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  1. shyness13

    Saint John SP

    Jade when she’s in town give a great massage!!
  2. shyness13

    Edie in Moncton

    There is a theard already about her.
  3. shyness13


    Thanks 🙏
  4. shyness13


    How do you do that? I’m sorry I know nothing after windows 97?
  5. shyness13


    Wow they are thanks for the heads up. That’s terrible why would someone do that.
  6. shyness13


    I contacted her to see if she travels that’s it we went back and forth she seem very sweet but that’s all I know. Would love some info as well just might have to take a trip to Moncton if she is!!
  7. Thank you for taking a moment to peek at my profile. I hope you enjoyed the view. 

    Sasha May xo 

  8. shyness13


    She looks like trouble just saying 😵
  9. shyness13

    Alex in Saint John

    She only offers duos $300 fh I have a time booked for this evening l’ll let you know how it goes. She’s only staying one night
  10. shyness13

    Gabriella SJ

    Absolutely beautiful very sweet and knows how to treat her clients!! Must go
  11. shyness13

    No name

    I see now there is 2 names earlier today there was no name. Hmmmmmm
  12. shyness13

    No name

    Just curious if anyone met her? I contacted her text messages she answered all my questions and seemed sweet but the price and no name makes me wondering. Thanks https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_bbw_and_quick_discreet_fun_hosting_12pm_12am_nov_17-4422502
  13. shyness13


    Yup just seen her a couple weeks ago! Really sweet and not a clock watcher really enjoyed our time together.
  14. shyness13

    NB posters? Where are you?

    Thanks everyone for the great advice it has been over 3 months that I haven’t seen her and each day is getting easier. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her either a song or something we talked about will bring it back because we shared so much. Talking about it helps I feel better just putting it on here and having others options so thanks again!!