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  1. I can confirm she is real. Pictures are legit. Was a little rushed - I did not repeat but would be open to seeing if a second visit would be any different. If you want details you can PM.
  2. I can confirm she is real. If you want more info you can DM me.
  3. I decided to come out of retirement - I'm not super active but I still browse the boards here and there. I was super excited because one of my favourite indy SPs was supposed to be in town but I was unable to get in touch with her. I was in the mood so I decided to take the chance and see what else is out there. Boy am I glad I checked back in when I did. Came across an ad from Body Language ENT. To be honest, I mostly deal with indies, I'm not a big fan of agencies but Nalaa looked great and I had seen her in a movie before so I figured why not? I was completely blown away by her. If you are into her type, there is nothing better. She was warm, funny, very welcoming. She's quite french, gets by in english okay but if you can speak french that's a plus. AMAZING skills... I don't need to list anything - obviously like any other YMMV but if you treat her right there is nothing she will say no to within reason. Enhanced breasts, bright pink hair, glasses if you're into that...super flexible...no reflex...incredible. I would definitely repeat, I hope she comes back to Ottawa again. I left with a huge smile on my face.
  4. This subject will come up time and time again. Every once in awhile I chime in as I've been discriminated against once or twice in my lifetime... There's a very fine line here... the thing is, there are some people who are slightly insensitive about the situation and say "hey, who cares just move on". I'll tell you, most of us don't lose sleep over the fact that an SP didn't want to meet us... but that doesn't mean on the spot it doesn't bother us. It doesn't matter if it's an SP, or someone at Mcdonald's not wanting to serve me. If you are denied service for less than a good reason it's upsetting. People who are quick to say "who cares, move on" I encourage you to think about it seriously...think about a moment you were discriminated against for whatever reason then re-evaluate whether or not your answer is still "who cares, move on". Now objectively, better the SP mention it in her ad like most have said. There's no point if SP isn't into it. Why she may not be into black people? That's none of your business. It's disappointing when they say "yeah a black guy was aggressive with me, they are all like that". Generalizations are ignorant, but those who generalize typically are too. Really, it comes down to the fact that there is something else bothering you, because most people are reasonable and don't just make up their minds based on one experience (unless it was really that traumatizing). On the flip side, why read into it so much? Just because the SP's ad says no black people doesn't mean she's racist. Maybe, just maybe black people don't turn this particular SP's gears. We all have a favourite flavour of ice cream, that's not discrimination. We don't have to talk about the human rights act. It's a brand new year people, respect each other and be kind to one and other...We'll be just fine!
  5. I've seen plenty of her ads and we've even chatted a couple times however due to weird schedules and circumstances we couldn't meet until yesterday. I can't believe there aren't tons of reco's for Jessy as it was hands down one of the best experiences I've had via cerb. She was warm, super accommodating, well spoken and to be quite honest it felt like I had known her for years (might have helped that it turned out we had things in common). What a chick, I'd like to avoid writing a novel but I was just so impressed with her. As for the encounter itself, well hey :). I couldn't have asked for more. YMMV? Didn't notice, as per some of the other comments she was in it to win it. She looks amazing, she was amazing; so to anyone who might read these reco's do yourself a favour and try her. Even if on paper she might not be up your alley i.e you like short hair, or blondes, or dark eyes etc. if you are looking for an amazing time forget all your personal pre-requisites and call her. She most likely will end up being the best damn thing that ever happened to you!
  6. I should be more specific, I have in the past found a few cerb ladies who have been quite accommodating however recently I ran into a string of bad luck. Yesterday though I set out and accomplished my mission so it's still very easy to find!
  7. thought I would check cerb quickly and definitely spent way more time than anticipated thanks to this thread. I love a woman in stockings yet lately I find it difficult to find SP's with them. For some reason I've been unlucky and every time I ask they don't have any. maybe I'm choosing the wrong ones!! great posts Miquelon!!
  8. I find it funny such a thread would come up yesterday/today as it was a topic I was thinking of raising. I'm not caucasian, and I used to feel like why should I disclose that info? Not because I'm ashamed or afraid but simply because it shouldn't matter. If an SP doesn't state it in her ad then it must not matter (I mean it's 2013...) Many good points were raised already, Lipua's method makes it easy for everyone to save face and no one to get their feelings hurt. I'm proud to be who I am. I can also understand, some ladies might have had issues with particular ethnicities and don't want to risk it again. You don't have to be in our "world" to have faced such a situation before. My only issue has always been when an SP doesn't state they have preferences and proceeds treats you like you are less than a human being when you meet. It takes 2 to tango, I think both parties should make a reasonable effort to make their preferences known. If there are things you don't wish to publish why not use the PM function? I've arrived at someone's residence to a "uhh...ohh...yeah, wish you would have said you were like that...or one of those..." So now to avoid that feeling I usually mention it before hand. Tough pill to swallow... fortunately not everyone is like that. I can vouch for Megforfun...she's lot's of fun and doesn't discriminate!!
  9. I went to visit Karine a few weeks ago now. I told her I would write her a recommendation based on the fact that I had such a good time. Everytime I sit down to write it though I end up writing some ridiculous story that's not PG and I can't help it. It was amazing...so lol here's my short and sweet breakdown. Karine is an absolute gem. She was very easy going, easy to book with. I met her at her location, she welcomed me in with a warm smile. We chatted a bit when I got there and then she quickly decided to switch gears on me. She let me know that she was mine for the taking. Very passionate dfk. We had some fun, and it was a two way street. After that we got down to business and business it was. Great skills, amazing body and she knows how to use it. To this day, I still have a smile on my face when I think about her and I can't wait to see her again. I can't seem to think of a way you could regret spending time with her. She's every guys dream and then some. So with that being said, until we meet again Karine.
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