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  1. There are several providers offering this service in Halifax. All have good record. A good place to search would in the "Escorts- Schedule and announcements" section.
  2. In my opinion this whole thread should be removed. Fake or not PRIVACY and SAFETY of both clients and companions are paramount and location, in whatever form, should never be mentioned. Even the general area. It is something private between client and companion!
  3. I am sure many ladies would love to go. I have done it. I organized the day well ahead, made it a combination beach/dinner date. It was a very fun and pleasant day. Just make sure you have all " your ducks in a row" . Be well prepared with lot of notice time for the lady and I am sure you will have good results.
  4. It is quite difficult to say who the best provider is. Everyone has a different opinion of who is the best. The best I can tell you is look at the schedules on Lyla. Find one that you like, most include photos. Then look for recommendations and also for websites that they may be associated with. Most of the local ladies are well recommended. But only you will know if she is the one for you. Once you have chosen one, then play by the rules. Do the screening. Make contact. Be respectful. Send a deposit if required. Once you have a date be punctual, be hygienic, good manner, respect and appreciation. Specially on a first date maybe bring a small gift like flowers or chocolate. Pamper your date and she will likely pamper you back. Leave a tip if you can. As for the best, only you can decide who is best for you. Good luck and enjoy!
  5. I don't usually involve myself in this type of debate but this time I will agree with Greenteal. He and I do not always have the same views on things and I do not hesitate to tell him. But he does provide useful information that anyone can learn from. Yes, he often berates and can be annoying but always good info if the delivery is not always nice. In this case I agree that these "Any info" type of questions are more annoying and often refer to someone who has already had info written about. Just take the time to search. Also many times I see the same person asking for info about several sws in just a five minutes or so time period. Wouldn't it be better to research one before asking for another. Just wastes everyone's time. Yes, GT can be annoying but so is the same question about the same person being asked over and over. And his research is generally accurate.
  6. In my opinion it is a lot of trouble just to meet someone new and risk disappointment. If I was younger maybe but even then??? I prefer to stay with well established ladies that I know are real, legit, beautiful and will give you satisfaction.
  7. I am amazed at the number of views this thread is receiving. However, not surprised! Ladies, your boobs are well looked upon. I love boobs of all sizes but I am also quite fond of the overall beauty of the female anatomy!
  8. Saw her about three years ago. She is quite beautiful. Pretty much as she describes herself. I think she took time out during the pandemic. Had a nice visit with her!
  9. I had the wonderful opportunity today to avail myself of @KylieJane new service of sexting that she is now offering! It was my first experience at this and did not know what to expect but she made very easy. She made me feel comfortable with it and her session was very entertaining, sensual and exciting. She is as much a professional doing this as she is in a live meeting. I certainly will repeat and it probably will be even better as I now know more about it and can be better prepared. Thank you Kylie for a great snowy day invigorating session, 10/10.
  10. Thank you! I must admit that I have been fortunate to meet great ladies like yourself and @KylieJane, @charlottequinn123and Monique. It was super easy to treat you all well as you are great companions and, yes, I felt pampered! Truly appreciated!
  11. I read a lot of reviews on several SPs, not that I will ever see them all as I limit my activities, and those three words keep coming, "treat her well" ! Is there any other way to treat a lady that you are about to have a nice visit with however long or short it may be? I would like to know what the other options are! Yes, treat her well, bring her some flowers, a treat for her sweet tooth, healthy snacks, something. Show appreciation! Leave her a tip but not an insulting one, something meaningful. As for me, treating her well is the only option!
  12. So, it is clearly evident that there is no shortage of busty providers in HRM many available throughout the Maritimes. Seek and you will find!!!
  13. I totally agree!! They are all beautiful and enjoyable in their own way and size! I love boobs!
  14. It has been a while since I wrote about Kylie. This year marks the beginning of my fifth year of visiting her. The last four years have been exceptional. We had some adventures. She is a most inspiring companion. In those four years I find she has continued to get better. Physically I think she is more beautiful now than ever. Some things are always there, her charm, her pleasing personality,her warmth, her smiling welcome and always well dressed. She cares for her clients and and demonstrated that to me on many occasions. She has now started a new service that will undoubtedly benefit many who cannot physically visit her. Her online service is top notch I am sure. I know I will avail myself of this new service. I am so grateful and thankful to her for the last four years and I hope we can share more time together in this year. Thank you so much Kylie.
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