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  1. Always been attracted to the nice Filipina ladies in Winnipeg, anyone know of any massage places that are Filipino?
  2. Yeah I have a very good relation with Linda so I just stick with her. I’ve seen a few others there but that was probably like 2 years ago
  3. Linda is still my go to at ness.
  4. Linda still my fav, don’t think I’ve seen tulip she’s younger?
  5. Is it me or has Terri’s chest been looking extra big lately?
  6. Which local celeb would u want a massage from? I would def choose Terri Apostle, she’s looking really good lately.
  7. Last two times I have gone to Ness I have noticed a really good looking younger girl there. I still stick with Linda as she still gives me amazing massages and finish. I would def try one of the newer girls is Linda isn’t there
  8. Sunhope on ness will give u a legit receipt if u want one
  9. Any good mobile massage providers who will come to you?
  10. I’m a regular at Ness, and have noticed 2 new girls there. I only see Linda there, always get my moneys worth from her, awesome massage every time
  11. I had a message on Insta from Alicia offering her massage services, I messaged her and she seems interesting. Does anyone know anything about her?
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