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  1. Key words: "No Black guys/gentlemen" A little off topic but still spidey sense triggers: - Highly professional or TGTBT pics = stolen pics - Duck lips - Cute animal ears, noses - floating stars, hearts
  2. ok thanks. Something for everyone.
  3. Call me dense - but I have no idea what this means! Do you stick your nose in between her tits and make motorboat sounds or what?
  4. Not for me. But for the sake of engaging your question, are you suggesting one should quit having sex with a lady if she can't squirt?
  5. Jabba

    What a woman really wants

    Some of the comments touch on everything I've experienced. A little of this and a little of that. My SO would agree with a lot of the OP's views as do I. What to do? Is there an elixier that cures sexual boredom? Yup. It's called: Sex with a complete stranger. Try it blindfolded.
  6. Thanks Mod. Good luck. Personally, unless there is a radical turn-around in the Ad exposure and community interest, I think the site is done. The problems are more fundamental than just frigging with the interface. The site has gone stale IMO. It used to be fun and informative, now it's just basically chat between a few. I use to visit several times a day, now I'm down to maybe twice a week. The site was already in decline before the rework - the new design did nothing to enhance the cruising experience.
  7. Jabba

    Is this normal

    Not right at all. I would be pissed. Can you please PM me?
  8. I'm not a user so I'm not personally affected by this issue. It's a little weird that they're getting so bent over it now. The current U.S. environment is tense so I won't be going there anytime soon if I can help it.
  9. Jabba

    Layout Changes

    As of this version, I like this layout for the following reasons: * It clearly shows the latest topics. I sorely missed that in previous layout versions. * I love the Topic display options (Table, Grid, Fluid). I prefer the Fluid view. * I'm of two minds about the Chatbox. I like that it has it's own page & de-clutters the landing page (my preference). On the other hand, I agree with Phaedrus' POV. * I suggest compressing the right hand navigation check boxes. Give us the option to expand or contract the checkbox category (ex: the Provincial lists) * The Gallery confuses me & could use a reorganization: - What's the difference between "Member Albums" and "Converted Albums"?. - What's the difference between "Recently Added" and "New Images" - "Albums" seems to be hanging out by itself - what does it do? * The Leaderboard category strikes me as a bit pointless and even just a little offensive. Warning - Opinion: It may sound harsh, but I could care less who is nominated for x or y or who has the most points. In as many years as I've been a member here, I've never understood the points thing - the whole rating thing smells like some kind of exclusive clique and I prefer not to engage with it. I'd like to end on a positive note to say that I think the site is evolving for the better. Thanks for keeping up with the fine-tuning. I hope it attracts more membership and sparks more interest. Thanks also for bravely reaching out to ask our opinion. It's a hard thing to objectively hear and respond to criticism.
  10. Jabba


    https://deskgram.net/raebaebabe3 https://deskgram.net/raebaebabe3/taggedin?next_id=1811205970639022380
  11. I wish CERB every success as it evolves. Look & feel is one positive step. Relevance is a bit of a challenge at this point. Attract the audience and sponsors will follow.
  12. Came upon the CBC article listed below: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-news-now-undermines-democracy-1.4769639 Welcome to Ford Nation. The Ontario PCs created a propaganda bureau. Do the right thing. Write to your local Ontario PC representative and object to your tax dollars being used to mislead the public. Don't accept this nonsense.
  13. Jabba

    MILF Massage

    Link is dead. I tried a search using her name - came up with a provider with Angels. Same lady?
  14. Jabba

    Selina rayne

    Just a guess - did a search using keyword "Barbie" in LL. Came up with a number of hits, but the number might be: 250-508-3106. Soon to be dead link: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_last_day_in_ottawa-3915878 Don't hold me to it though. Only the OP can confirm.
  15. According to my crappy math skills, that's an increase of over 890%. "Gouging" is putting it mildly! It's the wild wild West out there partner. Man!