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  1. Still looking for the fully native, tan skinned dark haired beauty
  2. So apparently this is basically the new Club Taboo, has anyone been in since they started opening at noon?
  3. Ya, just a bit of a difference lol
  4. I dont think this city has any Native SPs.
  5. A lot of people find it's a good idea to stick to the local ladies, the ones who are advertising weekly and are keen to build a good clientele and keep their reputations as strong and solid. Try them for now and maybe avoid the newbies and unknowns for a while.
  6. Has anyone visited with Stephani on LL https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_young_wild_freaky_teenage_open_minded_in_and_outcall-4771193
  7. I think she's retired
  8. Well, the Fax has a really good lunch buffet
  9. The place is designed poorly. It has no ambience, good or bad.
  10. This place is real popular with the crowd here lol
  11. The good old days of a reliable, local agency.
  12. Spent a few minutes getting to know Sol in the CR tonight, very enthusiastic and fit ebony beauty. I mentioned enthusiastic right? Great girl, go see her.
  13. Has anyone here had the opportunity to meet with Parker? I can't even find contact info for her and she seems like a really interesting and beautiful librarian 🙂
  14. She was the very hot, young brunette. I don't think you'll have difficulty locating her there at that time.
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