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  1. Went to Barefax tonight about 830 to 900. Was dead. Not many dancers,maybe 5? only one dancer went on stage the whole time, and she was completely clothed the first two dances and only went topless for the last 30 seconds when she went on later for her third. It's been quite a few years since I went there, was going to Barbs my last few visits to Ottawa. I remembered Barefax being a busier and more vibrant club with lots of ladies and customers and a lot more stage dances with a lot more skin. Was this just an off night for them? A nice Asian lady approached me but this was after 45 minutes, but by then I was done my drink and ready to go. Guess being a regular would have helped.
  2. I recently saw Flora with Nora Brighton for a duo in Ottawa. Flora was suggested by Nora and I'm glad she did! I researched Flora's website and twitter in advance and she definitely lives up to how she presents in personality and appearance. Yes, she is a hairy escort but my gosh it is incredibly sexy on her. She was sensual and enthusiastic and was deeply into activities with both Nora and I. There was definitely chemistry between us and we were all happily exhausted after 90 minutes. Her in call was upscale and easy to get to and shower soap and towel and mouthwash provided. both her and Nora were fun to be with in conversation and relaxing and I could have spent all night just being with these lovely ladies. Both are professional enthusiastic and charming companions who I highly recommend.
  3. I saw Nora recently at an in call location for am amazing duo with Floral Meadows. Communication was via email with reasonable response times in working out time and details. Nora's website and twitter posts reflect accurately her beautiful looks and personality and amazing smile. In person she was friendly, warm, sensual and enthusiastic. Very open to my requests and preferences and very enthusiastic about being with Flora. This was apparently their first duo and there was definitely lots of excitement all around. Excellent professional and charming provider.
  4. I had the pleasure of seeing Addison for the first time a few weeks ago. Lots of fun, beautiful smile, enthusiastic, great incall location. I had a great time. I would highly recommend. Pictures are accurate.
  5. Agreed. Clubs in Winnipeg nothing like those in Ontario and Quebec. Just watch the dancers, private dances aren't worth it. Little if any mileage.
  6. I'm travelling to Ottawa next week. Barb's definitely my favourite club when I'm in Ottawa. Haven't been able to get back there since last January so some of the dancers may have changed. Any recommendations for the best dancers for private dances? Sounds like Ailyia is worth spending some time with. Feel free to respond by PM instead if you don't want to give out too much info here.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Amazing pics, Summer! Have looked at Jenifer's web site, definitely tempted. Any other advice greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm travelling to Ottawa in February on a very short trip (two days) and usually book with my favourite escort in advance. Alas, she has moved to Toronto. I'm also finding with travel that booking for the day I arrive has once resulted in having to cancel due to late flight, and I can't always know my schedule for the next day. It looks like agencies like Asian Passion, Moonbay and Mirage are highly recommended. And Pink Kitty in the past, now under new management according to their website. Any experience or recommendations on these agencies or other independents who are ok with 1 or 2 hour notice? I know this means that I might be out of luck if ladies are busy(understandable) but I don't want to bother the ones who prefer at least a day's notice. Hotel outcall or downtown in-call are both ok with me. Any advice appreciated.
  9. cool cucumber

    Met her in person at Barb's last night -- has the face to match the body, very friendly, sensual moves, I highly recommend spending some time with her.
  10. Travelling to Ottawa for next few days after a year away and looking forward to going to Barb's. Was always my favourite over Barefax. The ladies at Barb just tend to be friendlier, I like the smaller, more intimate layout for watching the ladies. Relaxing place to spend an hour or two. I tend to sit by the stage as I enjoy the views close up, but have usually had no problem finding a lovely lady to chat with and possibly go to the CR room. A few times when it has been busy in the past and not many ladies on, can be a little harder to find someone, and you can tell there are regulars who the ladies will go to first (understandable). I tend to prefer seeing the dancer on stage first before going to the CR room. I've found leaving a tip on the stage if there is someone I like is usually a good way to have them come back and say hi. All the advice here in this thread about who's there nowadays is really helpful, will keep my ears open for these names when they announce the dancers or someone introduces herself to me.
  11. I like the idea that no one in my "real" life would ever suspect that I have occasionally seen SP's and gone to SC's. It's my secret, and I treasure my experiences. I have one SP friend with whom we communicate via email, sharing ideas and thoughts. I think this site is a positive and respectful and open way of connecting with others. Someone coming here by accident might take a quick look and think "sleazy" but when you take the time to read the general threads, there is a lot of fascinating and insightful ideas going on. Agree that something within the social groups of getting to know a few people a little more would help to fill a void, but like most friendships, they need to develop over time. A private social group in CERB that isn't just open to the public might be a good place to share stories (while still being respectful of the SP's, of course).
  12. 1. Yes, at last, after all the anticipation it's going to really happen! 2. Double check the door number. 3. Cell phone off. No interuptions. (moment she opens the door) Wow, she looks amazing!
  13. I disagree about the notion of "gambling." If I as a hobbyist have checked CERB, read reviews, looked the SP's web site, it isn't hard to discern the professional from the amateur or potential risk SP. If I just go to .......... and take my chances, more likely that an unsatisfactory encounter occurs. What is apparent is the ladies on this thread take their "side of the bargain" very seriously, in that when we as hobbyists show our trust up front by discreetly providing the envelope up front, they then can feel more relaxed and focused on a positive experience for both. Which doesn't necessarily mean pre-ordering from a fixed menu. It means going with what is working. I find that my requests for certain positions or activities are usually granted (knowing what is normally acceptable to his provider or not based on their website or precommunication), but being respectful if something isn't working e.g. certain position. It is a human encounter and interaction, not a piecemeal approach. I almost think that the poster who indicated waiting till the end to pay "just in case" is almost setting up a less enjoyable encounter, with the SP being more wary and guarded. I'd rather be a gentleman up front and just enjoy than treat it like a legal contract with clauses and compensation. Let's also keep in mind that a SP who does this for a living assumes much more risk than a hobbyist who has the occasional encounter. Anything I can do to assure the SP that I am a safe and respectful client just leads to a better experience for us both.
  14. What a fascinating thread. I think the most common theme and area of agreement I've read so far is that of mutual respect, for the SP from the hobbyist, and from the SP to the hobbyist. And where there is clear communication about expectations of behaviour on the website (e.g. greek or CIM is extra, hygiene beforehand by the client expected), the better the encounter. But just to add something I haven't seen yet, I've found that being a gentleman and respectful leads to a much more enjoyable encounter, but more importantly, the willingness of an SP to also provide a reference for the hobbyist to other SP's. There are a few provider webpages I've seen where they ask if another SP is willing to provide a referral for the client. This helps to smooth over introductions and increase comfort for the first time being hobbyist and the new SP. I'd never risk offending an SP over a rude faux pas like not providing the envelope discreet fully and respectfully up front. I'd never want to find myself on a "bad john" board, I'd prefer the reverse much more, that a provider would willingly tell another one "Yes, I'd see him again. I enjoyed my time with him." I also like to normally do my research in advance, and CERB is a great resource for that. So, I've never had a bad encounter where I feel like I somehow didn't get value for my donation amount, and more often, I ensure I've left a little extra as a tip (and sometimes even up front, if it is one of my favourite ladies who I know always goes above and beyond). Did I have some encounters where something was agreed upon and then wasn't available? Yes, an SP I saw indicated she didn't feel ready for greek that day, but offered some of the donation back, alternate services or a discount on my next encounter. Which was perfectly satisfactory and respectful on her part -- I did not feel short changed and in fact preferred that she didn't do something she didn't want to do. And we had a wonderful time together having gotten that out of the way. I think analogies to contracts, meals, concerts etc don't really apply. This is a very intimate encounter between two consenting adults. Where there is respect, communication, and comfort, good things will happen. Once one party or another tries to take advantage of the other or enters into the encounter with mistrust or reservations, only disappointment will result.
  15. Will be travelling to Ottawa in a few weeks. Normally, I like to book with an SP in advance but plans/schedule might change and don't want to have to cancel and waste someone's time. Thought I would use an agency if schedule/opportunity allows a last minute (go with who is available) but would still appreciate recommendations as to agency (613girls, discreetvalley, pinkkitty?) and any specific sp who you recommend? I find that there only tends to be a small paragraph on most agency sites on their lovely ladies. Preference is for age 25-30, large natural breasts, PSE, educated, good sense of humour. Greek would be nice but not essential. Above are preferences, not absolutes, I find it is the positive recommendations on this board that have always been most helpful in having great experiences. You can also PM me if you don't want to post your response here. Thanks!
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