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  1. BarrhavenWoody


    Absolutely Stunning!
  2. BarrhavenWoody


    Wow! You are gorgeous!
  3. Happy birthday to the big dawg! I hope you are having a great day, buddy.
  4. Layah is pretty tiny as well. Not sure of exact height, but I would guess she isn't much over 5 ft.
  5. All those ladies in the limo...sounds like waaay too much fun. I think I'll drive downtown and park my car so I can take the limo all the way back here!
  6. I hope you have a great day, Cutie!!
  7. Mine just falls out on its own. I use a vacuum for the removal part. :cry:
  8. Happy birthday, Chicken! I hope it's a great day!
  9. Happy birthday mistert, Mister Tee, Mister Tea, Mr T, T-Man, T-Rex, T-dude, Tea Time, Mr, or just T for short. I hope you have a great day. Maybe a friendly Montreal lady will blow out your candle. Cheers buddy!
  10. Yup. Chanel and Jewel are sisters. Anyone seen Chanel recently?
  11. My vote is: NOT. I like the real thing and running my fingers through her hair or holding her head. A wig is a big turnoff for me.
  12. BarrhavenWoody

    Wash my back for me?

    mmm very lovely! :)
  13. BarrhavenWoody


    Very sexy pose. You look wonderful!
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