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  1. seasidenb

    Alexa/Nilsa bbw Saint John

    Do you have a link?
  2. seasidenb


    A recommendation does help. I have seen Julzie but I was very cautious because there was no recommendation on CERB. I did ask Julzie about why she had no recommendations on CERB and she explained that she could not ask for one. (And did not ask me for one) The long and the short I did have a good time meeting Julzie, she is a wonderful and beautiful woman and I have posted a recommendation: http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=133568
  3. I had had the pleasure of meeting Julzie. She was prompt on time. She is a delight to converse with, well spoken, and is very sexy. (YMMV) She is an amazing woman, smart, sexy and she is very easy to talk to. She was a please to spend an hour with, this lady's skills are first rate. I will be seeing her in the future. See Her Touch Her Taste Her V E R Y *** S E X Y See here for her CERB Profile: http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/member.php?u=81677
  4. seasidenb


    How I wish I was in Victoria...
  5. seasidenb

    meaghan mcleod

    Super sexy lady that will please you and make sure your time is enjoyable. I highly recommend Meaghan!
  6. seasidenb

    Sophia Varoushka

    I can only say very good things about Sophia. She is warm, friendly, quite attractive and very accommodating. She will make you feel at home and will make sure that you enjoy your time with her. I hope to see her again soon...
  7. seasidenb

    Strip club in saint john NB

    Blush has a facebook site at: http://www.facebook.com/blushsaintjohn According to the site: "BLUSH Reno's update - I stopped by to check out the work in progress today. The workers are hard at it. The bars look amazing, lots of nice new lighting. Still lots to do; but; it's on track as mentioned for Jan 19 or Jan 20th. Stay tuned!!!" I have inside info that it will re-open this month...
  8. seasidenb


    Is this the same Paris? http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/member.php?u=41744
  9. seasidenb


    I have met with Celina a number of times. She is soft, curvy, and very sweet. She is very engaging, easy to talk and laugh with. She will treat you right... Highly recommend Celina...