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  1. Arriving this evening and will be in town till Friday morning. I have a lot of energy to share and looking for company!
  2. Kitten


    creating to see if I have control to delete images via pc
  3. Thank you GT! I will comb back over this topic as there seems to be a bunch of replies I missed. Also forgot the issue already had a thread. I should probably turn those notifications back on. Currently testing it on my PC to see if I can manage my albums there. Want to share more but also want control 😼 *Seems I can delete now and missed the fix! Apologies on the redundant post and please feel free to delete <3* Thanking @Sugar Kayne for pointing out it needs to be done through desktop and not mobile ❤️
  4. Just curious if or when providers will be getting access back to manage their photo albums. Christmas is coming and I really miss sharing images with you all. Can we please consider instilling our ability to do so back? Could help with the site's popularity!
  5. Looks like I will be celebrating New Year's Eve in Kingston this year! Booking a room for a few nights (30-1) at my favourite place and looking to find some company while in town. If you're generous enough there's a chance I might even be with you at midnight. Kitten 💋
  6. Hello Ottawa! I will be visiting the city for a night on the 24th of this month and will available to play most of that day and all evening! If the demand is there I might decide to stay an extra night. I have booked myself a lovely room in a fun place and hoping to find some company who likes to spoil while I'm in town. I have an open mind, a talented mouth and a great set of hands! If you're interested in basking in a little frisky energy with @Kitten don't be shy to tell me what you like and when you would like to cum. Open to a dinner date that evening if my girlfriend's don't beat you to it first 😼 Message me for rates and availability. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Kitten 💋
  7. Considering getting a room (possibly at the casino) for a few nights sometime soon. I'm curious if I could find a few visitors if I do as I would like to plan some incredibly naughty shenanigans 💋 I have a ton of energy to share and can never get enough bubble baths 😽
  8. Relaxing in this room I have all to myself. Curious what kind of activities I can find to keep me occupied. I will be here all day tomorrow as well before leaving Thursday morning. If you're looking for a naughty little friend or some sensual fun then you should (cue blondie) Call me! (819) 801-3453 [email protected]
  9. In town for a few nights enjoying my favorite room. I will have fresh nails, waxed and full of energy! What could I possibly do to help pass the time? Open minded and waiting to hear from you 💋 (819) 801-3453 [email protected]
  10. This is an excellent post and I wanted to respond for a while and finally found enough time away from the books to do so. This reminds me of something that is said too many people who are about to perform on stage "the audience doesn't know what you were up to. As long as you keep moving forward with the entertainment like nothing has gone wrong, no one will be the wiser". Cops need evidence to lay charges. How are they to know this isn't just a friend or relative coming to visit? Unless you're handling cash or services in public there isn't much to worry about. Hearsay isn't binding. For myself if I was in this position I don't think I would hold the client responsible. I would try to understand their discomfort as ultimately they will be the one taking the charge, not I. There will be many other calls and they may even be one of them if shown such compassion. I do think it would be fair to keep any deposit that was offered but I wouldn't feel right about taking more. This is just as much about respecting the client as it is respecting the provider.
  11. Sadly, this will be my last month in Ottawa. Still hosting in the city for the month of September which will have a schedule to work around or with again. Found some beautiful space with much more privacy. Once settled into the new place I will still welcome select company, but from those willing to make a little more effort. If you've been tempted to come experience the sensuality this kitten possesses please don't be shy. Get in touch for rates and availability. (819) 801-3453 [email protected] Kitten 💋
  12. Sadly, I have to postpone my trip to Kingston next week. I have a break from school in October for a week and hope to book a visit up to see you all then.
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