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  1. I agree with most of what is written so far. I think negotiating rates or expecting "deals" is in very poor taste. I respect the ladies I see, I appreciate them greatly! I value the fact that they are offering their time and themselves to me willingly and do what they can to please me. Therefore I never negotiate and I tip within my means ( I don't try to be someone that I am not). I try to always have a small gift of some sort, again within my means. I have been rewarded in many ways. Sometimes in a deal of sort, sometimes accepting to see on a special day or time. I would feel like "jerk" if I were to negotiate or expect special deals. The ladies I see have been great and I think it would be an insult to them if I were to expect that!
  2. Not what Lyla is supposed to be about!! Remember... If you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all!!
  3. A lot of to do for a tuft of hair! An idea..why not get one made in the shape, size, color and length that you like, like they wigs and toilets. It can be like a thong and if you find a lady who agrees to wear it, there you have it, instant bush. You can then floss all you wish. Maybe I should patent that idea! Lol
  4. Even though I only see a very small number of ladies I like to keep up with who is who as much as I can. For that I read ads and profiles of several. I find on that subject that those who do it say it and those who don't also say absolutely no. So need to read the ads and respect their words. There are some who say nothing about it. In that case it is probably ok to mention it but using tact and respectfully. Not making it a deal breaker if you really like her. I have the utmost respect for women in general and the lady I may be with in particular and it is nice if we can show mutual respect for eachother's principlt
  5. Well, nothing constructive or positive happening here. Totally derailed! I think the point was supposed to be that would be clients should READ ladies ads completely before calling or texting and asking questions to which the answer was already provided in the ad. And then not be rude when told so. You want a good date. Be respectful not rude!
  6. Oh my! It is not rocket science!!! After being stung twice I made sure to do all the research I knew to do at the time before trying again. Being studious and judicious in my choice paid off many fold. When the time came to book it was more a matter of telling her about me. Once she accepted me and had a visit we build from that. If one cannot find anything about a provider maybe there is nothing . If I were to look for another provider I would definately look for local NS girl or at Maritime. Not necessarily born here but having permanent residence here. Doing research and knowing as much as possible about a lady can save time and shows real interest in her. Get past the pictures and read what they said. Be respectful and don't be a jerk.
  7. I find sad and disappointing to read things like that. And it seems to be happening more often. I try to keep up with what is going on and we seem to read more about the "bad apples" than the good ones. Another sad things is the influx of scammers that seem to appear more frequently. My first two experiences were with scammers. Many SPs now require a deposit which I totally understand but the amount of scamming makes one very hesitant. From the very beginning of my being a hobbyist almost two years ago I try to learn as much as I can about the industry. I also learned to have a lot of respect for the ladies who do this work and it shames me to hear about the abuse they sometimes endure. I am an older, mature man and I never try to set a record as to how many ladies I could meet. But I found one who has become my regular companion and two other others I see periodically. I have the utmost respect for them and they have taught me so much. I respect them and appreciate their work more as I learn what it all entails. Not so easy. Unfortunately there are many would be clients who have no respect. Those make it difficult for those of us who are genuine and only want to enjoy time with a good companion. I enjoy talking about good experiences. So If I had a visit I thought was special I like to tell. I talk about overall experience not just the physical aspect. However I almost gave up everything at the beginning because I started receiving nasty messages from other clients. So if it takes place towards other clients I can only imagine what they say or want to do to providers. Halifax is so blessed with a large array of very beautiful ladies that are putting themselves out there for us. We should be respectful of all they. I respect, appreciate even cherish the ones I see. And I know they respect me back. So it should be.
  8. I realize that I have written about Kylie Jane in the past a few times. I am one who believes that if a commendation is warranted then we should not hesitate. I nominated Kylie for member of the month early in September and today's visit with her only reaffirm this in my opinion! I had pre-booked a visit with earlier in the month. However I since had a car accident that left me looking quite repulsive to look at in my opinion. Also a multitude of sore body parts one of which in a place where a man should not be injured! So I communicated with Kylie thinking that there was no way I should go on with the appointment, a first for me as I never cancel. I explained to her my condition and appearance and that I felt that she probably would not be willing or should have to see me in this condition . I even sent her a photo, something I never do. Her response was that not only was she willing but WANTED to see me. So I went. But happily many of my injuries had improved. The reception I received was overwhelming with very tender, gentle hugs, light kisses and of course her gorgeous smile. During their exams after my accident doctor's also discovered that I have lung cancer, something new. I had already share this with Kylie. I was so glad that she did not show pity but we'll measured empathy. Her words were just right. Even allowed me a couple of years. I already knew that Kylie is a very caring person. I have learned this in the nearly two years since I first met her. But the level of concern and caring that she showed today was more than I expected. That is why I so proudly refer to her as companion and a special friend. I know she will always be someone I can go to if a hug or cuddle is needed. Sorry for writing so much. Kylie Jane I can not thank you enough and praise you enough for the wonderful person I know you to be!!!
  9. I have chosen companion as it seems to fit my thoughts best. However I also use “Provider” frequently and also simply “Friend”. I have had to be specific about the word friend specially since she has been to my house in the past and of course good neighbours questioned me about my “ girlfriend” . I don’t the term girlfriend applies in this case as I perceived that kind of relationship very differently . But friend or “good friend” I find quite acceptable. Some terms I refuse to use in reference to her as I do not view her as such when it comes to the kind of relationship we have. Terms like whore, slut or prostitute do not even enter my mind. I think they are mysoginistic and demeaning although many find them acceptable. As for “professional girlfriend“! Really??!! I did not think that being a girlfriend could be a profession!!! My bottom line is this. The term companion and friend are what I prefer but I am also comfortable with provider. I would never use a term that may be belittling or demeaning in its meaning. I have too much respect and appreciation for her to think of her as anything but a companion and friend!
  10. True, but the recommendations and advice are still very valid and worth the read for anyone. That never gets old!
  11. I would like to nominate Kylie Jane, @EliteKylie, . Not only does she have physical beauty but I find her to be sensitive, attentive to your needs, empathetic, with undeniable sexuality. If you meet her once it is certain you will be back. Definitely leaves a great impression. She has my vote!
  12. I also like Stephanie Mystique because she is very attentive and hardly ever miss my posts and often replies with helpful tips. She is also very pretty with her gorgeous red hair!!
  13. I like Kylie Jane @EliteKylie because of her great personality, beautiful smile and totally gorgeous body. Always has a smile and a kind word!
  14. This is a rewrite of a post that I had written a few days ago and apparently had been accidentally taken down along with some previous recommendations. I was instructed to do this rewrite! So I am adding to it a bit to replace what has been lost. Kylie Jane is the first ever provider I had the pleasure to meet. I was full of apprehension at seeing her as I am a more mature man with some health issues. However when she opened the door to me I saw a beautiful, well dressed woman who greeted with a smile and a sweet, gentle kiss and who quickly made me feel comfortable. That first visit was amazing and I have not stopped seeing her. Each visit better than the previous one. Now we just went through a difficult period with COVID-19 and it has affected us in many ways. While I was hearing a lot of concern from people about the lockdown causing them to gain weight, Kylie Jane used that time to better herself if that was possible. She came through this looking in the best shape ever. She is such beautiful shape that it is hard to not look at her with eyes full of desire! Adding this to the qualities that make so pleasant to be is so great. Her being so easy to talk to and have a conversation with made it easy for me with recent events in my life. Like many I had a financial loss but my health has deteriorated and now going some family issues. With all of this Kylie has been most understanding and comforting, often giving some sound advice and encouragement. She is very intelligent and knowing of everyday life's problems. She makes things look much brighter. I only visit three providers and very satisfied with all three and not really looking for others but not ruling it out. However Kylie Jane is my regular provider. She has become a good companion and friend to me. She knows me and understand me and is so capable of making it work. She is very talented in all aspect of her work and knows how to please you. There are many beautiful ladies out there but my concept is that if one has a good one why look elsewhere!! Kylie is beautiful, talented, great conversationalist and so easy to be around. I hope she will continue to accept my visits for a long time Thank you Kylie Jane! You are appreciated!
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