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  1. This has always been on my bucket list... The virus would have to be taken care of first.
  2. Things are getting hairy and feel it's safe for me to go on lockdown with the rest of Ontario. I will miss you all but happy to have a closet full of toys to keep me occupied! Stay safe everyone 💋
  3. When I take you in as my goat would you be okay if I just locked you up for pets and use you for milk when needed, rather than sacrifice you? I could use something to ride 😽 What you did with the English language there was sexy as hell 💋
  4. I picked up on your playful tone and my comment was littered with the same. My humour is often misunderstood as I am a high context communicator. I need nonverbals to understand and be understood. Certainly hope the markets are doing better for you today! I'm done looking at mine for the rest of this week LOL Also what's up fellow Scorpios! We are certainly am intriguing sign! I have been with a few Scorpio men. Playtime was fantastic however we both knew we were too crazy for it to go any further than that 😜
  5. I'm not someone you should fear. I'm quite a sweetheart however like most Scorpios when hurt we will sting. It generally takes a hell of a lot to get to that point. Or at least with myself anyway. When being stung, its not the things mentioned above, but the intelligence one should fear 😽 The markets are shit today and it's good to see you back in the comments Allie!
  6. Scorpio and fuck yes I am accurate! Except with the jealousy card. I started work on managing that out of me in my early teens and feel I've done so successfully. This way no one can manipulate those feelings and use them against me. Definitely dark and snarky. Sultry, sexual prowess part of me, that's never going to die Scorpios aren't usually mean. We are real as fuck and will say what needs to be said 💋
  7. This gentleman is exactly where the conversation needed to go and appreciate your insight and feedback. There is a lot of misinformation and scare tactics behind STIs/STDs and the spread as far as I'm concerned. I have been doing this off and on for most of my life and with the education and awareness I feel that was apparent through the 90s due to the reasons mentioned by @Greenteal. It gave me what I needed to keep myself safe while engaging in this line of work. The best advice that can be given to anyone working or taking part in this industry. Is to make sure you understand your risks and educate how you can protect yourself against them. In respect to @Phaedrus comment I won't rush to provide a few links but would like to suggest that when digging or researching your information to be sure to think critically and seek unbiased and credible sources.
  8. We have beautiful systems that are quite capable of healing and protecting themselves ( when taking care of properly) but we need to be aware of when we're pushing that limit. It's always a good idea to wash hands and other parts, not just in the time of pandemic but before play if digits care to explore that area at all. Always use condoms during penetration. Doesn't matter if they haven't been with anyone for a while, or if they promise everything is okay. Do what you know is best to protect yourself and that is wrapping it always! Be cautious with those who want to go from front to back ass that is a recipe for disaster. I always refuse providing that. The more room we give biological risks room to grow, the stronger they become and learn how to defeat us. Not taking care in these areas also means more antibiotic use. Another thing slowly becoming weaker for humanity. Yeast is another infection worth mentioning that needs to be considered and taken care of. The effects might be minimal for men however if pushed too far for women can become incredibly dangerous. Always be cautious your body no matter what parts it contains, or are converting to. Our lives are precious and the health of every one of them matters. I would rant on about STIs and STDs but feel there is a plethora of good information out there already. When I get a little time between final projects later I will find a few good sources to pop up here for everyone.
  9. When I am in this line of work I tend to get tested quarterly myself. Anytime I even have a slight worry I will go get a swab. I first started this line of work when I was in my teens and back then thankfully sexual education was pretty apparent in most places. I only worked for a few years and always made sure protection was used. I do remember there being quite a bit of a scare with AIDS and condom use picked up incredibly. These days you barely hear the word much at all. When we talked about and study things we stand a better chance of managing or eradicating them. Education is key! It's incredibly important to not know how just to protect yourself but also how the viruses and diseases can be transmitted from one person to another. What the sign and symptoms are for each and every threat out there to you. Know outbreaks come with a very large risk. It's important to inspect the person you are servicing and vice versa. Inspect those servicing you as well. It's not just about our sexual organs but also just as much about the hands and lips as well. You can do this without making them feel awkward and sometimes without them even noticing at all! Never be afraid to say no or ask any questions. Hands down the best protection you can give yourself. Crowd control is another tactic I like to use. The more clients you see the higher risk of contraction. Find A Few Good Men who know how to spoil you right and treat them the same. For most of my life I have had a career but when I need a break, or a little fun, this is where I cum bounce back to myself a little more. I have been doing this work again for almost 3 years now I think and I can proudly say that I have done so with no threats besides and a UTI or BV from time to time. I have always been aware that there are risks and always ready to be accountable and own anything that could threaten myself or those I offer services to.
  10. Having a chance to grab on to those lovely arms certainly made my day 🥰
  11. "in general, I don't find it as "friendly" as the past...for lack of a better term" I feel this and wish I could have seen the board back in its Glory Days. What I can attest to is how amazing the set of hands on this gentleman is! If you're ever up for training someone to become better with massage I did get myself a table not too long ago. My hands although green to massage are quite talented in other ways. I considered RMT myself but it was wait-listed and feel what I did end up choosing was a much better fit for me. Would certainly be up for trading skills if you're up for another visit In respect to the expectations, have you considered maybe setting two prices for your services? Could help ensure you are prepared in case things do get heavy and worst case if they don't you still make a little extra. No negotiation of prices should not be gendered. I I think my favourite part about reading this interview was I could still feel your hands caressing me as I read 💋
  12. My mind is as open as it is dirty and intelligent. Wild, sensual and curvy woman with long brown hair, hazel eyes, tattoos and loves a reason to slip into something sexy and bring out my huge and beautiful smile.My open mind can cater to many things, adorns a friendly/outgoing personality that will put your mind at ease, and I am genuine with what I provide. I would adore sneaking you into my clean, safe, smoke-free and discreet environment.Contact me for my rates and availabilityEmail- [email protected]/text- (819) 801-3453
  13. I am planning a visit. I do need to be aware of covid-19 and the restrictions. It may take some time but I am coming back soon. If you would like to pop in for a little playtime please do let me know.
  14. Well I still don't regret my previous comment and I would like to thank you for the recognition! When I make it back on the coast I would love to share some more of my brilliant, confident energy with you! 💋
  15. Yaaaaas! I Adore Andee and was thrilled to see an opportunity to read some of her words. I noticed you had an ad that you were in Ottawa and I'm kind of sad I missed you. Perhaps when covid-19 up a little more and sometime your back in the city, a couple of mature providers can get together for a drink or even dinner if you don't partake in alcohol? I would certainly love to connect!
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