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  1. I just enjoyed your beautiful August 2018 Album, Helena. Of course that is no surprise because you are beautiful

    and I enjoy everything about you 🙂

  2. Thanks. I use Mac only. Will see if I can fix this. But the best would be that this issue is fixed here, on the website, because there's absolutely no reason to have all this information displayed. Never seen this issue on any other website before, where we post our pictures too.
  3. Helena D'Orville

    Thank you very much! 😘
  4. What can I say? One of the sexiest woman on Lyla!

    New Album just one more confirmation of this!


    1. Hukupp


      Agreed.  Such a beauty. 

    2. Helena D'Orville

      Helena D'Orville

      Thank you gentlemen, you are absolutely adorable. Mouah! Xox❤️

  5. Helena D'Orville

    August 2018

  6. Dear Gentleman, here are a few things about me: I'm an independent companion and I love what I do. Sexy and sensual, I melt like sugar when you touch me. I'm playful and love it when you and I go with the flow, whether we're up for a “sweet ballad” or a more "rocky” one. I'm a petite brunette with a fit body and inviting curves at the right place, 5'1 on flats/5'5 on high heels, with a soft olive skin, honey eyes, a beautiful and natural 38C. I have no piercing or tattoo on my body. All my pictures are real and recent. I take new ones every 3 months. I host in a private location downtown Victoria. My nest is discreet, spotless and cozy. Free parking is available. I also offer outcalls (see rates and conditions below or visit my website for more information www.helenadorville.com I'm available during the week between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. I occasionally accept appointments during weekends. Tempted? Call or text me at 250-634-4204 from your cell phone (no blocked calls, no landline calls or calls via application or Voip) Please, be a gentleman at all times while communicating with me, rude introductions turn me off. I look forward to spending a delightful time with you! Helena✿ follow me on Twitter @HelenaDorville Looking for another kind of session? I also offer role-plays! Visit this secret page on my website https://www.helenadorville.com/role-plays
  7. Thank you very very much for the compliment! I hope that you're well and that you're enjoying this Summer! Xox

  8. What can I say looking at your new Album?<br />

    You just getting better and better! Simply gorgeous woman!

  9. Well, I'm here too, but just saw this thread today lol I guess that Lyla might be helpful for Vancouver more than Victoria, but 3 people is a beginning ;-)
  10. Helena D'Orville

    Thank you very much. A wonderful way to start the day :-) Xox
  11. Helena D'Orville


    Yep, something is fishy here. We are not stupid. Very bad advertising method to promote suspicious websites! You're probably not an SP, Katarina, and we can guess this just by the way you write. We ladies are not fools nor fooled...
  12. Helena D'Orville

    leolist email addresses

    "i am skeptical of any ad with the girl holding a sign that says leolist on it. why would any SP ever hold a sign that says leolist on it?" Read ALL the other threads about Leolist and you'll have your answer. Additional Comments: I suggest that you hire a private investigator.
  13. Helena D'Orville

    Toftt Job Opportunity

    The term "Toftt" is so charming. I've always wanted to be treated like a ball in a football game... Seriously, Dude, you are on a recommendation board! Not the "other kind" of board. You have a lot of verified SPs and recommendations here. Not enough? Don't "Toftt." Just make a wise decision. Use your brain. But maybe you left it in the boys' lockers room?
  14. "Review board culture has to end." Absolutely. I have decided not to give one more penny to any review board for advertising. I'm appalled by the conversations going on there. Why would I pay to be talked about like a piece of meat? We, providers, should stop advertising there, because if we pay, we support that. But unfortunately, this will probably not happen.
  15. It's not at all a detriment. I use these tools, they don't use me. I'm the brain. I set the rules.