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  1. I’m saying she real and this confirms it she and freedygurl who I have met with and is very sweet are together this weekend in Saint John.
  2. I haven’t seen her yet too busy right now but texted her and she is very nice. Once things slow down for me I do attend to go meet her at some point.
  3. I haven’t yet but wouldn’t mind meeting you!! I’m located in Saint John if ever you come around this way! 😉
  4. God darn it now that I posted asking if anyone has seen them and it’s been confirmed I can’t get in with them there always fully booked geewhiz. But good for them I’ll have to keep trying lol
  5. Had the chance to see her on her last visit to the maritime and wow 🤩 amazing very beautiful and great conversation will definitely repeat when she comes this way again or even go see her at her place in Halifax which sounds amazing. And I get to meet her cat! Meow 😻 thank you Cindy for the fantastic 90min of bliss haha 😛 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  6. I know she goes by different names but has anyone actually seen her and tell us what she’s like perhaps. Thanks gent’s
  7. When I contacted them they sent the menu which doesn’t seem to bad. I haven’t gone yet just busy right now but I think I just might soon.
  8. Unfortunately I can never prebook we spoke one time about it don’t know if you remember but I will sure the heck try my best to meet you hun!! Enjoy the rest of your day 😍
  9. I would love to meet Danielle unfortunately I’m in Saint John and you don’t visit us anymore 😢
  10. I always give a Brief description of myself and what I’m looking for and never have problem.
  11. So I was just on another site and found a couple ladies advertising massage in Saint John after going back and forth for awhile I really think they are legit and my question is has anyone here seen them perhaps? They are located in the north end of Saint John thanks 😊
  12. Alright let’s see your open line. pretend I’m a sw and you seen my add and you would like to book with me ok. 1.2..3 &go
  13. Here’s her date of return I follow her on twitter 😊
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