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  1. Dude, don't try to make him repeat himself! 😋
  2. SexyChickJessie rarely advertises but is amazing!
  3. vegeta85

    Miss these
  4. I've been going through a rough patch emotionally for the past 6 months. In January I got into a car accident. I wasn't hurt but it messed with my anxiety badly. That new anxiety has compounded my some of my existing mental issues and created new ones. 😕 My questions to everyone is: How do you keep from getting depressed? When you're down, how to you bring yourself out of it? What gives your life meaning? Thanks.
  5. Not sure how many anime fans are on here but I finished a series called Parasyte. This show(only 24 episodes in total) explores the question, "What does it mean to be human?" so even those who aren't into anime may like it.
  6. I've met her. Very sweet girl!
  7. This would have been great for Mother's Day but still too good not to share.
  8. Sky and Freddygurl are available often
  9. "Freddygurl" and "Freddigirl" are different ladies. Freddigirl, so I'm told, is only seeing regulars. Freddygurl, who I met Tuesday, is available to new clients.
  10. I saw Freddygurl this evening and she's very sweet and open minded. She happened to have dinner cooked and offered me some. I haven't met an SP who fed me before! Mind you, this was after the bedroom fun was done and my time was technically up. It goes without saying that this lady is a must see!
  11. It also doesn't give you hairy palms. The fact that my palms are pretty much the only parts of my body that aren't covered in hair is proof!
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