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  1. shyness13

    Kelsey saint john

    I was thinking about seeing her today I’ll let you know if I can swing it.
  2. shyness13

    Ashley Red Head Saint John

    I know on my last visit she talked about moving to Ontario she may be gone.
  3. shyness13

    Saint John NB

    All the yes I almost forgot how could I 😂
  4. shyness13

    Saint John NB

    Arianna the best second would be Ashley little red head firecracker that’s my 2.
  5. Yup happen to me at her house what a scammer but at her house which is a dive!!beware peeps get the word out on this girl we work hard for our money luckily I didn’t get the chance to pay yet and I left lol just because the state of the living conditions and her always looking out the window I knew something was up.
  6. shyness13

    Amy and Ashley

    Ashley is and she’s amazing 😉 Haven’t met with Amy can’t say sorry take one for the team and check it out.
  7. shyness13

    Visit sj

    Make the trip down she’s so worth it man!!
  8. shyness13

    Visit sj

    Always an amazing time with Ariana she is amazing 😉 https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_busty_blonde_bbw-4551676
  9. shyness13

    Melissa in saint john

    She has a web site and she’s visiting Wednesday January 23rd in Saint John we spoke today on the phone she sounds very nice but I will use caution if I book with her.
  10. shyness13

    Lyle verified Saint John provider

    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_busty_blonde_bbw-4551676 can never go wrong with above always great conversation sweet and very attractive!!
  11. shyness13

    SP"s in SJ

    Seen her a couple times she’s amazing can’t go wrong with her. Great conversation sweet and sexy as hell!! ❤️
  12. shyness13

    Saint John SP

    Jade when she’s in town give a great massage!!
  13. shyness13

    Edie in Moncton

    There is a theard already about her.
  14. shyness13


    Thanks 🙏
  15. shyness13


    How do you do that? I’m sorry I know nothing after windows 97?