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  1. Gorgeous all natural erotic and naughty !!! What more can a guy ask for ? This Bella Donna made me forget the snow outside she is so hot ! Her pictures are fabulous but she is much prettier in person , she is very talented and just plain fun to be with ! A very tasty Italian treat !!!
  2. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Mia today she is an amazing woman with a great attitude body to match and gives a true gf experience ! I hope she makes a trip westbone of theses days so I can see her again ! But wait a week Mia till I get home lol !thanjs for such s fun and feisty visit !!
  3. I think in some crazy foreign language Roan stands for Perfect and Ishtar must mean woman ! Don,t think I,ve ever been so impressed with someone the first time I met them. She could be the perfect girl next door except she,s too pretty, she could be a model but her body is so so much better , sculptured with natural breasts that are the perfect size , long legs , a firm athletic tight ass and the lips of an angel . She made my all time top 3 on the first visit and that's incredible I will not divulge all the intimate details as I wish to be selfish and keep those memories to myself but suffice to say simply spectacular ! Thank you Roan !!!
  4. you need to keep texting let them know what boards you belong to and your handle - may speed it up-tough to get through the first time
  5. reviews on other sites Additional Comments: reviews on other sites
  6. Harlow Is a fabulous young woman, much prettier than her pics, gorgeous smile friendly and outgoing very much the proverbial girl next door but hotter ! All natural lovely breasts with receptive nipples and a stud to play with that i rather enjoyed! firm smooth tight buttocks and great legs that she knows how to use ! Whoever does Jerseys hiring should be getting a bonus she truly is a sweetheart and if i could just find the energy i,d go back this afternoon for seconds ! but first its nap time she wore me out - Thanks Jersey for sending her here and thanks Harlow for an incredibly intoxicating hour !!!
  7. what an extreme pleasure it was to meet this fine young woman ! intelligent warm and very very pretty she was everything i desired and more ! My expectations were high and she met and exceeded all ! she opened the door and was dressed like a woman should be, in my opinion, a stunning skirt and blouse that covered a small all natural but well proportioned frame,shortly to reveal the lovely matching bra and panties underneath.Her lips are full and oh so soft as she welcomed me with the nicest of kisses that had things stirring immediately.She is not a clock watcher at all and we spent quite a bit of time chatting as i began to get to know her better.She responds well to your touch and isn,t afraid to let you know what she desires and i like that !this is the second "french " girl that i have met and this one was even better than the last - cant wait for the next !!!!
  8. search this forum lots of reviews in quinns and jills name-same woman !
  9. She's a great kid you can search her here !
  10. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Vandal today and I must admit she's not what I expected she is much more ! I thought she might be a little intimidating as she is a well known actress in the biz,but not at all ! She is very down to earth, easy to talk to and just a lot of fun ! A perfect all natural body with skin so amazingly soft and yes she is passionate.my time flew by she accommodated all my requests and had me laughing half the time.It was a great fun filled ride and I can't wait to buy another ticket ! I wish I had booked multiple hours she really is a lot of fun ! Until next time Merci Vandal !
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