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  2. cdninja


    A few mins from polo, u will see a Tim Hortons and it’s directly across from there
  3. cdninja


    Had a fantastic massage from Linda on the weekend. More ass play then usual, very good. She will be gone for last week of August, I might try Rachel then
  4. cdninja


    I know Linda is going on vacation for 2 weeks, think just rachel will be there
  5. cdninja


    There’s a new girl at Ness, Rachel. I have not seen her yet
  6. Is my best bet to get a topless massage without much haggle .Please PM me
  7. cdninja

    Anyone ever been to Tanya's?

    Actually much closer to polo
  8. cdninja


    I always leave happy there, but I’m a regular customer with Linda
  9. cdninja


    I am going to see coco on Sunday aft. Will report back
  10. cdninja

    Ness Location

    I saw Linda on Friday morning..usual great massage and ending
  11. cdninja


    And she’s located on Regent, screw that
  12. cdninja

    Ness Location

    So had a late night session with Linda on Thursday at 10pm. I am a regular there, the massage was awesome as usual and finish was great. I did notice she was a little more playful this time, she actually sat on my face, and also sat directly on my unit, as she was massaging me...instant turn on. She was actually working her hips pretty good against my junk, first time she’s somebody that to me
  13. cdninja

    Ness Location

    Had a later session with Linda on Sunday. The usual excellent massage from her, she did lots of ball play this time, really enjoyed that. Typical finish, but worth it .
  14. cdninja

    Ness Location

    I’ll be going tonight for a late massage with Linda, I’ll report back if anything is different
  15. cdninja

    Assiniboine Ave

    Damn, would love to have something g like that close to where I am located. Hope the Ad comes back, I would def check it out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk