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  1. Barney


    This could be The End of Time , Stay Safe everyone and help one another as much as you can . Stay Safe
  2. Barney


    I guess I am just saying you should be careful who you have close body contact with since this thing is changing on a daily Basis . I say no more
  3. I know its not here yet in NS but its only a matter of time and now they are saying not to shake hands and avoid close body contact , so for me until this Virus is under control , probably best to be on the safe side , as the situation is changing daily , any other thoughts .
  4. Barney

    Addictive Barbie

    I am getting the vibe her service and location is not up to the high standards as before , she has been gone a long time maybe she had something happen in her life , but she is a nice person and maybe she has hit a rough patch
  5. Barney


    What is this I am back ???? I am Back ??????? really if your well known SP you should not have to use lines like this .
  6. Barney

    Going Down

    Hygiene is very important and even then not knowing each ones history you are both taking a risks .
  7. Barney


    Has anyone ever seen Hazel from Leo List Thanks
  8. Barney

    Sofia French

    Sofia is Hot YFL is great , the prices are fair, the ladies are very nice, and you don't have to give your life story to book an appointment , some SP's here in Halifax want everything but your Sin number also being from Montreal nothing beats a beautiful Quebec lady :)
  9. Barney

    Addictive Barbie

    I confirm that this is the original and real Addictive Barbie
  10. Barney

    Addictive Barbie

    Now I am confused
  11. Barney

    Addictive Barbie

    the lady advertising this week is not the same Barbie addictive Barbie the original one only sees regular clients now
  12. Barney


    This is a Business you are paying for a service , an example would be just like taking you car in for service . I know this may sound cold but its true , this is how they make their living , their bread and butter its not where you find a girl friend , best advice see another provider and move forward or find your self a partner .
  13. She is The Best In Halifax
  14. Barney


    Has anyone seen Jenny from Leo List , squirt show offered