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  1. vegeta85

    Need some information

    I was texting the madam last night. There's no girls available in Fredericton yet. The one I was interested in, Miss Winter, is in Moncton but is currently on vacation. It's $220 an hour with an additional $80 for fetish services.
  2. vegeta85

    Need some information

    I'm interested too.
  3. She's a sweet lady and a lot of fun. I hope she comes back Fredericton one day.
  4. vegeta85

    sexy Lexi in Fredericton

    I'm curious too
  5. vegeta85

    Looking for...

    I think Jaymie Mae Sparx offers it with her PSE service.
  6. Hi Freddigirl I would like to see you again sometime.

  7. I caught you peeking 😉 hope you like what you saw 

  8. My favorite activity involves dining out 😉
  9. vegeta85

    Visiting Fredericton

    You can't go wrong with either Mariska or thicc goddess Jaymie Mae
  10. vegeta85

    Best compliment you ever got?

    I've been told that I'm funny, kind, have great cunnilingus skills and an attractive penis. Obviously I hold the latter two compliments in much higher regard.
  11. vegeta85

    penis names

    Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger I never named mine, but during my first encounter with a certain SP, she called it "Bradley". So now I introduce it as such. " Hello, this is Bradley. Say Hi to the nice lady, Bradley "
  12. vegeta85

    Moncton June 19th Men charged

    This only applies to guys doing business with street girls, right ?
  13. vegeta85

    Jayme Mae

    She could be a model imo
  14. vegeta85

    Jayme Mae

    You'll be glad you saw her!