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  1. Im with Sugar Kayne in trusting the mods will contain what it brings in. So far they have not give me a reason to think they wouldnt. Greenteal hit it on the head with the bold use of escort in the web address. It will most likely atttact attention neither side wants or needs. The workload this may be heavy on the mods. As for seeing any type of provider besides sps leave doesnt exactly stike me as inclusive or empathetic response for either side. Reguardless although I would still encourage more discression with it this cat is curious and will stick around to see what happens.
  2. This is attrocious! My heart is with you and your friend. I wish i was closer to offer you both hugs. May she heal fast and strong ❤️ I am sorry her beautiful energy had to experience such evil and hope it inspires more security for her in the future. I wonder if knowing what platform they connected on may be another question we could be asking and informing as well. Could help with tracking and identification. Outcalls I am not a fan of due to the massive lack of security. She has a place she can host safely? Although I do agree with a comment I seen earlier expressing concern there either way, and would consider shutting it down for a bit. Also, PLEASE do get the police involved. We should be careful most of them lacking accountablity isnt denying us the ability to get the help we need. Yes its awkward and may go nowhere, but the more we reach out the more we normalize the need. Remember he is the POS who abused her in mulitple ways. If her story doesnt upset the officer then we learn who our allys are. If I can offer any help or assisstence please dont be shy to pm me
  3. Hello Gentlemen. My mind is as open as it is dirty and intelligent. Wild, sensual and curvy woman with long brown hair, hazel eyes, tattoos and loves a reason to slip into something sexy and bring out my huge and beautiful smile. My open mind can cater to many things. I promise uninhibited fun with no judgements. My friendly and outgoing personality will be sure to put your mind at ease. I offer in calls for your convenience, and provide a clean, safe, smoke-free and discreet environment.... Contact me for my rates and availability Email- [email protected] Phone/text- (819) 801-3453
  4. Sadly they as well as highlander are closing their doors and focusing on deacons on elgin. The original protest was originally to start at the embassy (dumb!) and why business started boarding up. It got changed to start on the hill just a few days before. Also car windows get smashed out of vehicles in that lit up car park, or area for musical equipment so any owner in that area who boarded up was smart! It sadens me to see so many middle class folks losing what they have worked hard to create. Lapoints will be closing as well. Tough times and curious to see where things go.
  5. Owning it more is what I have decided to move towards. Thank you for pointing the overthinking that out as I do have a habit of that. The last few months has created a bit of anxiety in me. Could be a bit of past fear as well. I would like to see where it goes and couldnt hate more traffic really. Do apprecaite being here ❤️
  6. That may be a convienient point for hobbyists, and I am all about things being simple. Simplicity breeds excellence, but have we thought about the impacts it will have on the providers?
  7. E for escort is respecting discression. Escort i feel is not. Reguarless i will embrace the change and see what happens but please consider some sort of protection for the providers who may not want to be so exposed, or need more discression.
  8. Ok, then again I will ask what preperations were considered or put in place for those if us who may not be comfortable with it? Are my options either deal with it or leave? Also were the providers asked their views behind it? I dont remember seeing anything like that. Also my issue is with the word escort, not review. Please understand how that can create a sense of insecurity in some. Honestly, i really do enjoy it here and will likely prepare myself to come out of the shadows more. I worry it may cost me comfort, but will also be an opportunity for growth 😽 I just thought I eould express this in case there are others feeling the same but not sure about saying something. I have never been good at keeping these lips sealed unless its to respect discression.
  9. You all can explain it as many many ways as you like and i still will not feel its a safe move for the site. I worry it will attact attention that may be dangerous. It does also seem something most agree with or excited about so it would be rude of me to expect it not to happen. I am combing through my profile and its security so when it does happen I may be able to stick around. Currently trying to find the option to hide my walls activity. Again I feel asking, why havent the other places use such a heavy indicator in their name might shed perspective.
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  13. Jessica thank you for the acknowledgement. I appreciate that and you 💋 I would love seeing this being a place to educate proper communication but feel peace may be correct. Could be different when coming from men but anytime I have tried to school those in respect, I find they mulitiply and things spiral into a mindfuck. I still have those, I have tried to reach through to harass me and this will be perfect bait for them. This place being so positive is why I am still here. Maybe the ladies who, or can consider advertising or cruising other sites could consider poaching those who are kind and respectful from the other places? It is something I have considered...
  14. Cerb and lyla are both handles that are not so conspicuous. To put escort in the name I feel lacks security for us all. I dont think i will be comfortable with that. I hope someone can understand what I am trying to say.
  15. Again its more of a dicression thing for me. I want to stay, but not sure I want my image in a place where escort so apparent in the name. That can create a mess for many people. Perhaps i could reframe myself and own this part of me more, but its the stigma still apparent in many others that makes it a challenge. I have no issue with change, and yes I can see how it can bring positive rewards. I accept change most times but I do have an issue with explaining in my muggle life why I am on an escort site. Discression is a pretty large part to this, no? Also, if my messages are coming across as rude or harsh please know its not my intention. Its been a rough 6 months and its thrown my communication off kilter a tad.