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  1. I like small, fast, red and something that I could actually afford some day.
  2. Damn you NJ; I want more of the video of girl unbuttoning her red blouse!
  3. Friday afternoon: club quite busy-no customer masks (except me, maybe 1 other). All staff wearing masks. CR normal operation except it seemed customers only getting 2/3 dances. Saw 1 table dance. Working today; Ariel, Dice, Vanessa, Dove, Richie, Selena and maybe 1 or 2 others.
  4. The girls are coming back slowly. Far too early to say who has quit. And don't expect 10 girls daytime. Staff and dancers have masks; some are wearing them full time, some ½ the time (ie: when not close to anyone). Unfortunately most customers NOT wearing a mask. Wear a mask and wash hands regularly.
  5. Two more: Asian (absolutely not) 5'7" 5'6" 46 lbs 48lbs 33A 30 35 38DD 30 41 Both have subject lines not indicative of local ladies
  6. Few days late to the dance but Tamarrrrrrrrrra.
  7. Well it was so long ago I don't remember exactly. I was doing OK on CL ( by reading and monitoring carefully) but some where along the line I discovered CERB.
  8. 1963Kennedy

    My pictures

    A great album Erin; nice poses and a good variety of sexy clothing. probably the 1st photo in white nightie and showing red lipstick and your hair is my favourite.
  9. Well now neither do I; looks like added 2 girls together. Oops. Talking about 109 pics of one girl. Looks like one girl did not get a boob job. Shouldn't be doing this so close to my bed time.
  10. Mistress Madison has new pics. Wow, does she ever look stunning, especially in red.
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