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  1. My reference is to the 3rd Canadian Division who were fighting the Nazis in The Netherlands. The Germans flooded the ground to slow or drown the Canadians. The Canadians overcame adversity. The Nazis called them water rats. The Canadians kept the moniker. My dad was one of them. Years later I saw a veteran's licence plate and it paid homage to them too. He was not there but I still left a thank you note.
  2. To RG's point, when I eat right, loose weight and exercise a lot of problems go away. Need to remind myself of this as we approach Christmas. This year due to construction on my street many trick or treaters stayed away. I had a lot of hard candy that what not handed out. I put it in my storage locker - out of sight out of tummy. RG I am glad that you came out of the TIA without negative effects.
  3. I read on another board that she had retired.
  4. Fresh rosemary, a little kosher salt and fresh pepper. Simple is better.
  5. Thanks for posting that Emily. A few years ago I invited my gf to go to a spa that had a hot tub. I chatted with the owner in advance and she recommended an MA who was comfortable with couples. The MA was tiny compared to us (both around 6') but she put us both at ease. My gf had always been curious. She loved the experience. I was traveling a lot at the time and so my gf and I would go for weeks without seeing each other. To keep things hot, I would write her short stories. They ones that reminded her of that day were the best (in her opinion). So I thoroughly agree with the author, couples therapy can take different forms.
  6. There are a lot of underlying issues that can cause back pain. It is wise to seek medical attention to identify the cause. I am fortunate that my back pain was not disc related. I have been pain free after seeing a medicine man (yes my heritage is part First Nations). He massaged the area, identified that I had spasms not a disc issue (later confirmed by an MRI) gave be exercises to strengthen my core, stretching exercises to perform in the shower in the morning (squats with arms outstretched) and told me to add magnesium citrate. My hamstrings are really tight and so stretching is really important to me. I spoke with my yoga instructor and there are some positions that I do not do and others that I modify.
  7. Carpet cleaner broke down. Water and detergent were dispensed but there was no suction. $100 for repair. Oh I guess this is a thing that does not suck... but not in a good way.
  8. Not sure BlackDog, but the website has not been updated recently.
  9. I agree about the advocacy, but Jody Wilson-Reybold was given a mandate letter to revisit all the criminalization, mandatory minimums etc. But she has done very little as Minister of Justice. The cannabis question was given to Anne McLellan a former justice minister and Bill Blair. While doing incredibly little, she has still managed to visit South Africa, which under Zuma is an example of what not to do in terms of rule of law. Even nominations to superior courts have moved at a snail's pace. She has about six months to introduce some bills and get her house in order. If not it will be "too close to an election" to do anything.
  10. A few years back there was an incident in the early hours of the morning. It is not at the same level of decor etc as Pigalle across the street - more plywood, less finished drywall lol If you go during the day or early evening it is ok. Mileage is best in the afternoon.
  11. The lads who go regimental when wearing a kilt, find it more comfortable not to be completely shaved.
  12. Just picked up 40kg of salt and 20 of salt sand mix - driveway is a mess, but then so is my street. I do not remember so many freezing rain events in a year. With climate change it seems that we will get more.
  13. I have hd the pleasure of meeting Sabrina several times. I agree with what others have said, but I would also add that she is a great conversationalist. Some may not consider that to be essential, but I think that most would agree it is a plus. So in addition to a great massage, the connection with Sabrina is superb.
  14. So we have heard how the gents feel about ladies tan lines. But how do the ladies feel about the gents? There are of course the beach guys with extensive tans. Then there is the infamous "farmer's tan", the shirtless construction worker's tan, the "I wear shorts and no socks (even If I should not)" tan and as I learned after the Glengarry Highland Games the "kilt tan" I will leave that to Kilt Boy to explain in further detail :)
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