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  1. That would be fantastic hope to see you soon!!!!
  2. Anyone have any info on her they would be so kind to share? thank you I search on here and ran her pics so far she’s clean of any red flags also reached out to her and asked a few questions that she answered so just curious if anyone might have spent some time with her. Thanks in advance
  3. I was in Nova Scotia last week on a business trip and I seen that add up there and still is so I would say she’s fake.
  4. Just reached out to her about possibly visiting our town she’s in wolfville now and she said she had plans on coming this coming week so just did a image search which brought up nothing red flag so just curious if anyone met her that I could pm. Thanks much appreciated here’s her photos
  5. Yes twitter and on here also VIP LL to many fake accounts out there.
  6. Anyone have any info? Thank you in advance
  7. This sounds like my experience with her but he was in the washroom I grabbed my cash off the table and got the hell out. sorry this happen to you bro I just stick with the lovely lady’s on here. 😊
  8. I did image search and looked on here no luck. Anyone meet her yet?
  9. Absolutely good advice thanks again!
  10. Thanks, I am sorry I did a search before I asked but couldn’t find anything. Again thanks that helps a lot.
  11. Anyone try this out and know what it is all about before I waste my time? Thanks much appreciated for any feed back.
  12. Hi has anyone had the pleasure of meeting up with Linda yet? I contacted her she’s in town for the summer she said. Thanks
  13. I so wanted to come see you on your last visit just wasn’t in the cards with being so busy at work but before COVID I messaged with you to find a time that might work and you were very sweet. I will do a recommendation when I see you I’m sure one of these days as I feel you are fabulous!!
  14. Ok that’s fair. I say to that, move to Saint John!!! 😜
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