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  1. I cant help but to express that from my experience sugar sites are not very friendly towards our type of services.
  2. Ugh that place. The place that doesn't deserve your traffic and anyone who pays it attention doesn't deserve yours. Only trolls and idiots would take that source seriously. Five years ago I ended up on it twice, by people incredibly close. That betrayal took a while to manage. Sadly without a lawyer not much can be done. Even the DMCA notices are usually ignored unless coming from an attorney. Good news however is that it will fade from the SEO after some time as you cant find my name in the search anymore. I have been curious however how the FOSTA-SESTA laws apply to the dick responsible for this horrible place. I doubt any good employer scours the dirty to assess prospects and if they are that's likely a team you do not want to work for anyway. Sending strength as I know how much this hurts.
  3. I am a fan of dry as they can lead to opportunity and safety 💋 The automated systems very well could become better with time, but that also very much depends on who is responsible for their tweaking. It is however very hard to compete with free. No matter what kind of SCR grips the wheel. I am a bit of a dreamer still 😉
  4. Imagine if the mughals did pull out and a Canadian startup launched its own social media platform. Would it be bound to the laws and rules that have been placed in the US? Perhaps it might be time for a startup to assume that type of responsibility within our own Nation? It could open up the opportunity to allow marketing/advertising for not just this type of platform, but cannabis as well to become a little more acceptable or tolerant? I adore your links on Section 230 and would greatly encourage you to share more!
  5. Was incredibly thrilled to see Phaedrus' words for the next interview shared! Thank you for sharing with us ❤ Your avatar is one of the most familiar on this site for me, and I am flattered to have you follow me both here and on Twitter. This topic I can not be a fan of enough. Super happy that it was chosen to be discussed. What's happening with communication on the internet right now kind of reminds me of the fight against censorship in music back in the 80s/90s. Controversy has always been something I loved as I feel it pushes us to question ourselves, the way we think and why we feel the need to control others in their expressions. Something I feel I I've been victim of and judged for, well, since the 90's! I am the definition of a loud, wild and liberal personality. The fly by the seat of my pants/DIY personality has definitely helped me learn quite a bit these last few decades. If I had listened to how they wanted me to be, I don't think I would know half of what I do now. Even to this day I still have those I have chosen to share the side of me with try to throw a construct at me to have me question the choices I make. I do my due diligence and know how to take care of myself. I don't need my friends to remind me of what to worry about and how to protect myself. I just need them to accept me as I am. There are a lot of conservative fearful people out there who try to control. Instead it would be nice if we could just focus on our own selves and fears instead. The focus just shouldn't be on them however as there is a lot of control that happens within the scene well. A good reason why I usually keep to myself. A comment that really struck me was when Shape mentioned "Somehow the goal of helping gets twisted into judging and condemning". This reminds me of why I enjoy working as a dom. It's good to test and assess those who claim they want to help as most of the time there is very likely other motive. Those who can genuinely help often continue to do their own thing, until such help is sourced or requested. I do agree however that there could be more done to separate the kind of work we do from one another. This thought is interesting and wonder if brainstorming ideas and applying them may help others fear it less? There is some content I may not be interested in creating or providing myself however I don't feel it's fair to judge those who do choose to partake in it. Provided it's consensual and enjoyed. Even us kinksters have limits. Some things I am not interested in seeing at all. Hats off to those who may. There is just as much work to be done on the other side of the pendulum. Just as much as we are judged for expressing ourselves, we can also tit-for-tat and judge others for being so controlling. Young people are curious. Sheltering them too much will only pique their need to explore more. It did mine 😼 The quote I enjoyed most in all of Phaedrus' amazing perspective "Even if you approve of someone you don't like being shut down today, what happens when the censors decide they don't like you tomorrow? You'd be amazed how likely that is, given that most of us hold views about something that are at odds with what's approved of by mainstream society. The only way you can guarantee your safety is if you're the one making the decisions, but there's only room for one at the top". looking forward to more of your amazing work next month @lydiahardwood 💋
  6. Oh! I didn't realize you guys had taken that down but either way I think I want to wait and see how the vaccination rolls out a little more before I plan any travels. I do everything possible to try to keep myself and everyone around me safe that way. I am dying to see the Cabot Trail in Fall however and surely hope I can make it happen this year. Wanted to explore Newfoundland a little as well but feel I might put that off for a few more years.
  7. As soon as things are safer to travel again you can count on me coming back out to stomp around the East Coast a little more. For now I respect and admire the bubble erected but would adore connecting with you! Secretly hoping we'll be studying remotely again next year as it will help make travelling to play a little easier for me. Regardless I will find a way to manage it and cannot wait to explore again (pun intended) 💋
  8. I would like to backup @Exotic Touch Danielle's nomination for @Sharpe He was all over the Lyla cheer promotion last month and I really appreciated seeing that kind of support. The other gentlemen I noticed that from have also been nominated already. I didn't have the opportunity to meet him when I was on the East Coast but from his communication would assume it would be an absolute pleasure 💋
  9. Followed! I was wondering what happened to you beautiful you seemed a little quiet lately 💋
  10. You hit the nail on the head! My first thought after reading your post was exactly that. You do not pay this man to do chores around the house. What is his wife doing to help? You are a kind boss. The second I felt the need to switch my deadlines around for an employee would be the second I would question if retaining them was necessary. I was going to offer the suggestion of asking him to perform work while monitored through Zoom but it seems you've already thought of that. I adore posts like this and certainly hope anyone who provided feedback didn't mind my eavesdropping! If a sister wife is needed... haha 💋
  11. I enjoyed this eloquent interview incredibly! I will most definitely be looking into more on SWAN. If you ever make it as far as Ontario I would adore using my hands and head in any way possible to help. Thank you Andi and Lydia for this amazing interview. Including this was a brilliant idea 💋
  12. I cant relate any harder with this 💋 Only, for me the rumours were true. I didn't care to have to explain myself to those who wanted to judge me for it, speaking them. Still don't! That life experience did provide me with a good opportunity to learn how to manage my emotions, my mind, and myself much more effectively. Something to this day has served me incredibly well. I appreciate your time modcat and you sharing this with us all!
  13. Thank you @NotchJohnson and @Sharpe 💋 I definitely adore words but not as much as I have adored watching you both express gratitude for so many different people in the community. I'm flattered to be a part of that. Please never stop being amazing. Wishing such kindness is rewarded by Santa. Perhaps he will leave a sexy elf under the tree for you both. If he does call me!
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