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  1. shyness13

    Is "Qt-3.14 Catherine" Still Active?

    I go see her at least every 2 weeks or I try anyways I do remember her saying at one time we were talking that she likes where she’s at now with her regulars and she can be selective in anyone new that she sees. Good luck she’s really quick at getting back to me as well hope this all works out for you.
  2. Anyone book with her that can share some light if she is legit? Thank you
  3. Hi was wondering if someone could help me I thought I read somewhere that they were the same person they are currently in Fredericton. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. shyness13

    Kelsey saint john

    Bump. I see she is visiting Saint John this week. I didn’t get to see her last time anyone else?
  5. shyness13

    Thoughts on tipping..

    I have built up a relationship with a couple sp that are very sweet and treat me well so at Christmas and there birthday’s I always give them a nice surprise for putting up with me lol.
  6. I also seen sommer very sweet.
  7. shyness13

    Asian Angel Saint John

    Was she at least Asian lol omg that is weird
  8. shyness13

    Jessika or Emma in SJ

    Agreed Katie 💯 I don’t see where her pics are fake and the name changes I never see that either really confused all I know is we spend time together every time she visiting and I am happy with everything. Always 3 sides to the story unfortunately we may never know.
  9. shyness13

    Jessika or Emma in SJ

    Totally agree funguy75 treat her well and it will be returned and I don’t even see her phone when we are together which in my books is fantastic!!
  10. shyness13

    Jessika or Emma in SJ

    Really I have no problem with this young lady never did. seen her on every visit she’s very sweet talks a lot but I’m a great listener so I try and offer advice where I can and never an issue always leave happy. She actually on our last visit started kissing with me it’s something she doesn’t offer and I never questioned it but I did on my first visit express how I like gfe service. So I really am baffled by people saying to not book with her?
  11. shyness13


    Yes I spent some time with her very sweet and straight forward booking. Very good service.
  12. shyness13

    Happy endings in Saint john

    Most definitely addressed to you hun. I’m very excited to see someone offering these services!!!
  13. shyness13

    Happy endings in Saint john

    This makes me happy 😃. Are you just visiting Saint John if so what dates are you here for. Thank you
  14. shyness13

    Today in Saint John

    Don’t think you can go wrong with her.