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  1. I have been active on Lyla for four years now and any recommendations I write remain hidden for sometimes up to two days. Whereas new ones can have theirs posted almost right away. One wonders!
  2. I had the wonderful opportunity today to avail myself of @KylieJane new service of sexting that she is now offering! It was my first experience at this and did not know what to expect but she made very easy. She made me feel comfortable with it and her session was very entertaining, sensual and exciting. She is as much a professional doing this as she is in a live meeting. I certainly will repeat and it probably will be even better as I now know more about it and can be better prepared. Thank you Kylie for a great snowy day invigorating session, 10/10.
  3. Thank you! I must admit that I have been fortunate to meet great ladies like yourself and @KylieJane, @charlottequinn123and Monique. It was super easy to treat you all well as you are great companions and, yes, I felt pampered! Truly appreciated!
  4. I read a lot of reviews on several SPs, not that I will ever see them all as I limit my activities, and those three words keep coming, "treat her well" ! Is there any other way to treat a lady that you are about to have a nice visit with however long or short it may be? I would like to know what the other options are! Yes, treat her well, bring her some flowers, a treat for her sweet tooth, healthy snacks, something. Show appreciation! Leave her a tip but not an insulting one, something meaningful. As for me, treating her well is the only option!
  5. So, it is clearly evident that there is no shortage of busty providers in HRM many available throughout the Maritimes. Seek and you will find!!!
  6. I totally agree!! They are all beautiful and enjoyable in their own way and size! I love boobs!
  7. It has been a while since I wrote about Kylie. This year marks the beginning of my fifth year of visiting her. The last four years have been exceptional. We had some adventures. She is a most inspiring companion. In those four years I find she has continued to get better. Physically I think she is more beautiful now than ever. Some things are always there, her charm, her pleasing personality,her warmth, her smiling welcome and always well dressed. She cares for her clients and and demonstrated that to me on many occasions. She has now started a new service that will undoubtedly benefit many who cannot physically visit her. Her online service is top notch I am sure. I know I will avail myself of this new service. I am so grateful and thankful to her for the last four years and I hope we can share more time together in this year. Thank you so much Kylie.
  8. This thread is definitely deviating from its subject. Let's stay on the subject being discussed. I think Halifax is a great city with plenty of beautiful, sexy, talented providers. We don't need to go chasing several other distant city. What we need is right here. We just need to look at the right platform and do diligent research.
  9. I once try a 30 min. visit with the companion that I already see on a regular basis for longer visit. Just wanted to try the half-hour for the experience. It definitely is not my favorite. I will say that it would be better than not seeing her at all if, for whatever reason, that was all I could do on that day. However my favorite visit duration is 1.5 hrs and up. I like having plenty of time to enjoy my visit with my companion! But for a first visit 30min may be appropriate.
  10. Just look on LL for a starter. Several are posted including rates and services.
  11. Thank you for the commendation @StephanieMystique. I have recognized from the very beginning that my ability to perform would be limited by age and health. I have gone on visits with no expectations. Dreams and fantasies, yes, but mostly I am content to be spending time with a beautiful lady, or two even once three. Again no expectations. Just go with the flow. I have been fortunate to have my experiences with three wonderful ladies namely you, Stephanie and also @KylieJane and @charlottequinn123. Experience solo and also as duo. KylieJane being my regular companion. All have shown great understanding and have been very professional. Our visits are successful because we just do what we can to please each other whatever acceptable way it may be. Age and health continue to take a toll on me but the pleasure of being together continues unabated although it may take different form. Something I always make sure that will never forget is etiquette. I try never to cancel, always be on time, definitely never "no show". I make sure my hygiene is 100%. Water and soap does not hurt. It is a plus with the ladies if you don't smell, have clean hands and your genitals and butt thoroughly washed. And don't barter with the rates. I Also remember that I am going on a date with a lady. So I always bring flowers. Did that from my first visit onward. And, as I got to know them better, other little gifts came along. And tipping, I am not a huge tipper but I always try to leave a little extra that is worthwhile. I always remember that they go out of their way to please me, so I should do all I can to show my appreciation and respect for them. WE are lucky in our area to have many such fine, beautiful ladies. All are professionals and desire to please. They really are not concerned about our physical appearance or ability but more that, at the end of the visit, we are satisfied. I am always nervous but I find it makes for a good visit. She will be your guide in overcoming your nervousness.
  12. Those are good points also. Thanks for pointing them out. Time wasters certainly are a problem and it does eventually affect us all. Also a good point is to limit how many providers you see. Unless your goal is to see as many as possible and check out all the new ones, then a limit in number is beneficial. The connection you can make is great and makes for really good visits. I only see 3, one regular and two on special occasions. It is an good arrangement. But may not work for all.
  13. These are my personal thoughts only. Please feel free to comment but please be positive. I am doing this to learn more about being a client. First a little background. I was married twice. The first ended in divorce after 28 years. The second ended almost 4 years ago when my wife passed away from cancer. During both marriages, good or bad, I never cheated. No, not looking for a medal. It is just the way I am. I am now a mature, 69 yrs old man who had only experience a visit to a SW once. My very first sexual experience. It lasted no more than 15 minutes. Then married life set in. But 3 1/2yrs ago after the death of my wife, loneliness was overpowering. So I thought I would,d try this avenue as I did not want a relationship. My first try, a lady(???) From newspaper ad ghosted me. First lesson. The second one double booked me and I arrive second. After some expletives directed at me. I was on my way. Lesson number two. Took a time out. Look at various websites. Had no idea was I was doing. Finally found a lady that caught my interest. Texted her. She was on Christmas holiday but she gave a date to reach her after the holiday. Booked an appointment and went. Totally nervous but this time I had done just enough research to know she was legit. Spent a good portion of this first visit talking and learning. One thing I knew is you don't go on a date empty handed. So I did bring her flowers. One good step. I also learned her like and dislikes. She gave me some tips on where to do research. One site was this one(Lyla) where found a wealth of info. Twitter also become a useful tool. Gradually I learn and continue to learn because things change. When I began, deposits were never mentioned, now they are pretty much a standard. So we must never let up on learning about protocol, etiquette and also the lady you wish to meet. I just finished going back in time for 8 years and saw how the business evolved. Here are a few things that I diligently practice. Never cancel, never "no-show", never be late, never haggle over rates, never expect what she does not offer. Be respectful, don't show up empty handed( pick a dandelion somewhere, lol).BE HYGIENIC!!! Be showered before going and again when you arrive if it is her wish. Don't be rude! You really want her, pay the deposit, it will serve you well. Don't forget a little tip maybe. Yes I practice all this. For health reason I had to cancel one visit that I always enjoyed and I have been kicking my butt since. And I notified her weeks ahead. I have written all this in hope it might help some new ones. Something I lacked at the beginning. I got the opposite, insults from other clients for being too enthusiastic! Please, constructive comments. I want to continue to learn so I can make each visit better! Thank you for your time!
  14. When I first started as a client 3 1/2 years ago, I was paranoiac about it and would get tested every second visit. Eventually, once a month, then my doctor told me it was not necessary since I was only seeing the one lady, except on some special occasions like a duo, and I was always clean. Now I haven't since last fall mostly because I have been inactive for other reasons. But if I was seeing multiple women, the frequency of testing would increase. But I have great confidence in the one I am seeing now so I see no need for so frequent testing.
  15. Lol, I lived in the valley for 30 years. It is not known for discretion. Perfect place for "kiss and tell". But there is always a way!
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