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  1. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Kylie, Tia, Trinity, Gia, Tasha, Luna, Kim, Karma, Selina, Alex, maybe Nakita. 5 girls new to me.
  2. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Kylie, Olivia, Velinda, Alex, Tasha, Trinity, Gia, Selina, Erica, Zia, Sandra, Chanelle, Ashley, Kim + 4-5 others whose names I know not. Speaking of stunning legs, Erica, wow.
  3. 1963Kennedy

    Sweet 300 in Vanier

    Well written posts rocky; I agree with you 100% especially about YMMV. Everyone situation is based on its own merits.
  4. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Alex, Jasmine, Selina, Trinity, Olivia, Kylie, Carmyn, Minx, Gia, Marie, Harmony, Tasha, Cookie, plus a Skyla twin and 2 others whose name I know not. First time I've seen Cookie; she does quite the athletic show on stage (great strength, stunning legs) About 5 of the girls were new to me.
  5. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    RR-you are right
  6. Pigales; I just recently saw at least 7 new girls there daytime; where did they come from? All English too, so? Free parking and I believe 1 free meal (and it's very good) . Maybe the 2nd evening meal is available too. Day time manager (he's new) keeps things well under control. Day time DJ is very good. On a quiet Thursday afternoon there were at least 25 customers there. For girls w/o cars, BareFax, Playmate or NuDen. Can't speak for BF but PM & ND do tend to have some more mature ladies. Also ND has kitchen open daytime, likely night time too. PM & ND have free parking. Welcome PM's from girls wanting more details.
  7. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Alex, Kylie, Nina, Stephanie, Gia, Kelly, Isabelle, Layla, Trinity, Nix, Tasha, Sandra, 5 of these girls are regulars and 7 are new to me. I may have some of the new names incorrect as new DJ does not announce names as clearly as the former DJ. Club quite quiet today. I note that I have not seen the girl I had "counting" issue with 2 weeks ago.
  8. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Kylie, Tiffany, Trinity, Jessica, Olivia, Isabella, Tasha & one Alex look-a-like.
  9. Yes, KC for sure. I did have the privilege of meeting her. But, other than great beauty, what impressed me most was her business savy. She wanted success and boy did she ever achieve it.
  10. 1963Kennedy

    Turn back time

    1. learn how to dance well 2. get a SP to show me how to really make love well
  11. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Francesca, Alex, Jessica, trinity, Gia, Kylie, Monica, Tasha, Briana, Dove, Selina. I had a disagreement today with number of songs. She said 5 and I said 3. We went to see manager. He said it would take 20 minutes to review the tape, hoping for a quick resolution. I said go ahead-look at the tape. 15/20 minutes later he came back. Long story short, evidently the booth we were in has no video coverage. Anyways manager asked if we could split the difference to which I agreed. The girl is new and will now have to be more careful to her count. Will she be back next week? Most often these situations are done by out of towners just looking to make quick buck and plan to never be back again. Must relearn to stick with the regulars.
  12. 1963Kennedy

    Looking at starting in the industry.

    Go to Lyla Home page; therein is a whole section, "New to this-things you should know". And, hopefully some lady in Kingston will contact you and help you with important local information. Please note some gents really like to take advantage of the new girls by asking for BBFS and you should immediately black list them.
  13. 1963Kennedy

    I need your help !

    So great to hear from you Katrine. You are proof that the "Pretty Woman" experience can come true. You have been very successful in everything that you have done. kisses and hugs
  14. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Trinity, Gia, Jasmine, Kylie, Tasha, Ariel, Erica, Velinda, Olivia.
  15. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Thursday Trinity, Gia, Alexi, Andrea, Amira, Kim, Zia, Natalia, Alex, Jessica, Celina, Sinoway, Tasha, Kylie, Velinda, Monica.