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  1. sawdust

    Stacey Raine on LL

    I would like info as well if anyone has it.
  2. sawdust


    What a gorgeous body!!
  3. sawdust

    Ms Melody

    Katherine, very lovely lady, you are forgiven!!!
  4. I looked at the link for Anna Bella and she is very tempting. I would like to see her but I do not have the luxury of committing unless it works into my current schedule at the time, which changes daily, so one never knows!!! She is a very lovely lady and has a lot of attractions for me.
  5. sawdust

    Ms Melody

    Totally agree!! This is one great lady!!! Be nice to her.
  6. sawdust

    Lady Reighn

    Thanks a lot for the notice
  7. sawdust


    Looks delightful!!
  8. sawdust

    Request for providers

    Kind of like one of those milking tables!!! That would be interesting, while getting a massage!!!
  9. sawdust


    Would like info as well
  10. sawdust


    Legit and lovely
  11. Hot Carpenter Kitty or Mel is about 5' 2" and very nice. She advertises on VIP I think.
  12. sawdust


    Does anybody have any info on this valley lady???
  13. sawdust

    Sparkling Lacy

    I didn't get anything on her at all. Not a single reply.
  14. sawdust

    Are either of these ads legit?

    I think there was a thread started about the gal in the first ad about a year ago and if I remember right is said she was legit, but don't take that to the bank. Maybe do a search under her name. Don't know anything about the other ad but sure is hot.
  15. sawdust


    I would like to hear about this lady as well, if anybody knows.....