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  1. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Victoria, Kelly. Cookie, Jasmine, Tasha, Selena, Alex, Velinda, Olivia, Mariah, Tasha, Alexis plus 3-5 others new to me. Again, Cookies stage show is rather spectacular (Maude #2) And, Olivia looked particularly stunning today as did Selena & Velinda.
  2. 1963Kennedy

    Jesus ! What’s going on on Lyla ?

    1&2: prefer to keep her name private and best asset is her soft eskimo kisses & lots of them 3. bright solid red, yellow, navy blue 4&5: not on twitter but just from her pics, #5 = Alex/CMJ
  3. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Olivia, Kira, Gloria, Alanna, Ariel, Tasha, Alex, Layla, Gia, Crystal, Natalia, Selena, Jasmine, Alexi plus 3 or 4 others I've never seen before.
  4. 1963Kennedy

    Club 77

    Ah OK, makes sense
  5. 1963Kennedy

    Freakin' Hot Fripple Photos.

    Wow, thanks. Yummy
  6. 1963Kennedy

    Freakin' Hot Fripple Photos.

    Ah the lovely Zoe S; done well since drum Line
  7. 1963Kennedy

    Club 77

    I don't understand why Ariel spent more than a day at Taboo.
  8. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Oh, and how could I forget, Cookie doing her tremendous stage show; Maude #2.
  9. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    A short visit today: Kira, Velinda, Alex, Selena, Layla. About 5 new girls, 2 of whom were Helena and Chanel. Evidently Jessica from Montreal was in earlier this week.
  10. 1963Kennedy

    Remember when ...

    Wow, Suzanne Somers; watched her drive a white T-Bird last night.
  11. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Lorrie, Annabelle, Selena, Velinda, Kylie, Kira, Tasha, May, Layla, Gia, Stacey
  12. 1963Kennedy


    Where was Club 61 and when did it close?
  13. 1963Kennedy


    Yes, Sky in Kemptville; she looks tremendous.
  14. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Thursday afternoon Jasmine, Selena, Trinity, Velinda, Kylie, Tiffany, Kira, Valentina, Mariah, Kim, Luna plus 2 blondes whose names I did not get.
  15. 1963Kennedy

    Happy Easter to all my friends

    And a Happy Easter to you too NJ. Appreciate your work esp in Clubs very much.