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  1. Quick visit to Pigales today. Food is no longer free. Nothing available [yet] at lunch time. Food service starts at 5pm; quite a few items available at less than $10 and even 4 items at $5 [but only 5-7pm]. Working today were Mya, Pamela, Sable, Selena, plus about another 4-5 girls whose names I know not. Manager seemed to be making regular visits below.
  2. fka as Brass Club, CA opening June 30th. Many of the same girls - few new ones.
  3. Like this girl GT, thanks
  4. Aspen is pretty stunning but I much prefer Kathe
  5. GT: been away for a while. 430 & 431 Jessica V. = Wow, especially red 1 piece, just like the famous FF pose.
  6. Red River, a Western from 1946/48. Starring John Wayne. Good movie but my favourite JW movie I think is Rio Bravo with Angie Dickenson, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson AND Walter Brennan [who was also in RR.]
  7. Oh my GOD GT; Yael simply takes my breath away. I'd sell my car to spend 2 days with her.
  8. Thank you waterat, you got it right.
  9. Ah the taste of we men; for a number of years way back, one of the most popular red heads was porn star Elle and she was very flat chested.
  10. Oops forgot: American Grafitti or Grease? [and I'll keep asking until someone gets it right]
  11. High waisted always; makes a ladies legs look longer and doesn't every woman want longer legs?
  12. "Letters from Iwo Jima", a Clint Eastwood movie which covers the Japanese defense of Iwo Jima against the soon to be American invasion of the island.
  13. If insurance coverage is the issue, then what will happen to Playmate and NuDen? Everybody needs insurance so Phil will have to sell quickly [in Spring or summer] or either he or new owner will have to turn the building into something "insurable". Frank sold Pigales few years ago [very good timing] but retains ownership of the building. I bet BF could be renovated into a very nice massage parlor. That industry seems stable.
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