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  1. Hi! My name is Sugar Kayne. I am an attractive, sensual and talented local provider and I am pleased to announce: Exclusively for the holiday season, I am available for not just for my existing playmates, but new patrons as well! I guarantee you won't be disappointed when you discover me at the door, dressed to perfection and looking like heaven and sin all rolled into one. Are you wondering, ''what does she have in mind for me to experience''? To find out, DM me and lets make sure your next encounter is one you wont soon forget! (In a good way- no sketchy tricks here-- a link to my recommendations thread can be found on my profile page) Hint: This adventure is perfect for those looking to try something thats just a little more exciting than your typical escape πŸ˜‰
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    I have something humiliating in mind. PM me if youre still interested 😘
  3. I want to try something Ive never tried before. If you are an adventurous gentleman, I am interested in meeting with you sometime next week for a one of a kind experience! If you think this might be you and would like to know exactly what I have in mind, PM me for details. Hint: Its probably going to be slightly humiliating for you
  4. Me, I'm going to hit the track right now and work up a dripping sweat and a ravenous appetite! Then, Im going to take a nice cool shower and spend some time making myself look like a sweet dream you dont want to wake up from. You could come over tonight, if you want. Around midnight? Unless you have something better to do. But hurry, I'm feeling ravenous already!
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    Madison Sparks

    She's no longer working.
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    Hey girl! You need a substantial post history, at least 50 posts over 6 months time, and not just ad posts. Or someone that already has access, who knows you in person, can vouch for you. Theres a section with all the reqs somewhere on here lol but thats what i remember.
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    Thats what this site used to be called πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
  8. You were stellar! πŸŽ†πŸŽ† Thanks to everybody who kindly expressed their interest, as it was much appreciated. Ticket sales are now closed 🎟🚫 Please make your way toward the exit! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Thank you for choosing Team Sugar, please enjoy your flight✈✈ Until next time... πŸ’‹πŸ˜½πŸ’¦
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    Hey there fellas You know when you reach out to a lady, but she never responds? Even if she advertised recently? It's frustrating right? You wish the lady would have the decency to reply, even if only to say she's sorry but she is unavailable, but often she just ignores your querys. I know, I feel your pain. No one deserves to have their messages ignored, right? Not when its so simple to type out a few measly words. While on some of those occasions I am sure the lady had a perfectly good reason for not replying like perhaps she didnt see your message, or she became otherwise occupied and just hasnt gotten to it yet, that is NOT the reason for this post. The reason for this post is to let you know, fellas, that when a lady does you the courtesy of responding to your inquiry to tell you that she doesnt offer what youre looking for, thats no reason to insult her. Did you ever think that she refused to work with you not because of what she will or wont do but in truth it was because she suspected you had asshole tendencies but was being polite and courteous to grant you a reply, and now you've just proven her assessment of you true? Perhaps thats why some of you fellas dont get ANY reply. To the rest of the fellas out there, you know who you are and I endlessly adore you all😘 Keep being the amazing gentlemen you are and you'll always find a lady willing to treat you like a kingπŸ‘‘
  10. I am so distracted right now... I can't concentrate on anything besides this tension I've been feelin'. I NEED YOUR HELP to release it. Won't you help me out? I'm cute, responsive, caucasian and I look 22! If you are shy, I am great at making you feel at ease. Sensual GF3 at your disposal THIS WEEK ONLY! HMU if you're interested. I'd love to get together during the thunderstorm this weekend, but LMK what you have in mind. I am in an open minded sort of mood this week 😈 Disclaimer: I have about ten extra pounds on me, still very attractive so if you don't mind a healthy lookin lady, I dont mind whatever flaws you have either πŸ˜‰ I'm only offering this to ONE person, since once I'm satiated, I must refocus on my daily grind, but the first one to secure the date gets it, the rest of you, better luck next time! 😘😘 Talk soon, Sugar aka Misty
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    Leo List Scammers

    Thanks for posting this reference thread πŸ™‚
  12. Anyone else? I'm in the mood tonight... PM me if you are too πŸ˜‰ Rates ARE negotiable! Tonight Only... First one to come through gets it πŸ’¦ Miss Sugar
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    time wasters

    Sadly, we all come across time wasters now and again. It does go both ways, Yes, time is money for SPs and a no show costs a Provider BOTH time AND money. On the other hand, SPs need to consider that clients most likely have legitimate restrictions around their time, so if you as the Provider agree to meet but dont follow through and/or cancel with respect for their time, you could be doing them just as much of a disservice as they do when they waste your time. So if you are a client please don't intentionally waste an SP's time just for your own amusement and if you are a Provider, put in the effort to screen your clients because at the end of the day its your time AND your money on the line.
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    Are there locals?

    Yes, there are local providers. Not a lot, but they still exist. Some even have tbay in their profile name. Others can be recognized because they post more frequently. Best of luck πŸ™‚
  15. ...than a date with no regrets? Do you have an extra hour on your hands tonight? What better way to spend it than to treat yourself to one of the best providers this city will ever see? I guarantee you will never have another opportunity like this. Are you bored and lonely like me? I am available for short notice excursions, but ONLY for tonight. Who is Sugar Kayne? I am the one and only, Sugar Kayne. I have come out of semi-retirement for a very limited time. You may also remember me as Misty, or most recently, Ruby. I am a well-established companion with a stellar reputation among those who know me. You will be hard-pressed to find another lady with as many desirable attributes as I am blessed with. Here are just a few, to give you an idea: -My Impeccable Presentation. It matters immensely to me that I share with you only the very best version of myself. That means I am always supremely clean, well-groomed and looking fantastic. -No Unwanted Surprises Later On. The only thing you will take away from an encounter with me is a treasured memory. How much do you value your peace of mind? -My Looks. I am not going to Sugar-coat it, I am a solid 8/10. Better yet, if you're partial to good looking, busty brunettes with a petite frame, you can go ahead and bump me up to a 9/10 πŸ˜‰ -A Truly Sensual Experience. It is my pleasure to evoke an unrushed, non-mechanical experience that we will both enjoy every moment of. I can't think of any reason why we both shouldn't both have a good time, can you? -My Engaging Personality. You will find no coldness here, no blank vacant expression or use of narcotics to dull the senses. Only an alert, warm presence guaranteed to make even the most shy patron feel exceedingly comfortable. -Not A Bait-And-Switch. I don't have to pretend to be someone I am not because I'm naturally The Very Best There Is. Period. -Not An Addict. I am proud to say that 100% of the donations/gifts you so generously provide go to the betterment of my personal situation, rather than to feed an unhealthy, unattractive drug or alcohol habit. I don't even smoke cigarettes. That also means I won't rip you off and your safety is not at risk with me. I've heard the horror stories and I am here to assure you that I am not interested in any bad karma or having to worry about retribution of any kind. What I am offering is a fair exchange you'll wish you could endlessly repeat! It's understandable that you might still have questions. Let me take a few minutes to explain a bit more about The Sugar Kayne Experience, so you can decide if it's the right fit. Who should consider me for their companionship needs? Those who want the very best for their companionship needs should look no further! Gentlemen and couples who desire not just any encounter, but an experience that only a high-caliber entertainer such as myself can provide. Who Should NOT Choose Me? You should not choose me if you are looking for: - a party girl. I am just not about that life. - 'extras'. I only selectively offer a very limited range of 'extras', nothing high risk, and like me, they don't come cheap. But, it might be worth it to ask me for more information privately via PM here. You are welcome to ask, if you like. No judgements. - surgical enhancements. I am naturally blessed with generous assets, so I really have no need for surgical intervention. - a spinner. I weigh 134 lbs; I'm not skinny OR fat. I work out regularly and have decent muscle tone. My waist is 31" at its narrowest point and 39" at it's widest, giving me a smooth, feminine figure with near-perfect hourglass proportions. What do my patrons have to say about me? Just a few months ago, one patron exclaimed upon meeting me "Wow, you're beautiful". Another recently told me that I am "expensive, but worth it" and I agree! But I must admit, the compliment I receive most is "You've got great tits". Nothing wrong with that, is there? πŸ˜› What About The Donation? Regular Donation- $400 for 40 minutes or $500 for 60 minutes. Now, before you tell yourself "it's too expensive", let me say this: It IS worth it. That said, I am happy to be able to sweeten the deal! Read on to find out what special offers I have worked out for you. If you have any questions, just send me a PM. Offer #1 - Double Value with Gift Card In exchange for a gift card from: Sephora, Amazon, Visa (preferred) or Joey's Only Seafood with a value of either $25, $50 or $100, I will deduct double the value of the gift from my regular donation amount, either for a 40 or 60 minute session. For example, a 40 minute session is regularly 400, but with a $100 gift card, it becomes only 200, plus the card. That reduces the donation by a max of $100.00 for you, and lets me go shopping πŸ™‚ win-win! $400 for 40 min - $25 G.C. (x2 value) = $350 (cash) $500 for 60 min - $25 G.C. (x2 value) = $450 (cash) $400 for 40 min - $50 G.C. (x2 value) = $300 (cash) $500 for 60 min - $50 G.C. (x2 value) = $400 (cash) $400 for 40 min - $100 G.C. (x2 value) = $200 (cash) $500 for 60 min - $100 G.C. (x2 value) = $300 (cash) Offer #2- Previous Patron Offer Have we met before? If so, I created this offer Just For You! I really want to see you again, while I still can. Simply verify that we have already met and you will automatically save $100.00. Best of all, it can be combined with the awesome Gift Card Offer! There is just one small restriction. The $100 Gift Card Offer can only be combined with this Previous Patron Offer for 60 minute sessions. An extra 20 luxurious minutes will allow us to take our sweet time and enjoy every delectable sensation. You have always given me just as much as I have given you, (respect and confidence, most of all) and for that, I am forever grateful. Not only do I want the chance to show my appreciation in person, but I also want to enjoy my remaining time as much as possible. $400 for 40 min - $25 G.C. (x2 value) -$100 (Prev. Patron) = $250 (cash) $500 for 60 min - $25 G.C. (x2 value) -$100 (Prev. Patron) = $350 (cash) $400 for 40 min - $50 G.C. (x2 value) -$100 (Prev. Patron) = $200 (cash) $500 for 60 min - $50 G.C. (x2 value) -$100 (Prev. Patron) = $300 (cash) $500 for 60 min - $100 G.C. (x2 value) -$100 (Prev. Patron) = $200 (cash) What About Patron Etiquette? Keep in mind that proper etiquette is crucial to ensuring your experience is the very best it can be. -Thorough hygiene is a must, and not just the usual, please go the extra mile, as I do. -I require you to be respectful and sober at all times. -Please do not smoke before our rendezvous, and don't litter on the property at any time. -If you have an aversion to scent, please let me know. Hopefully I have answered all your questions, and the only thing you want to know now is... How Do I make This Happen? I am only available TONIGHT (MAY 3rd) until MIDNIGHT. I can ONLY be reached by PM here on Lyla. I will be checking my messages every 30 minutes until midnight tonight. (A Side-note) In regards to my upcoming retirement: While I really enjoy my time as a SP, all good things must come to an end. Aside from possibly being available in the future if/when the mood strikes (I enjoy being a provider very much and will dearly miss it), I am only anticipating being available for tonight ONLY. That said, things can change and I like to keep my options open. Therefore, once I am completely, 100% gone, I will take down my account here. Feel free to msg me anytime, even if I haven't advertised availability, perhaps we can still connect. Are you that ultimate gentleman who wants to bring an intimate gift? Here is a list of things that are guaranteed to make me smile. *This is in no way required and is not eligible for a discount on my donations. Strapless heels (aka Pumps) in U.S. size 7 Panties Size Medium Stockings Wireless Earbuds Lingerie 420 Soft blankets Bookmarks Dress size 6 I also love elephants (don't bring me an actual elephant lol) If there is anything at all I missed that pertains to you, please direct your serious inquiries to my PMs here on Lyla. So, are you ready for The Sugar Kayne Experience? PM me without delay and include: Name, Time of Appointment, Duration, and specify which offer(s), if any, you would like to take advantage of. xoxo, Sugar Kayne