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  1. I agree with what is said about the prices...but it would be nice to have the contact info. PM me if needed Marco76. Thanks in advance.
  2. I agree that it is very sad and disgusting, but unfortunately it is more rampant than people know. I believe there was recently some news that said that Canada was #2 worldwide when it comes to child porn and things of that nature. I don't know how someone can look at a child and think "Sex", but that's not up to me to judge. I think that any fantasy is ok as long as it doesn't affect others or that if it does, those people are consenting adults who are aware of consequences. As for your question Peachy, I would personally feel insulted and betrayed if a "19" year old SP turned out to be younger, as I feel that would indicate that she is not doing it by her decisions and fully aware of the consequences of her actions. There is also the fact that I don't feel that I could perform in that situation. I would probably pay her (so she doesn't get her ass kicked) and walk out. I think that this is actually a great arguement for legalisation of "prostitution" or whatever you wish to call it. m 2 cents.
  3. Actually it's re-opened, although not as big as before. It's downstairs at Pigale and you enter beside the coat check.
  4. I would definately like that info if you don't mind funjay? I've been out of the game for a while, but looking to get back in shortly and this would help with the selection.:-D
  5. If it's the one I'm thinking I don't think she works anymore in the business. If you pm we can go into more details(she had certain specialties). If she's the one, blonde...very nice face and extemely sensual.
  6. What is a reasonable fee for you? Just wondering if it's worth it or should just go with full SP?
  7. I'm pretty much in the same boat as Seymore. As for being surprised, most people I know that practice this hobby, like to know that the SP is enjoying herself just as much. I don't know anybody that just selfishly wants service without returning any, although I'm sure there out there.
  8. Just checked out CL and I must say she looks very tempting.:-D
  9. I have to agree, although I truly think it all depends on chemistry. There's part business in there, but if they really don't care they won't go in depth. So other than the generic questions, if it's more personal it's because they really are interested in knowing a little more about you. (NOT insinuating romanticly here) Let's face it, nobody wants to know more about someone who repulses you, whether it's physically, emotionally or socially.
  10. The main difference for me is that with the SP there is no mystery or challenge. You get what you paid for to put it bluntly. Either experience is as good as you want, but with a MP you get pampered (that's what you pay for) and how far the extras go is between you and the MP. So in essence there is still room for a form of seduction as nothing other than the HJ or BJ is expected.(depending on the MP) So if you get more it's because she WANTS to and not because she HAS to, which is good for the self-esteem I guess. Didn't mean to ramble for my first post, just my 2 cents.8)
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