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  1. I have noticed plenty of new ads on the site, but trying to cross reference numbers with reviews for most has been an unsuccessful task. Do you all find this daunting at times?
  2. I didn’t think that would be possible … ah, good memories.
  3. I remember as if it was only yesterday, but it has been many years. It was a hot summer day to begin with and only got worse. 🙂
  4. My word, my eyes are in heaven, does anyone have any input? http://thunderbay.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/thunder-bay-best-tits-in-the-city/41020747
  5. Yes, an hour at least would be expected.
  6. Interesting, i am curious to find out what...
  7. It has been a few years since I saw her, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday. She is a sweet gal, calmed my nerves and certainly gave me a good workout. Some things are just too good to forget. Maybe one day again :D
  8. Hello, I haven't posted in ages, but I am always reading. I am also curious to learn more info about different providers, so I have to ask about Brooke on BP that advertises as 5'8 brunette,42EE,28, 38 ,,,,,,35 yrs. Does anyone have any input, you can PM me. I certainly know of one provider I really enjoyed in the past, but you never know when availability may be different. :D
  9. I would have to think it would relate to the context in which it is being used. I suppose when we look at new in general, within a year at something would be fairly new, but each person will have their own definition. Back to the context in which you are using it - a person could be new to the business, new to the area, new to teh agency, new to being an independent or even with a new name. I would say being somewhat straight with the way in which you are using the word new is best. That is my 2 cents.
  10. Times may be changing, but I think there are still some of the same old STD's out there, well, my 2 cents anyways.
  11. I had the pleasure of seeing Sugar last year while I was in the city. She is a very pleasant and professional lady. At that time, I did see her under a different name. She has a nice little incall place, discrete and not in a heavy traffic area. First and foremost, there is no scam artist going on here. The pictures you see are true. She has a face that is quite easy on the eyes - you may even catch yourself staring. She also has some fabulous breasts, probably as close to tens as I have ever had the pleasure of - again, you may even catch yourself staring. She isn't shaved, but it isn't no Amazon Jungle either - neatly trimmed. For me, getting some information on here prior to my visit was important. She is a very safe provide - safety was first in all cases. Kissing on the lips was not allowed - I am trying to recall if a breast may have brushed my mouth . . . hmmmm . . . . quite possible, they could have brushed anywhere! Regardless, take that how you may - I found her safety to be one of the best qualities. She certainly can turn up the heat in a hurry, and she has some good skills! :shehot: I think I was praying for day, I could have melted anything. You may not be dining out with here, so if that is key, you may want to move one - but if you want a pleasant, intelligent and fun time, I think she is the one. I did not feel rushed at all, although the time flew by. This may be the first review, but I know it will not be the last.
  12. There is nothing wrong with being safe, at least IMHO. I think everyone has their own desires and expectations, but I do agree - if you don't like what you see on the menu, why even order? Regardless, to each their own. I think I service provider can offer some limitations and still give an excellent experience. I certainly had no complaints. I certainly can vouch for you not being a scam, furthest thing from it. I thinks it's completely fine to do what you want, change the name as you please, since it is after all, your service and business. Just one man's opinion.
  13. MSOG - I haven't heard an lot with regards to that - I suppose YMMV depending on a provider and if you hit it off - there certainly seem to be a few diamonds in the rough though, whether they offer MSOG is another question.
  14. Yes, Kangas is just East of the Oliver/High Street intersection, it is actually located on Oliver Road.
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