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  1. It had been a while since we last met. As I walked into her suite her eyes lit up. Her hands instantly grasped me, pulling me in closer to her. I could not resist, I reciprocated, our lips meeting to seal this welcome. She is wearing this ensemble of bra and panties and looking mighty damn fine. We caught up as she pulls me in closer, her hands roaming my body, mine roaming hers. Her kisses taste sweet, her body warm to the touch. Her bra is removed..I admire her wonderful bosom. I kiss them, sucking slowly on each, causing a giggle from her. She unbuttons my shirt helping me along. She is on the bed standing on her knees. I continue to kiss her like this while removing my shirt.. I reach down and pull her in, feeling her warmth on me. We collapse into her bed together, side by side. I pull her in - the caressing continues. There is something different about her...something about her smile, her beauty, the warmth she oozes.. I ask, she blushes, I kiss her some more, caressing her entire supple body. I could continue with these details, however suffice to say this lovely lady is still one of the best. She is passionate and playful, mysterious and flirty, but above all, an all encompassing top notch hostess. A refreshing way to cap off the Habs first victory in their quest for the cup. Thanks Alicia.
  2. Happy Cake and Cunnilingus Day ! Here's a whole heap of other cunnilingus euphemisms: Barking at the ape Bikini burger Bird-washing Bite the dog-end Blow some tunes Boating Box lunch Box lunch at the Y Brush one's teeth Bush dinner Canyon yodeling Carpet munching Chew the she-fat Chow box Chow down on Georgia O'Keefe's inspiration Clam dive Clam diving Clam jousting Clam lapping Connie Lingus Cunning linguistics Dine at the Y Dinner beneath the bridge Dip the brush Dive in the bushes Dive a muff Dive in the canyon Do it the French way Don the beard Doormat bashing Drinking at the fuzzy cup Drinking from the furry cup Eat fur pie Eat hair pie Eat muff pie Eat squirrel Egg McMuff Face job Face the nation Fall in love Fanny noshing Feathery flick Fifty-nine French culture French job French kiss Mr. Lincoln French lessons Fur burger Fur pie Fuzz sandwich Fuzzburger Give a length of tongue Give face Go boating Go down and do tricks Go downstairs for breakfast Go south Go under the house Go way down South in Dixie Gorilla burger Gorilla in the washing machine Growl at the biter Growlbite Hairburger Hat job Have a box lunch Have a mustache Have box lunch Husband's supper Kiss somebody's down Kneel at the altar Labial titillation Lapping at the lint trap Lapping the pink canoe Larking Lay the lip Lick the slit Licking the beaver Lingual stimulation Lingual titillation Lip reading Lip service Lip syncing to the fish-fueled jukebox Lip work Make mouth music Medicate the hairy paper cut Moustache ride Mouthlove Muff diving Muff munching Mumbling in the moss Munch the bearded clam Munch the mickey One-man band Parting the fuzz Pearl diving Picnic on it Playing in the sandbox Pug noshing Punch in the mouth Red wings Sack lunch Sip at the fuzzy cup Smoking the fur Sneeze in the basket Sneeze in the cabbage Sneeze in the canyon Speak Low genitalese Speak in tongues Swing low Talking to the canoe driver Talking to the boat people Telephone the stomach Tip the velvet Tongue bath Tongue wash Top drawer Trimming the hedges Velvet buzz saw Wearing the beard Whistle in the dark Whistling in the weeds Worship at the altar Yodeling in the gully Yodeling in the canyon of love Yodeling up the valley Whatever you call it, enjoy it - today and everyday. :icon_mrgreen:
  3. Different things appeal to different people and as a client one should know what your personal turnoffs are. If you know this early, you are well on your way to enjoying your experiences. What someone may find appealing or acceptable may be the total opposite for someone else. Does this make someone right or wrong? Hardly.
  4. Absolutely not. Positive unsolicited reviews should be earned.
  5. I meant the rum and coke - I still have my fair share of lovely ladies. :razz: Hah hah hah !!
  6. I recall being served rum and coke by some lovely ladies - but lately, none of that for me.
  7. I know this is not what you intended, but I could name a few ladies that are vegetarians and they taste pretty damn good. :motion:
  8. The excitement about meeting a new friend stems from part titillation part mystique. Her album offers the titillation, but Allegra has the mystique down pat. From the moment her soft voice comes on the phone, your seduction will commence. You will find yourself wanting to know who is this person you are chatting with. You will want to see her in person, perhaps determine the secret of her seduction. It might make you do things you would not normally consider. When you walk into her world you might even lose your mind. If your allure is seduction by an exotic beauty, youthful but wise in the art of arousal, then read on. After you've laid your eyes on her and picked up your jaw from the floor, you will wonder just where you are. You will need to check your bearings, you could be on a fashion circuit watching this model walk down a runway. As she makes eye contact with you, you will be reminded that you are red blooded and it is ok to lust for this. When she lets you in closer to her and you feel her warmth, you will struggle to keep your cool. As you help her disrobe, you will see her transform from outerwear model, to underwear model. Victoria's finest lace would sell like hotcakes if graced by this petite body. Your seduction will continue as she whispers in your ear, her mystique has kicked into high gear, you cannot fight it. When her lips make contact with you, you will want them even more.Then she'll offer you a treat. Your first taste will confuse your taste buds. You will need a second serving to set them straight, then more to satisfy your appetite. When you've regained your senses and you think you're ok, that's when she kicks everything up a few notches and totally blows your mind... In keeping with her wishes this recommendation focuses on arousal, titillation and mystique. How she delivers that in your fantasy is between you and her, as it was in mine. I must say that in meeting and conversing with Allegra, I find her to be charming, witty and playful. I like and appreciate her openness. We certainly took turns keeping each other on our respective toes, having a few laughs in the process. To her credit she will read this with everyone else - no previewing. Now, did I discover the secret of her seduction you ask? Yes, but I can't kiss and tell. ;) Thanks Allegra, beautiful in mind and body. See you soon!
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