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  1. Thanks to both of you guys for the clear, wonderful images I am seeing.
  2. Hailey is a star for sure. Very accommodating, fun to be around, talented and sexy beyond belief.
  3. I third Harboursmoke and second bigmack40, Greenteal seems to have it all together with factual, well researched information. His posts are the ones I look for when looking for good info.
  4. Kylie is certainly one of the good guys. It is easy to tell that when you meet her. A very lovely person. So sorry to hear of you troubles Ray, I hope things go well for you. All the best!!
  5. That was a very interesting reflection you put out there. Thank you for that. You were fortunate in that you picked @KylieJane, @StephanieMystique and @charlottequinn123 for companions although it appears as if Kylie picked the other two for you. I have been fortunate enough to have met all three of these ladies and I totally agree with you, they are all classy, respectful and wonderful people. Again, thanks for your thoughts and I hope things work out for you in a very positive way. Have a great 2021.
  6. Well, Notch Johnson has been posting lots since I joined quite a while ago. All his posts seem to be right on and helpful. A good choice for sure. GreenTea is also getting there very quickly and I look forward to his comments on various subjects. I have-not met Allie Zeon so I can't comment there, although I would like to meet her, great recos.
  7. I can't find the arrow. Can you tell me exactly where to look?? Thanks
  8. Ditto what Biker Dude says. Nice lady!!
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