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  1. Well you have to appreciate her honesty 😂
  2. vegeta85


    Pictures check out
  3. vegeta85

    Sommer in Fredericton

    Her pictures check out. I guess all that's left now is for someone to try her and report back.
  4. vegeta85

    Any info on Melissa in fredericton

    One of the pictures come from an ad in Ottawa back in February. She has the same name and same little summary underneath, so perhaps she's a traveling girl or is with an agency.
  5. vegeta85

    Any info on Melissa in fredericton

    Image search comes back to the ad
  6. vegeta85

    Kerri - Fredericton

    Pictures come from an escort ad in Chicago.
  7. vegeta85


    Is she in Fredericton?
  8. Mariska travels to Moncton sometimes she's awesome too!
  9. vegeta85

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    That's why I usually don't see a lady unless she has multiple recommendations
  10. vegeta85

    Fake Lyla accounts ?

    Them or their pimp
  11. vegeta85

    Recommended Hotels??

    I've seen ladies at the Delta, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn in Fredericton. They're all good hotels. BTW do you have ads ?
  12. vegeta85


    Which girls ?
  13. I've been thinking about seeing her, but her prices have deterred me. $300 is a lot considering that you can have an amazing hour with other local ladies for $50 to $100 less.
  14. So there's a forum on this site for recommendations....