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  1. Moncton, I'm here to stay. I have my new love den all set up to play. I even have a new massage chair that I'm sure we can alternative uses for. Wanna play? For those that know me, I'm still the playful luv. For those that not met me, feel free to reach out and introduce yourself. I don't advertise my number online, but do have a new cell number. So reach out and let me know. I'm a mature, curvy busty lady who adores mutual gfe pleasure. Or I can place all of my adoration attentions on you. The choice is yours. Until we meet, have an amazing day.
  2. Meaghan McLeod

    companion for couples?

    I adore seeing couples. I'm fully interactive woth women. Feel free to send me a pm. I also recommend Miss Alexx Banks when she is in town.
  3. Welcome to Lyla beautiful. Stunning pictures.

  4. Moncton, I've moved into my new place. So, this country bumpkin is now a big city gurl. So, if we've met before, feel free to say hello and let's rekindle our embers together. If we haven't met, feel free to reach out. Maybe we can make a genuine connection together. I'm a mature woman with curves in the right places. Busty 38DDD, curvy 160 lbs, petite without my heals at 5'2", naturally curly auburn hair, freckles and the natural talents you crave. I will be available again starting tomorrow. So feel free to say hello and see where we go together. Until then, have an amazing day.
  5. Hey Meaghan,So glad to see you back!

    1. Meaghan McLeod

      Meaghan McLeod

      Hey luv. I'm in Moncton now. Glad to be back too. Hope you are doing great! Miss you. Xo

  6. Meaghan McLeod

    Leolist Verified Ads?

    Actually it's a simple process of holding up a sign and sending it in. No real verification. I've seen ads where the non verified pictures were clearly of a different body type vs the verified picture. Someone could even get their friend to pose for the pictures. I've also heard of verified pictures being stolen and used elsewhere on LL. I dont think the coordination is as thorough as we would hope. So the verified pictures don't always mean what we hope they mean. Do your research. Scammers will always figure out a way to breach systems.
  7. Meaghan McLeod

    Posts in Schedules Section - Verified?

    Anyone can create an account and post in the schedule/announcements. However, those that have been verified independent, will show it as such on their profile. It used to show under their name, so you could see it when they post, but you now have to view their profile to see that status.
  8. Meaghan McLeod

    Meaghan McLeod July 2018 my lil red dress

  9. Got a new lil red dress. Wanna see some more?


    1. Studio 110 by Sophia
    2. Lookingfor


      Very beautiful the dress is too. 

  10. I'm back my lovers and to meet new loves. Now in Moncton to play. So excited and can't wait. Please let me know in advance as I not available for last minute arrangements. Generally available from 11am -8pm. However, I can be flexible with advance notice. Have an amazing day.
  11. Meaghan McLeod

    Question: Classifieds section?

    That section is no longer available.
  12. Meaghan McLeod

    RMT Massage

    You might want to read this sticky. Especially if I'm thinking what you are thinking. The fact is, asking for a sexual service on this board, and in the current legal climate of Canada, is really against the rules of this board and in fact illegal in Canada. Better off to seek each service separately or seek out an MA who can provide what you seek. http://www.lyla.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=142492
  13. Meaghan McLeod


    I'm unaware of any sp site that reviews clients. It runs counter active to the discretion we strive to create and maintain. I've never in my career written info on a good client as I feel that I'm now betraying his safety and security. However, bad dates, time wasters, dangerous clients, yes. They have their own little "review" for the safety of my sisters. For those that enquire of my services, and can provide a reference from a well known sp, or if they provide a deposit, that's different. However, I will not invest in a hotel, gas to get there for one person who chooses to provide neither. The area mentioned is especially difficult due to a specific agency that seems to enjoy booking fake appointments.
  14. Meaghan McLeod

    Contribte post!

    Welcome! You have made your first post. Once you have posted 5 times, you go out of moderation (over 5 days). The posts can be new posts, or you can reply to a post. So post away. There are some great stickies in the "new to this section" to answer some of the common questions new members have. Enjoy!
  15. This thread was merged from a couple of different threads. It appears that 3 different people have had issues, the most serious being a cash and dash. Just because it hasn't happened to you, does not mean it didn't happen to others. I'm sorry this happened to you Cc guy. It's never ok, but even worse when it's someone who is unable to help themselves.