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  1. You are up for my challenge. The winner will receive the Goldielocks Experience, gratis. The contest. Compare Newton's 3 laws of physics to great sex. Answers must be short, clever and original. Impresse me. Sacha 613-315-9969
  2. 1) a rug 2) a foe 3) Sacha 4) chicken breasts 5) the clock And why... Think. I can't wait for your answers! Sacha 613-315-9969
  3. Hello Gentlemen, Don't be shy. If you don't know and are even a little curious, just ask me. I will be offering, "The Goldielocks Experience" Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sacha 613-315-9969
  4. ..it's referred to as Greek. And if you do, do you know the history? And if you have gotten this far, how would you explain it? Remember, it's not called German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish... Why Greek? 25 words or less. Impresse me. Sacha 613-315-996
  5. I have been a very good girl this year. On second thought, maybe I wasn't, "very good", but I was pretty good. Actually, I was bad. Never mind, I will buy my own presents! Sacha 613-315-9969
  6. I remember waking up early one morning and finding my mother in the kitchen, preparing my father a special breakfast. "Shhh" she says to me, " your father is still sleeping". "What was all that noise last night", I asked her. "Oh that" she explained. "That was your father coming home from the company's Christmas party". "He stumbled in around 3 am, drunk as a skunk". "He tripped over the chair, knocked into the coffee table, breaking my favourite vase and pissed on the ficus tree". "Then he stumbled up the stairs and puked in the hallway, all before I managed to drag him to bed" " I don't get it, why aren't you furious". I asked. "When I tried to take off his pants, he pulled away screaming,,,, leave me alone. I am a happily married man!" Let's make make this a Christmas to remember. Sacha 613-315-9969
  7. Brains over braun. That being said, I dare you to take my quiz. 1) which of the following numbers are irrational numbers. a) pi b) square root of 2 c) 1/3 d) 0 2) can an irrational number ever become a rational number? 3) the square root of -25 is an imaginary number. Can an imaginary number become a real number? Show me how sexy and smart you are! Sacha 613-315-9969
  8. There lived a hard working man, With nary a complaint, he toiled every day. And then it happened. How could it not? As predictable as the sunrise and the sunset, this happened next. "I need something more" , he cried, "enough is enough". 613. 315. 9969 he dialed, "Sacha please help". And as simple as that, yes that's all it took, When life gets tough, he doesn't hesitate to book. Sacha A poet I am not, but I had fun trying. Sacha 613-315-9969
  9. Did you know the minute he walked through the door, something was wrong? Or When you walked through the door, she was not what you were expecting. What happened? Sacha
  10. I am sorry, I accidentally deleted your text. Please send it to me again. I only looked at it briefly but yours was one of the few that looked promising! Sacha 613-315-9969
  11. So many of you have called, texted and emailed me with $108.00. Where is the fun in asking for 10% of 120 which of course is 12. 120 - 12 = 108. My mistake. I obviously wasn't clear. My apologies. Sacha
  12. My donation is $120 for the half hour. If I offer a 10% discount every minute what is your final donation after 30 minutes? If you got this far, well done. But I want more. The parameters are still the same, $4 per minute, 10 % off every minute but what is your donation after 113 hours? Show me your perfect equation. Sacha Show me the equation
  13. Graham, Congratulations. You win, "The Goldielocks Experience". Please send me your Layla handle. I look forward to meeting a man with an imagination... Sacha 613-315-9969 [email protected]
  14. Experience in math, not required. I am looking a clever tag line.... a jingle.....something catchy and memorable, in the style of Don Draper. Tag lines I currently use : The German Touch, The German Connection, Slip into German Engineering, Das Women, The Goldielocks Experience... The winner will enjoy, The Goldielocks Experience...Gratis. Text : 613-315-9969 email : [email protected] I will announce the winner February 12th. Let the contest begin..... Sacha
  15. And learn. You are ready for the German Touch. Sacha 613-315-9969
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