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    An intelligent mind, a wild outlook on life, and LOVES to laugh!
    Mature and deliciously curvy woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Stands about 5’7” with long brown hair, hazel eyes and many tattoos.
    I am warm, kind, welcoming and love meeting new people! Hilarious at times.
    Appreciates respect, and manners.
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    420 friendly!
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    Super friendly and a lot of fun. Message me and lets connect!
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  1. 😘

    1. Box Lunch

      Box Lunch

      😉 hey sexy, hope you're doing well xxx

  2. Been silent and busy with the muggle life lately, but always up for company 💋

  3. Im sure some ladies out there arent ashamed of their age like you feel they should be. No harm in asking and I certainly hope someone reaches out to you darling. Not all of us need to lie to appease everything that comes along. With age comes wisdom <3 I look forward to my gilf years, although i dont plan on having any children..
  4. Kitten

    Greek options

  5. Kitten

    How to ask about services

    Still fairly new here and by far no professional masseause, but am an ottawa sp with an erotic and sensual style that would gladly rub you down with a happy ending... I was also thinking it would be much easier to seek sps who like to rub rather than bothering the mps. I wouldnt want to take away from any that may be ok with this, but the offer is there. Was considering investing in a table...
  6. Not that much of an issue i feel, but everyone may not share that same view. I know you meant well ❤️
  7. I am pretty sure sps not be compared in this manner and is avoided here. Its a great way to cause competition, animosity and breathe drama. We all offer amazing service and matter of opinion varys with every hobbyist.
  8. Good to hear and thank you for the assuance darling. I have rented a car for june 17 and should be out east for that week. Ill get my ads up again soon!
  9. Phew! Normal life had this miss tied up and tired the last few days. Apologies to those who may have encountered some less than favorable responses and appreciation for those who were patient with it.

    Another little unedited backside for all of my lovely followers ❤️





    1. winerdiner


      back side slide!! Awesome

    2. winerdiner


      That tongue pic in the corner reminds me of an old Rolling Stones album cover. Reminds me of a few other things too 😉

  10. Well this makes me question is coming out that way in a week or two is a good idea still. I fear this could effect the inquiries for out of town ladies like myself...
  11. Kitten

    Craigslist and bisexuals

    Pmd you!
  12. Kitten

    Craigslist and bisexuals

    Well dont you seem like a lot of fun! This is something i would be interested in when in the area. Hoping to be out in a few weeks and things are starting to look good! Although a tad frustrating to navigate at times, seeking may be a good area to take a peek in as well...