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    "You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of talking." -- Plato
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  1. Hi there thanks for checking out my profile :) if u like what u see don't be shy and send me a message . Hope to hear from you 

  2. How about "Night Mode". So it is not so bright.
  3. Last week my back went out and it hasn't gotten any better.
  4. I lost internet, TV and home phone service for 4 days. Thank goodness they are all working again. 😂
  5. jafo105

    TV shows/series

    Second season has already started.
  6. jafo105

    Remember when ...

    Remember when things were made to last... and if necessary, were repairable.
  7. jafo105

    TV shows/series

    Last night I binge watched the first season of "Harlots". It takes place in 1756 London England. It is a drama about a fewed between two brothel Madams and their girls. Now I am hooked and will be watching it each Thursday night at 9 pm on the Fuse Channel . Which is part of SuperChannel stations.
  8. jafo105

    What is for supper tonight?

    Tonight I ordered some fish and chips. Usually you get coleslaw with it but for some strange reason I received plum sauce.
  9. Here is the link for Escorts Canada You can also find a link to it if you go to the Ontario page of Lyla. It is located at the very bottom of the page and is highlighted with a red arrow.
  10. Yes, things are definitely better now.
  11. jafo105

    mac vs pc?

    I switched from a Windows PC to a used MacBook Pro last September. I have very few if any problems unlike I did with the Windows PC. When I first switched there was a bit of a learning curve. But now I have a stress free experience. I don't think I will ever switch back to a Windows PC ever again.
  12. Red Sparrow -- 2018 movie staring Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgeerton, Mary-Louise Parker
  13. Tim Horton's ground coffee for my k-cup machine.
  14. I forgot to mentioned that my browser is 'Safari' (MacBook Pro).
  15. I am also having similar issues. When I log back in the site layout is all messed up. I am surprised I was able to find this post again -- it is that messed up. I cleared my cookie and browser history but it does not make any difference.