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  1. I guess I owe you all an apology especially the ladies. So I must apologize as it was not my intent to go behind anyone?s back but I can definitely see and understand why you wouldn?t want someone asking these questions to someone other then your self. I guess I was just hoping to find a lady that would be willing to deal with my situation but I realize now I should be asking the ladies specifically. So again I apologize to every one but I do appreciate the advice.
  2. Hello this is my first time doing this and I was looking for a little help. I was hoping that some one could recommend a lovely lady for me. I am looking for some one in the Ottawa area. I should say that I still have my v-card for what ever reasons that I won?t go in to now. But I know the ladies have to feel comfortable also with me so I don?t mind going in to a little bit of details before meeting. And I have been thinking of going this route for awhile now and I do feel it is right for me. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
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