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  1. I have a 10% chance of getting it right (90% chance of getting it wrong). My odds of picking the right number is 1 in 10. My problem is that I have to do it 9 times in a row. The answer would be nice, but I really need the equation. Sacha 613.315.9969
  2. Do you prefer to book an appointment in advance? Are weekdays more thrilling than weekends? Is afternoon delight better than a romp in the morning? Or do you prefer it after dark? For me, morning is the best part of the day!
  3. I agree with Bree J. A half hour appointment is perfect when meeting a new client. It's easy to fake enthusiasm for a half hour, if I don't feel any chemistry (or visa versa). Longer appointments I save for my regular clients. That is when the fun begins!
  4. But Sacha is so delightful. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Hello Gentlemen, Slip into German Engineering and be delighted. Sacha 613.315.9969
  5. 26 8 15 15 7 18 17 8. 22 4 7 11 Solve cypher, save the world and get the girl. Need another hint?
  6. If you are a Rams, let me know. If the Rams win, 20 off any of my services. If the Bengals win, I get to gloat. Care to take my wager? Sacha 613-315-9969
  7. I am just a call away. Smart, sexy, green eyed German beauty. Slip into German Engineering. Sacha 613-315-9969
  8. On Christmas Eve, why not you? Sacha 613-315-9969
  9. 2 equations 2 unknowns. Kim's donation per hour is 25 per hour more than mine. After 5 hours our total donation combined is 2125. What is Kim's donation per hour? Sacha 613-315-9969
  10. Mens Omega Sea Master Platinum $90K... MontBlanc Patron pen 12K. Time spent with Sacha...priceless. It's true that I am very clever, but I stole this clever idea and made it mine. If you can tell me the origin of this clever idea, it will be my pleasure to offer you 50% off any of my services you desire. Sacha 613-315-9969
  11. 415-236-9133 is a scam. Do not open the attachment. Sacha
  12. Gentlemen, This week, it is my pleasure to offer you, The Goldilocks Experience. I look forward to meeting you. Sacha 613-315-9969
  13. For another contest. Use, "uber" correctly in an English sentence. Sounds pretty easy, right? Because there can only be one winner, entries must be original, creative, perhaps humorous or informative. Show me what you've got! The winner will receive the Goldielocks Experience gratis. Sacha 613-315-9969
  14. Mellowmarsh. Congratulations. As the winner you will receive The Goldielocks Experience, gratis. Thank you all for your participation, and brightening my day with your witty and clever responses. Sacha 613-315-9969
  15. You are up for my challenge. The winner will receive the Goldielocks Experience, gratis. The contest. Compare Newton's 3 laws of physics to great sex. Answers must be short, clever and original. Impresse me. Sacha 613-315-9969
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