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  1. The HJ ending almost doubles the cost of the massage. A bit pricey but excellent massage.
  2. Tried to book with her. Time of daily availability and prices keep fluctuating. Gave me one price for an hour with HE on one day then when I contacted her to book that was the price for 30 minutes. Not worth the headache.
  3. The demand for SP’s will likely subside as hobbyists will begin to refrain. SP’s with multiple clients and hobbyists with multiple SP’s will generate a risk. I can see everyone being careful for a while. Rates might need to come down as an incentive to hobbyists as the demand diminishes.
  4. I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Michelle last evening. Wow! She’s gorgeous and is awesome with her hands. For those of you who want to experience a topless, actual massage, she is great. Relaxing, nice quiet conversation, friendly, and amazing hands and touch. As for the finish, I couldn’t have asked for any better. She’s coming back
  5. It’s difficult to find a provider whom really knows how to, and likes to edge a guy. I did find one lady who nailed it as I like it, but that’s it. Nice and slow, bbbj, with hands, tease and tease for at least 30 minutes before climax. I don’t think it’s hard work because I like it very slow and easy.
  6. I remember twice in my past that they knew exactly what I wanted...toe curling for an extended period of time. That’s what I’m looking for again.
  7. Yes I’m looking for the extended version as you were looking for. It’s a thing that not many people are very good at. Who is the person that you speak of who takes it nice and slow?
  8. Any providers in the area who excel at teasing slow edging? Bring me to the brink and keep me there for a while with a combo of oral/hands.
  9. Thank you Bewlayb and Wrinkled..I feel this is what the forums are for. I have asked previously and the service I look for is lacking in our area. Therefore, periodically I have made it fresh again and I potentially will again in the future. There is nothing wrong with seeing a service offered somewhere else for a great price then asking if that service might now be available locally. Ottawa is a long trip. Lol. Perhaps DD Emma can come to Halifax at some point. Posted via Mobile Device
  10. So we've now figured out that DD Emma is not from CL, rather a legitimate CERB member from Ottawa offering a special rate on a great service. So I'm still wondering is this, or something close to it, offered by any SP's in the Halifax area? If so, please let me know. ;) Posted via Mobile Device
  11. I notice that DD Emma in Ottawa is offering a special on BBBJ's....1 shot for 80, 2 shots for 100. This sounds amazing. Are there any SP's in our great HRM who would offer such a super offer, or something close to it? If so, I think she would be busy....I'd be on the list for sure!
  12. Sometimes SP's after being in the business for a while are lacking new recommendations. Finding that most recommendations for Danielle are not recent, I thought I'd attempt to give her some fresh exposure. After two years of seeing SP's, I finally had the pleasure of meeting with Danielle last Friday afternoon. Once I arrived she immediately led me upstairs where she had a room prepared with drapes drawn, lots of candles, and light music playing. She asked what I wanted and I opted for one hour consisting of 30 mins massage and the other 30 mins..well other stuff :) The massage was great then we moved to DATY where she came very easily for me..twice...then proceeded to crawl on top at my request and we went from there. Danielle has a great body, although in my opinion appeared to be a bit thinner than the pics would suggest. She is very quick to tell you what she doesn't like, or what will not work for her. I'll most likely go back for another visit. Thanks for exactly what I needed on a Friday afternoon.
  13. There are only a couple dedicated masseuses in this area. One of your caliber, and offering tantric massage, would be welcomed. Please let me know when you will be arriving. :)
  14. My opinion is that if an sp is booked for an hour then msog should be available as you're paying for the time as well as the service. As someone else mentioned, once your over 40 like I am, that second shot is not always so easy within 60 minutes, however, the option should be there so if after 15 minutes because we're so excited and we pop we still have something to look forward to. So Stacey I'd like to put this back on you if you don't mind.....why don't you answer your own original questions. What are your views on COB, msog? Also, what do you consider to be gfe and do you offer it? Btw, great thread..thanks for starting it.
  15. How can a local place like this be so busy yet no one here knows anything about it? Wondering where they advertized. CL? CH? Posted via Mobile Device
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