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  1. Craigslist erotic services was more important for smaller cities like PG than it was for Vancouver or even Victoria. There are more agencies and selection there but PG has only Black Orchid, Heavenly Bliss and Mia oh Maya. Black Orchid is reliable but I don't like the location of their incall right opposite an elementary school. Heavenly Bliss is more of a mixed bag, a lot of up-selling, :-?and they have an incall that is run down and unappealing. Mia oh Maya has some really hot women but they have no email listed on their website and I don't know whether they have an incall. I don't know what the independents like Taylor or Tori who used to get all their business through craigslist are going to do. My guess is that they will leave town for a bigger city. I have a soft spot for independent women, so I will miss craigslist.
  2. I booked Zoey easily with the agency but they didn't tell me that they had moved their incall suite. Had to run back to the car (which I had parked a discrete distance away) to get directions after knocking on the door of the old place. Could have been really embarrassing. Zoey has a really pretty face and a bubbly, engaging personality. She has had a couple of kids and her body is not back in shape with a bit of a belly and stretch marks. Zoey gives the best blowjobs that I have ever had; the fucking was spectacular as well, enthusiastic, sensitive and wet.
  3. The VIP listings on escorts canada indicate whether a service provider will allow video. http://www.escorts-canada.com/cgi-bin/frame2?city=Ottawa&prov=ON
  4. I prefer amateur porn...I find it more credible. http://www.yuvutu.com is a good source...amateur-blogs.com used to be good but is getting a bit wierd for my tastes. -- Eff the ineffable.
  5. I saw YaYa last time I was in Ottawa (found her on CL) and we had a great hour together. She showed up at my hotel room right on time and she was energetic, wet and has a really cute body.
  6. I have a beard because I find it to be just too much of a waste of time to shave every day... so I couldn't possibly fault anyone for not shaving their pubes. That said, I like trimmed or waxed smooth, but definitely not stubble.
  7. Seeing escorts has enabled me to preserve a good marriage... great in fact in every way except that my sex drive is 100 times hers. It wasn't always that way; we were pretty well matched sexually until she hit menopause. I do feel guilty though... and I worry about STDs but I don't think I'll ever be able to give it up.
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