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  1. Ah, looks like Violet got a boob job!
  2. Not on twitter; Hi Cato-glad to hear all is well with you.
  3. Quick visit to Pigales today. Food is no longer free. Nothing available [yet] at lunch time. Food service starts at 5pm; quite a few items available at less than $10 and even 4 items at $5 [but only 5-7pm]. Working today were Mya, Pamela, Sable, Selena, plus about another 4-5 girls whose names I know not. Manager seemed to be making regular visits below.
  4. fka as Brass Club, CA opening June 30th. Many of the same girls - few new ones.
  5. Like this girl GT, thanks
  6. Aspen is pretty stunning but I much prefer Kathe
  7. GT: been away for a while. 430 & 431 Jessica V. = Wow, especially red 1 piece, just like the famous FF pose.
  8. Red River, a Western from 1946/48. Starring John Wayne. Good movie but my favourite JW movie I think is Rio Bravo with Angie Dickenson, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson AND Walter Brennan [who was also in RR.]
  9. Oh my GOD GT; Yael simply takes my breath away. I'd sell my car to spend 2 days with her.
  10. Thank you waterat, you got it right.
  11. Ah the taste of we men; for a number of years way back, one of the most popular red heads was porn star Elle and she was very flat chested.
  12. Oops forgot: American Grafitti or Grease? [and I'll keep asking until someone gets it right]
  13. High waisted always; makes a ladies legs look longer and doesn't every woman want longer legs?
  14. "Letters from Iwo Jima", a Clint Eastwood movie which covers the Japanese defense of Iwo Jima against the soon to be American invasion of the island.
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