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    An intelligent mind, a wild outlook on life, and LOVES to laugh!
    Mature and deliciously curvy woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Stands about 5’7” with long brown hair, hazel eyes and many tattoos.
    I am warm, kind, welcoming and love meeting new people! Hilarious at times.
    Appreciates respect, and manners.
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    420 friendly!
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    Super friendly and a lot of fun. Message me and lets connect!
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  1. Kitten will have some availabilty this week and would love your company 💋

  2. Kitten


    Woman ❤️
  3. Had the most lovely wake up call this morning from a gentleman who reminded me of why I adore spending time here❤️

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    2. winerdiner


      hmmm I may just have to take a drive to Ottawa for a wake up, make up call!!!

    3. EricTL


      So hope you enjoyed!!

    4. Kitten


      Always enjoyed and will be available this week ❤️

  4. Kitten

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    Anyone who demanded I break the bariers I have up to protect myself, or try to get me to bend any of my limits would be ignored. I choose not to show my face either for good reason, and if anyone notices it here anywhere please let me know. Same goes for tattoos. I would see this behaviour as a huge red flag and choose to let that client go. He obviously will not respect you. I also couldnt agree more with another comment that pointed put he could be a pic collector looking to get his rocks off. If the reviews here are not good enough for him then fuck that guy! Stick with the the gentlemen that understand your needs. They have ZERO right to demand we put ourselves in an awkward situation for their verification.
  5. 💋

    1. EricTL



  6. (819) 801-3453

    Dont be shy! Muggle life keeps me from advertising as much these days. If you would like to visit, get in touch to see if or when I am available ❤️

  7. 😘

    1. Box Lunch

      Box Lunch

      😉 hey sexy, hope you're doing well xxx

    2. Kitten


      I am fantastic ❤️ hope your summer is treating you well!

  8. Been silent and busy with the muggle life lately, but always up for company 💋

  9. Im sure some ladies out there arent ashamed of their age like you feel they should be. No harm in asking and I certainly hope someone reaches out to you darling. Not all of us need to lie to appease everything that comes along. With age comes wisdom <3 I look forward to my gilf years, although i dont plan on having any children..