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  1. So, I spoiled myself with this toy just before covid hit us. This poor thing has been sitting in the corner for far too long. Time to pull it out and put my multi skilled hands back to use. I am not a RMT but someone who is who would like to show me a few things. We could use a body to practice on. I do however craft my own natural and infused creams! If it's something you feel like you might like to try, I am here for you 💋 I have a very open mind and this could go many ways. Curious to hear what is on yours! Another thing to add to the repertoire of many services. Message for rates and availability (819) 801-3453 [email protected]
  2. I have booked my favourite room for August 3rd. If I find myself enough attention I might stay another night. The pool will be down but should have a big glorious bathtub in my room and have confirmed it's okay to have company. Would you like to feel my amazing energy? Don't be shy to send a message. I don't bite unless you want me to 💋 I will be up early for company and love when you bring me coffee! (819) 801-3453 [email protected]
  3. What the salons have taught you is likely what you need to know for good service. An understanding of the epidermis and follicle growth helps. As long as you exfoliate, clean properly and understand that hair should be ripped out with its growth and not against it, you should be okay. Having a paper or certificate could be handy for tax/insurance purposes but it's not exactly necessary.
  4. I have decided to return to Twitter land but only care to add Lyla members. If you're interested in following find me @kitten_613 This is the place where I will now be sharing content when feeling naughty 💋
  5. I am now two weeks fully vaccinated and opening my schedule back up to those who would like to experience some playful time with Kitten. Mature, feisty, holds no judgements and LOVES to play! Lyla specific companion. You can find me on twitter @kitten_613 (must be a Lyla member) Message me for rates and availability! (819) 801-3453 or [email protected]
  6. Hello Kingston. Will be planning another trip the first week or two of August. Haven't set an exact date yet but will let you know as soon as I do. Get in touch to book! I would adore your company. Kitten 💋
  7. Fully vaccinated as of June 24. Both shots Moderna 🤟
  8. Reviews are exactly where my mind went as for the division. As someone who has been trolled quite a bit in her life I am far more comfortable here where it's more about recommendations and a sense of community ❤️ I absolutely adore that this board is just as popular on the coast as it has inspired me to travel a little more. Have met some fantastic people doing so and hope things get safer for us all soon so I can return. Still have some foliage along that Cabot Trail to check out. Darcy is a badass and reminds me of so many of my hilarious friends. It would certainly be a pleasure having her join us. Have been considering a return to Twitter but am far more comfortable here with you all 💋💋💋
  9. An excellent point and am aware of the old branding. Could that change tho? Why the division?
  10. Has Darcy considered join us here at Lyla? I enjoyed her Instagram the short time I was there. My favorite part of this interview was discovering she is hilarious! ❤️
  11. Happy to say I will be fully vaccinated after today! Mother nature is having her way with me so I will be down for a little bit still however open to meeting visitors again in the next week or two 💋
  12. I have 17 and wouldn't trade any of them. They all have a meaning and will be many more in the future. I am also not a huge fan of letting mens preference dictate my style. Go with what you want ;) If the tattoos are a problem, then the client and I are not a good fit. Tattoos help me express myself and are great conversation starters. They can very easily be smudged or cropped and I would suggest doing so. Beesh was correct about identifiers. Even if you don't mind sadly many others still target this type of work. Its also no the 60s anymore. Go get your ink 💋
  13. Thank you for sharing. Autonomy is incredibly healing and think its why I chose to explore while younger. Also to get away from the noise of many others. Felt like I was taking my body back for myself but helped also helped me gain my voice and mind as well ❤️
  14. I was a little floored when she was asked about her trafficking experience. That was an incredibly intrusive. She would have elaborated if she cared to. Being a victim doesn't mean you have to be physically snatched up or coerced to the point you are helpless. It can also involve mental manipulation and intimidation. It can also effect more women than just young pretty helpless teenagers. We all matter 🖤 In the future I think it might be a little more respectful not to ask someone to elaborate on their abuse unless they are willing to freely offer it. I would be curious to hear the answer to @Phaedrus question. Could be a good chance to speak about turning a negative experience into something positive and beautiful! If you care to share but you don't have to. I think I have a bit of curiosity behind your answer. I wasn't forced into trafficking I did start this line of work on my own quite young due to an abusive experience. I would be curious if our opinions were similar at all. If you don't care to discuss this publicly I would 100% understand and respect your boundary. Thank you for sharing your experience with us 💋
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