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  1. mikesuty


    Thanks evrybody. Have a nice evening.
  2. mikesuty


    It’s been more than 48h since my first mail. I just dont want to bother her with a follow up e-mail. Maybe my e-mail fell in the junk bin or maybe asking for an appointement 5 days in advance is too much. Thanks
  3. mikesuty


    Hi evreybody, I am looking for advice!! If you send an pm to a sp to book an appointement, how long you wait if you have no feed-back?? The only way to reach her is via e-mail. No phone no text. I dont want to be insistant or out of place so i don’t send a second pm! seen sp for more than 10y and only happend to me the only 3 Times i try to book via e-mails. Cheers
  4. mikesuty


    Try peachy she have the legs to satisfy
  5. 1-I hate wine 2-I hate coffee 3-I never have try any drugs of any kind 4-I play guitar since i am 12. 5-i owen more than 2000 cd's,vinyl,tapes,digitals 6-i have lost my virginity at 19 7-i love to watch porn 8-i only had 1 girld freind before i maried 9-Even if i am overweight i can swim for 1 hour non stop. 10-I hate to be overweight