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  1. That was a very interesting reflection you put out there. Thank you for that. You were fortunate in that you picked @KylieJane, @StephanieMystique and @charlottequinn123 for companions although it appears as if Kylie picked the other two for you. I have been fortunate enough to have met all three of these ladies and I totally agree with you, they are all classy, respectful and wonderful people. Again, thanks for your thoughts and I hope things work out for you in a very positive way. Have a great 2021.
  2. Well, Notch Johnson has been posting lots since I joined quite a while ago. All his posts seem to be right on and helpful. A good choice for sure. GreenTea is also getting there very quickly and I look forward to his comments on various subjects. I have-not met Allie Zeon so I can't comment there, although I would like to meet her, great recos.
  3. I can't find the arrow. Can you tell me exactly where to look?? Thanks
  4. Ditto what Biker Dude says. Nice lady!!
  5. All three of those ladies are incredible on their own. Together I can only imagine. Way to go!!!
  6. Not sure but she may have been around here about 4 - 5 years ago. Forget the name she was using then but the tats and a couple of pics are very familiar.
  7. She is a very fine lady with outstanding skills. Makes you feel at ease and non rushed. Good choice!!
  8. I would like info as well if anyone has it.
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