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  1. Does anybody have an experience with this lady. I'm almost 70 so she is just the right age.
  2. livewire007

    Danielle on LL

    Has anyone ever seen this 40 year old lady she looks nice.
  3. livewire007

    Berlyn on LL

    Has anybody had a massage fro Berlyn. I've texted her a couple of times but never went there.
  4. livewire007

    Respect for Therapists

    Can't imagine approaching an RMT for an extra. I've been to quite a few and they always avoid any incidental contact period. I can see a guy being asked to leave or at least being put on the no fly list for even mentioning anything other than therapeutic contact. There is always the story about the guy who goes the day the RMT is feeling randy and gets special treatment but I used to read Penthouse Forum in the old days and I think the stories are pretty much on the same vein.
  5. livewire007

    Update: Healthtree

    I block these numbers and only unblock when I need to use them to avoid the situation you mention.
  6. livewire007


    Last time I was there the towels were like rags you would use to polish your car. Like Blue says I felt dirty for a couple of weeks after. One bonus was I got to see Mary who was Queen of oral skills.
  7. livewire007

    Grassy Lake ??

    It is best to text her. She seems to be able to read and write English far better than speak it.
  8. livewire007

    Michelle on LL

    Michelle is a very nice person and a classy lady. Can't go wrong visiting this lady.
  9. livewire007

    Grassy Lake

    I've visited her several times Buzzard and always had a good experience. Her English isn't great so that may be part of the problem she has with some clients. Place is nice and clean.
  10. livewire007

    Osbourne health clinic

    I saw her a few times years back both at the place on Ellice and her house. She is a nice lady. Thats Miss Jaimie I am referring to. Havent seen her for five or six years.
  11. 46 year old lady advertises on Craigslist. Ive talked to her and she seems nice. Would like a reference before I take the plunge. Can anybody help.
  12. livewire007

    Tiffany of South Pointe

    I saw Tiffany before Christmas and my experience at her new location was just fine as well. She even offered to make me some tea after our session. I think if she offers again I will take her up on it. The more you can relate with these Asian ladies the better the experience gets.
  13. livewire007

    Michelle on BP

    I wonder if this is the Michelle who had aplace in a basement of an old house in the north end. She was a very nice lady.
  14. I wonder if she simply retired as she was busy for a number of years. Great body...There were always stories about her boyfriend hiding in the closet watching the action.
  15. livewire007

    World nail

    I think the less we deal with specifics on this board the better.