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  1. You are right pigale use de be la Gap but was not a stip club at the time
  2. This happend to me once at Pigale i should of known when she got her phone out and recorded the time ended wit more song to pay then what it actualy was
  3. Saw cooky today i can say that she does one hell of a stage dance very athlétique
  4. You are right thats the one i was thinking tanks
  5. Tiffany is she the short blond hair litle spiner that works normaly mondays and tuesdays
  6. I also visit 77 quite often and some songs seem to last very long thats a plus for me
  7. Havent seen Ginger at 77 for a long time day time
  8. Was at 77 yestherday during the day Lexy was working had not seen her for a while always a great time with this girl
  9. No it was club 61 close to the marina pink was another place
  10. Havent sen Talia in clubs for a long time
  11. I dont think its in the midle of no where it about ten minutes from pigale on main street in gat close to the Résolu paper mill
  12. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_xeena_real_east_indian_airport-3554862 Xeena in ottawa
  13. I saw Sol yestherday afthernoon at Pigale had not seen her for a long time
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