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  1. shyness13

    Today in Saint John

    Don’t think you can go wrong with her.
  2. So sorry this happened to you aholes like this ruin things for us good guys. His loss I say I’m still hoping to meet you someday as are chats back and forth are alway great you seem very sweet and I can’t wait to meet you!!! ❤️😘
  3. shyness13


    Yes sick of these post it’s worst then Facebook when it snows.... iare schools open are busses running are malls open. Read people please
  4. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/moncton_frederiction_36dd_sexy_asian_cutieincall24_71oo_pic-5051116 just curious if anyone has met with her? I know she probably doesn’t look like her photos but just curious what type of service is provided thanks in advance
  5. Just booked again with her on her visit no problem what so ever and I don’t see where the pics are fake at all? She is so sweet and accommodating she even took the time to text me a date when she will be in town because my life is a little crazy sometimes I have no problem what so ever I don’t understand where this post is coming from.
  6. shyness13

    Thank you New Brunswick

    Please come back soon!!!!!! 😘 safe travels
  7. shyness13


    Amazing 😉
  8. shyness13

    Amarra - Geeky girl

    I just met her when she was visiting this area and I would definitely return great communication and easy to book great service and no phones came out at all. Very relaxing A+ in my books
  9. shyness13

    Cherry 🍒

    Wanted to bump this anyone else see this lady? Thank you
  10. shyness13

    Ashley in Saint John

    Omg 😮 really she must be in a bad place it’s been a couple months That I have not seen her. This doesn’t sound like something she would do she so sweet when I met her cute and funny. So sorry to her this.
  11. shyness13


    She’s real I have met with her on a couple occasions very sweet and great service.
  12. shyness13

    Public Display of Affection

    Beautiful story ❤️. Life always gets better and I’m happy you found what you are looking for keep building of that and set small goals for yourself and pretty soon you will look back and be amazed at how far you come. Sending positive vibes your way!! 😊😉
  13. I have seen her as well very accommodating and sweet booked an hour with her lasted about 1/2 so she massages me for the rest of our time so sweet such a nice touch to do that and I might add not once did her phone come out.
  14. shyness13

    visiting fredericton

    Dude give it time for people to answer I’m sure someone can help it just takes time. Did you try reverse image search that might help to. good luck and play safe
  15. shyness13

    Ashley in Saint John

    I’ve seen her multiple times she’s fantastic!! Pm if you want