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  1. Kitten

    Best bbbj

    If the poster of this thread was offended or hurt by my comment, I appologize. My retort to having my comment singled out weeks after posting it may have been a bit rude (its been a long day). I dont need anyones lesson in ettiquite, but when i reply to these threads i dont usually think to pm my response. Something ill consider thinking about for next time. Also, the best one is obviously slow and sloppy 😘
  2. Kitten

    Best bbbj

    I appreciate your opinion, but i didnt ask for it :)
  3. Oooooh it appears my new album has updated kitten to a senior memeber :classic_love:


  4. Kitten


    A little more of kitten 💋
  5. I posted a new album, but accidently hid it! Please be patient while I contact the mods and figure out how to make it visable to you all again ❤️ 



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    2. Lookingfor


      Still kicking my ass. Starting to get very painful. 

    3. Kitten


      Ill be back for you to make it all better soon(ish) 😚

    4. JDMurray


      Be sure to keep us posted on the details!

  6. Kitten is finally feeling better! Appologies if I had made anyone feel ignored or unwanted. Keep your hands washed and yourselves hydrated because there is some insane virus' out there this season! Work still has my days tied up but I wanted to come give my followers a little something for being so amazing and patient with me ❤️ 

    I'll post another album shortly...


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    2. Onceinawhile


      Glad to hear your feeling better. 😍

    3. JDMurray


      Well if that doesn't brighten your day! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    4. Kitten


      Love you all <3 cant wait to find time to visit out east again soon!

  7. Kitten

    Is this normal

    I am also sorry to hear this has happened to you as well. I agree with katie and feel it is her responsibility to keep track of the time, not yours. I know the other SP's may do things differently, but Im not a huge fan of counting the clock myself and will warn when I feel like my time needs further compensation to continue. Also, what is an extra 15 mins anyway, especially for a gentleman 😚
  8. Will travel if worth while 😉
  9. Kitten

    Best bbbj

    I had a feeling it would be deleted when i seen it. As it should. Two things in the rules that come to mind was I dont believe sexual services are to be discussed in public forums to help protect the site from the effects of sesta/fosta Another being i dont think ladies are to be compared to one another or discussed in these ways. I find it a bit distasteful and could possibly trigger some negative feelings with some. I know i wouldnt be a fan of being named in a forum like this. Did a mod not message you as to why it was removed? Im not sure if starting another was a good idea...
  10. So happy that  you had an awesome visit. There is lots to see and perhaps  on your next visit I can take you to one of our delicious dining spots. .  We  have so many , your imagination is the only limitation

    Katherine .



    1. Kitten


      I hope to back soon and would adore having you take me out to see more of the town! Perhaps I could plan a weekend adenture soon! Longer visits may have to wait till the new year.

  11. My normal life will leave any new weekday availabilty and travel time short until the new year. I appologize if this is an inconvience for you 👄

    For those of who evenings or weekend still work I would love for you to get in touch! I could still travel on weekends as well...



  12. Kitten


    Ill be back darling 💋
  13. Kitten