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  1. Any info on Lisa Marie on LL?
  2. Eraser

    Anna on LL

    Have you seen her? Anything you can share?
  3. Eraser

    Anna on LL

    Here is her ad https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/winnipeg/winnipeg_call_anna_for_the_time_of_your_life-4137030
  4. Anybody have any info on her? The one that is 39. Looks like a great time.
  5. Eraser

    Krissy on LL

    I should add,she lives out of the city and comes in from time to time, and I agree she was very vague when discussing services but I really wanted to check her out. I love women in that age group and there aren't as many around as there used to be. I will repeat.
  6. Eraser

    Krissy on LL

    Excellent SP. Easy to book and very sexy. Plays safe and offers a great massage as well and easy on the eyes. Fantastic rack.
  7. Eraser

    Krissy on LL

    Which Krissy,the one I've seen is 37 and looks amazing. I wasn't able to book this time and I see her ad has been removed.
  8. Eraser

    EC Tiffany - where’d you go?

    She really will be missed. We became friends over the years and her home was always a great place to hang. I wish her the very best.❤
  9. Sorry to hear of your plight. I've not had the pleasure of your company although over the years I must say,I've wanted to. Time has not been my friend when I have wanted to book with you. A regular incall would certainly help your situation,the dudes that can appreciate what you're all about would agree with me on that. I was seeing someone for years that sadly for me has retired and I really loved the fact that she was solid in her surroundings and that made all the difference in the world to me. I really hope that things turn around for you and maybe my time and yours just might connect this summer. Stay safe.😎❤
  10. Eraser


    Cool. I'll be doing likewise. Love the country!
  11. Eraser


    Has Tiffany (around 40-45) from EC retired?
  12. Eraser

    Anyone seen Sharla recently

    RIP dear lady.
  13. Eraser


  14. Eraser

    Angelina Develin

    I've spent many a fine evening with Tiffany,she is still one of the best in the city. As for Angela Devlin,haven't had the pleasure yet.
  15. Is this thread in the right place. I've seen her and she is a wonderful SP. What she does or does not do is between her and her client.Your comment should be between you and Jersey.