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  1. shyness13

    Giovanna Luv

    She has a website that explains everything you need to know here. http://www.giovannaluv.com
  2. She’s real and spectacular!! She’s a sweetie
  3. That sucks. Guess I’ll put that option back in the bucket.
  4. Are they enhanced breast they look like it hmmmmm I always wanted to feel them. Bucket list if she comes this way I’m booking
  5. shyness13

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    True but there all very sexy women
  6. shyness13

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    What about her I’m thinking of taking a trip up next weekend to see her!! Amazing you have lots of fine lady’s up in Moncton I would say and let’s never forget country Katie amazing as well I’d say.
  7. Any info would be mucho appreciated my friends thanks https://www.leolist.cc/d/CherrySparkles
  8. shyness13

    SPs in Moncton

    Do you ever visit Saint John I’ve heard great things and I have big knots that you could work out for me!!! Please 😊
  9. shyness13


    Saint John New Brunswick would love to see you too in the spring
  10. Hi I’m visiting the US in another month and was wondering if there are any links like leolist or vip that someone could recommend while I’m visiting. Thanks inadvance
  11. shyness13

    Sexy Ashlee Lovely Layla

    I seen Ashley on a visit to Saint John amazing time super sweet and open minded!! She was charging a lot more then that when I seen her and was worth every penny.
  12. First off I must say you are beautiful. Second This has never happened to me and I’m lucky so far but I really do my homework before booking with anyone and it looks like someone did there’s to find this out good job and sorry that someone did this to you.
  13. shyness13


    No I know what he means she was advertising in Saint John Moncton and Fredericton yesterday it’s why I called her she was stationed in Moncton but was willing to drive to anyplace to meet.
  14. shyness13


    I talk to her on the phone the other day and she was in Moncton and she said it’s only a 2hour drive and she was willing to come to me. I can’t do incalls at my place or I would have if she’s still here tomorrow I’m going to try and set something up to meet her!!
  15. shyness13

    Katie Saint John

    I know that’s why it’s hard for me I work days. Maybe someday when I have a day lol 😂