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  1. 1963Kennedy


    Good wishes to you too Cato.
  2. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Tasha, Kira, Jessie, Selena, Gia, Angelica, Cassidy and Alex
  3. 1963Kennedy

    Selfy pic fun;)

  4. 1963Kennedy

    Retro Beauties

    Still love Barbi
  5. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    Thanks for this GT; by my mind, she needed an enhancement and it was a perfect job. Not too big and yet still looks almost natural.
  6. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Jessie, Megan, Dice, Selena, Mia, Gia, Cookie, Kelly, Stassi, Sandy, Angela, Tessi + about 3-4 others. Pretty quiet today
  7. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Mia, Mattie, Kelly, Alex, Cassidy, Tasha, Kim, Cookie, Stassi, Selena, Gia plus about 5 others whose name I did not get
  8. 1963Kennedy


    Should be same girl.
  9. 1963Kennedy

    Pigale's dancers

    Cookie (back permanently now), Alex (wow, looking good) Selena, Kira, Cassidy, Stassi, Jenna, Tasha, Dice, Kim, Jeannie, Gia (I think), Yara, Yalicious plus about 4 others I know not. 8 total girls new to me. Long talk with Cookie; she's willing to correspond with guys via e-mail; PM if interested.
  10. 1963Kennedy


    Can be slow daytime too but it works. Night time can be slow everywhere until 9:30-10:00pm.
  11. 1963Kennedy

    Sexy Ottawa MA

    And she is awesome.
  12. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    Completely agree with NJ. By my count 30 pics of those natural breasts, Now, interestingly enough my favourite pic of India is fully clothed pink "jump suit" laying on a couch.
  13. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    I understand GT; I think I really started following you mid December after seeing beautiful lady after beautiful lady that all looked so natural (and I commented so Dec 18th.) So keep up the good work b/c you are really selecting ladies that I would classify as GND rather than (I'll be polite here) untouchable.
  14. 1963Kennedy

    Babe of the Day

    The boobs look just too unnatural.
  15. 1963Kennedy

    Dancer of the year 2019

    #1. Cookie; the best stage show since Maude and the sexiness of Maya (Pigale) #2. Selena: this girl puts so much effort (and money) into her "clothes". A true Latina goddess (Pigale) #3. Ashley: the body of a 16 yr old in a lady over 35. Puts many of the youngins to shame (and she dances well too. Playmate)