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  1. 1963Kennedy


    34A/32/33, is 5'5" and weighs 162 lbs.
  2. My top 5 of page 116; pic #2 = just WOW, my #1. The hair! Pic #6 = is this Elle? Pic#9 = blue/wht/lace. The hair! Pic #10 "the eyes have it". Pic #3 GND beautiful
  3. Luxe: have to agree with pretty much everything you have said. I'm always happy to see the ladies and over the last year or two I find myself tipping for good stage show and/or sitting with me for more than 2 songs. Of course I do take my ATF (of the last 3 yrs) for private dances. As I've said before here MPs have exploded whereas SCs are in decline. The customer in a MP knows pretty much exactly what he is going to get and what it is going to cost. In a SC you can go from 100 to 200 in the blink of an eye. However, a SC is much more fun for both customer and dancer. I hope the industry (SC) gets it business sorted out and brings back the "fun".
  4. 1963Kennedy

    3 words better than "I love you"

    your tongue, magical
  5. 1963Kennedy

    Unbotton, unzipped jeans.

    Nice group of ladies here NJ, thanks
  6. 1963Kennedy

    Freakin' Hot Fripple Photos.

    I'm not normally into blonds and big boobs BUT the girl 4 pics up, skin tight 1 piece white outfit, short blond hair, lipstick is simply stunning-takes my breathe away. Thx NJ
  7. 1963Kennedy

    3 words better than "I love you"

    Kraft Dinner please
  8. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    Does anyone else see Russia in her face? Yes beautiful, all natural-thanks GT
  9. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    Not normally into blonds but Velvet is stunning.
  10. 1963Kennedy

    Freakin' Hot Fripple Photos.

    Thanks GT; again you are a wealth of knowledge and good taste. I like girls from Chile.
  11. 1963Kennedy

    Freakin' Hot Fripple Photos.

    OK I have absolutely no idea but would like to hear from people as to where the picture was taken, 7 pics up, blonde in blue with sun glasses. I would expect no one knows exactly but might have an idea.
  12. Reading everything here. rocky has a good idea (NOT membership). Some rooms in the club where one could go for a massage exactly like in a massage parlor (MP). 45 or 60 min, shower, massage, ending & maybe another shower. The "dancer" part stays the same if a girl wishes to do just that. Some arrangement if otherwise. Pigales and NuDen have the room to do that. NOW, you have the advantages of both a SC and a MP. NOW I could see MP loosing business to the SC. Now I assume, rightly or wrongly, in a $190 massage session, the girl gets $100 and the MP $90, or something close (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). So MA gets $100 an hour (or so-she has to clean up the room). In a SC, many girls can make $100 in about 15 minutes , easily $200/$300 an hour. So I'm thinking, hoping actually that each girl would have their own rate. Busy time=$300, quiet time $200.
  13. I can expand later,but Massage has exploded over the last 10-20 years. SC's are struggling. Think about the advantages of each.
  14. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    Does anyone besides me notice that most of these girls are natural "B"s with maybe a few natural "C"s? BTW, I like black hair. Thanks GT
  15. 1963Kennedy

    Oppourtunity for the Clubs

    Clubs I know [3] don't need a coat of paint or really anything much. Even washrooms are good. Barbs washroom (and maybe ladies change room) was pretty sad but owners knew for some time that they were closing so did little to no improvements. I know some of the staff and they have been there for 20+ years so obviously they're treated well. Day time bar maid NuDen 20 yrs this month. The dancers, like many other workers, are hurting very much. Hopefully they can access funding like all other workers. I hope to support OIC. The danger from the virus will not go away immediately so it will be difficult even after work resumes. I'll be there but may be paying for their company rather than dances. I have often wished the dancers would have a 2nd job, something they could fall back to if they began a relationship and wanted to slowly leave the business. Also it would be something they could tell their children that they do for "work". I do know for a fact that many of the girls want a relationship and leave the business. I hark back to the story a new girl once told me. In her 1st night working as a dancer, she made more money than 2 weeks at her coffee joint. So, it's hard to leave. Ten to 25% are supporting children with this work. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.