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  1. Hello everyone.  It has been a while since I was  here last.  Just stopping by to show some love to my dear friends here.

    Things are going good.  Unfortunately, the reason for me leaving (new girlfriend) did not last more than 7 months.  But It was a wonderful relationship while it lasted. 

    I am still looking for love and planning to retire to the Philippines in 5 years.


  2. Hi there thanks for checking out my profile :) if u like what u see don't be shy and send me a message . Hope to hear from you 

  3. How about "Night Mode". So it is not so bright.
  4. Last week my back went out and it hasn't gotten any better.
  5. I lost internet, TV and home phone service for 4 days. Thank goodness they are all working again. 😂
  6. jafo105

    TV shows/series

    Second season has already started.
  7. jafo105

    Remember when ...

    Remember when things were made to last... and if necessary, were repairable.
  8. jafo105

    TV shows/series

    Last night I binge watched the first season of "Harlots". It takes place in 1756 London England. It is a drama about a fewed between two brothel Madams and their girls. Now I am hooked and will be watching it each Thursday night at 9 pm on the Fuse Channel . Which is part of SuperChannel stations.
  9. jafo105

    What is for supper tonight?

    Tonight I ordered some fish and chips. Usually you get coleslaw with it but for some strange reason I received plum sauce.
  10. Here is the link for Escorts Canada You can also find a link to it if you go to the Ontario page of Lyla. It is located at the very bottom of the page and is highlighted with a red arrow.
  11. Yes, things are definitely better now.
  12. jafo105

    mac vs pc?

    I switched from a Windows PC to a used MacBook Pro last September. I have very few if any problems unlike I did with the Windows PC. When I first switched there was a bit of a learning curve. But now I have a stress free experience. I don't think I will ever switch back to a Windows PC ever again.
  13. Red Sparrow -- 2018 movie staring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgeerton, Mary-Louise Parker
  14. Tim Horton's ground coffee for my k-cup machine.
  15. I forgot to mentioned that my browser is 'Safari' (MacBook Pro).