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  1. Way to many Scams going on in this city that's why I only deal with YFL where booking s easy and you don't need to show a passport .
  2. Nice Body has anyone see her
  3. She has no contact number how do you contact her
  4. I know she has been around for awhile has anyone sen StacieXX from Leo List , Thank You
  5. Leah the ad says wet and ready from yesterday
  6. Has anyone seen Leah from Leo List Thanks
  7. Has anyone one seen Lady Belle she looks Great
  8. These ladies are all pre screened for covid the risk is very low probably more risky to go grocery shopping . This is a professional operation its Montreal Based that should tell you its first class all the way .
  9. This Province sucks can't wait to move back to Quebec
  10. Just go to Your French Lady good rates , no photo ID or long booking process required , you just text and book and go Enjoy you will be more then happy .
  11. Jazminn on Leo List are the same pictures of Khloe from your French Lady ??
  12. This is why not because I am from Montreal I see Our French Lady , you just text , you book an appointment you go its over that's is not complicated just easy booking, if you were to book appointments and not show you would be black listed . Keep it simple
  13. Has anyone seen Asian Tina from LL , Thanks
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