.
  12. Wow, I remember that last pic of Christina. One of the greatest girl pics of all time. #1 is probably Farah Fawcett. #2. would be Adrienne Barbeau in the purple corset
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