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    Apr022017 233526

    Such beautiful shape! Want to go all the way?!!!
  2. RayRenpelle

    Prospects Demanding Face Pics

    Ok, I can not resist giving my opinion on both topics going on. 1. Face pics. I totally agree that for safety, discretion and privacy the use of face pics is totally at the discretion of the SPs. Also they usually have other ways for us to identify them, a tattoo, a piercing or other. 2. John's, clients or "special friends" I abhor the use of the word John'. Heck in some circles they refer to toilets as John's. The word "client" is totally right. The ladies we visits are referred to as "providers" . therefore they provide a service that we the clients use. The term "special friends" I also find very acceptable. There are different kinds of friendship. I am still friend with people from school. I am friend with people on social media some of whom I have never met in person. So I would like to think that a lady with who I may spend several hours with is a friend. It is certainly much more pleasant to spend time and be intimate with a friend. Also even when not with them , this might be easier for me because in my short time as a hobbyist I have only seen three, they come up in my thoughts from time to time and I kind of hope it is reciprocal. So yes I think of them as special friends. My long winded thoughts only! No one has to agree!
  3. I enjoyed my visit with you very much after some time away. It felt like a first time which very pleasant as I rediscover you all over again. You are beautiful woman and not just physically. I enjoyed our conversation (not sure if we are Socrates or Plato, lol) but the physical, sexual experience is always better than the last. No wonder my visits seem to be getting longer each time. You are such an easy person to be with and like! Thank you for your time with me!

  4. RayRenpelle

    Fave type of Lingerie on an SP

    Not so weird. A well dressed lady is always pleasant to see! Great first impression!
  5. RayRenpelle

    Fave type of Lingerie on an SP

    I also voted for "Bra & Panties" . But I could also, equally, have voted for "Nude" or Teddies, sheer or otherwise. Not so found of stockings unless I am taking them off a lady!!
  6. RayRenpelle


    My inexperience should probably tell me to say nothing but I can't believe how this discussion has switch from one topic, msog, to various forms and even a little mudslaying. Clients and providers should understand each other and know what is expected. Now I have only ever had experience with two providers since I started 6 months ago, one of whom had been put in the center of all this without reason. Like I previously stated I have never seen any hesitation in Kylie Jane part in working with me to achieve my goal in our time together. She is a willing provider but also will not let herself be abused in any way. How many times is yours and her decision. Don't expect more than you can give. Both of the providers I have seen, Kylie Jane and DirtyblondeStephanie, have been very conscious of my wants, needs and ability and did their utmost to give me satisfaction. So gentlemen, talk to your provider, let them know you and also know them. Don't expect more of them than it is possible. Remember they do a lot for OUR pleasure!! Be thankful not so critical!
  7. RayRenpelle


    Well, so much being said about this!!! It is quite simple! The donations are for time. How you use the time is your and your SP decision. To me msog means the option of getting off more than once is there. It does not mean the whole time spent "pounding " your provider. I have been with Kylie Jane several times now and will be several more I hope and she has always been willing to make everything easy. We always make full use of the time and most of the time I get off more than once but we always make time for talk, cuddles and explore our sensuality. I have never viewed Kylie Jane as a "pounding machine" but as a woman, a lady, equal to me sharing herself with me in what ought to be beautiful moments . Respect and consideration for a provider can go a long way in how you are treated!!
  8. RayRenpelle


    I still consider myself as new (6 months) but these are my thoughts. I have studied reviews and read countless profiles before choosing one. About 60% of the profiles I read mention that donations are for time only and what happens in that time is consensual. I am a mature man so my needs may differ from others. I personally enjoy good conversation, extended foreplay. Now I am fortunate that there has never been an issue with my regular provider as to how many times I get off. If I can run my mouth, play and get off more than once it has never been an issue keeping in mind the allotted time. Now I have also never seen her look at the clock but I do. I respect her as a woman and for what she does and the last thing I want to do is steal time from her. I also respect her need for some time out after my visit. So more than once has never been an issue and I would hope for similar from other providers.
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    Now can I peek?!!!
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    Casting Call

    You can try out for me anytime and you are sure to make the grade
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    So shapely
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    You know...I could have helped