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  1. Im really into squirters. Does anyone know of a SP that has massive squirts? If she was Asian even better.
  2. I had the pleasure of seeing Sara today. I have seen her adds for a few years but never got around to seeing her. What a mistake. She is beautiful sexy and very good at what see does. She seems to really enjoy pleasing and being pleased. If you like Asian spinners she is a must see. Great kisser and the 15 min 69 was out of this world. Her puxxx is beautiful and tastes amazing. Will be back to see her many times.
  3. I have also seen Kendra a few times over the years. Quite often when she was with PK. And once recently. She is a very sweet down to earth lady. Great body for her age and a talented pleasure in bed. She does advertise her age as 32 which is at least 10 years younger then her actual age. We have spoken about her children in their 20s. But if you are looking for a sexy older MLIF Kendra is worth a visit... :)
  4. I had another amazing get together with Sinn?.now Karine last night. This was my latest experience of the many that I have had with this fantastic hottie. She is on her own now. Congratulations!!!! I don?t know how anyone could say a bad word about this lady. She is warn, welcoming, funny, charming and makes sure your time spent with her is amazing. She has a new place and it is nice, clean, well furnished and classy. Perfect for a classy girl. So Sinn thanks again and you now I will see you soon xoxo
  5. Is this the same Natasha that worked for PK last year...then worked on her own under the name Talya? Shes tall about 5 10? Any info....Thanks
  6. After admiring Sinn on CL for the last few weeks I finally made time to go see her. I had to get my hands on those magnificent looking breasts....and they are. I am a spinner addict and Sinn is not a spinner which I could tell from her pictures. I meet her at an up scale hotel downtown. She came to door, we made some small talk joked around. English is not her first language and her misuse of some English words was very cute, and that French accent was very sexy. I won't go into all the hot and wet details but it was well worth my trip downtown. She seemed up for anything and does advertise no restrictions. As I mentioned earlier I love spinner type bodies but this lady made me forget all about that it within about 3 minutes. She is HOT SEXY PASSIONATE and FUNNY. You were Fantastic Sinn and I will see again....SOON:lol:
  7. Some pretty neg comments on CL about her???? Scares me off
  8. Yes, she will be missed. Talya.....You still owe me some Butter Chicken???????
  9. I am sad to say that this absolute Goddess has decided to make a career change and will no longer be providing service in this industry. I have spent 1 hr a week with this lovely lady for quite sometime now.....I am bummed. Good Luck Talya. PS: I have a free hour every week now if any of you other lovely SP's out there want to meet give me a shout
  10. I saw he ad she looks amazing...has anyone been to see her yet?? Please let me know how it turned out
  11. I could quit if I couldn't afford it...the problem is I can afford it and that would make it very hard to stop
  12. Has anyone visited this lady. She advertises on CL all the time looks amazing. Suprised there is no review though??? If anyone has any feedback I would love to hear.
  13. How often do you visits service providers? I have been a hobbyist for about 6 months and I am just curious how many times?say in a month do you indulge your hobby???
  14. I have seen Tayla for a couple of months and Amazing is an understatement I repeat as often as I can. She does not work evenings or weekends though.
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