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  1. big bob

    Danielle on LL

    I saw her at Broadway's 10plus years ago. Had a great time, contemplating getting reacquainted.
  2. big bob

    Attn. Milf Hunters...

    She used to work at Nevada, saw her there a few years back. Waste of time and money, doesn't like giving head and too many restrictions. Had the nerve to ask for a tip when she shorted me on time.
  3. big bob

    Big lips anyone??

    She pops in and out of retirement but Justine has the biggest lips I have ever seen. Seen her 4 times, 3 at Nevada and once indie always played safe with me.
  4. It was actually my second visit (my first visit was only for 30 mins.) She greeted me at the door as if I was an old friend then it was game on. She loves sex and it shows and she definitely has a naughty side. She was formerly known as Emma and worked as an indie and at a couple of mps (Place on McPhillips for sure.) Her place was clean tidy and she smelled great. Highly recommend.
  5. big bob

    Raquel and Kristy??

    I saw raquel a couple of months ago, and had an amazing experience, she is funny sexy and her oral skills are fantastic. I plan on seeing again soon. Regarding the clutter the place was a mess but not dirty, just boxes and bags everywhere.
  6. big bob

    Local girls worth seeing

    I saw miss kitty a while ago and according to the rules of this board I can't comment.
  7. big bob

    Miss Kitty?

    Saw her a while ago, Lets just say that according to the rules of this board I cannot comment further.
  8. big bob

    sp and toys

    I've had a lot of toy fun with both Justine and daria kay morgan. Sonya would be another choice. Have fun!
  9. big bob

    Bree / Superstar

    Well I saw her sister a couple of times at nevadas 2 or so years ago and always had a great time! Bree, if you are reading this did you ever work there? You don't mention your rates etc. in your ads or in your profile if you want to pm them to me that would be appreciated. Thanks Big bob
  10. big bob


    Can we please never talk about this guy again? All we are doing is giving him free publicity. Mod please close this thread. Thanks
  11. big bob

    a little help......!!!!

    Sandman by the airport has a great lounge.
  12. big bob

    Nevada Relaxations

    Catherine has retired, for all of you that knew her I think we can all agree that she will be missed, and if you are reading Catherine this all the best kitty cat!
  13. big bob

    Sheridan CL

    ditto, I wouldn't bother repeating. She's definitely a larger woman.
  14. big bob

    brooke nevadas?

    She's advertising on CL
  15. big bob

    Nevada Relaxations

    There is a Cherry there that matches that description, lots of tattoos- large bolt ons. Used to be an indie that was on EC for a while under the name Hailey. There is a review either on this board or the the other -erb.