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  1. I've had my money stolen, met SPs with horrible attitudes and wasted my time. I was threatened by the boyfriend of a SP one time. My favorite experience was when a reputable SP stopped in the middle of oral to tell me that if I finished in her throat she would punch me. 🤨
  2. I've been watching The Hauntimg of Bly Manor. Three episodes in and so far so good. Starring some good looking people too.
  3. @Berlin Moss @EmilyRushton @[email protected] @SarahAlexxx @MsManda @MelissaBlaze
  4. The more plausible explanation is that she's a cyborg from the future who can teleport. She probably took some damage travelling through spacetime to get here and therefore her spellcheck is on the fritz. Also being a cyborg she wouldn't require any sleep, hence "available 24-7"
  5. Berlin Moss is in Moncton right now. I'm not sure what the definition of GFE is. I think it's more about companionship and sensuality, unlike PSE which is just pure wham bam thank you ma'am.
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