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  1. I have written about Kylie Jane before but, if I feel it is warranted, I do not hesitate to write this recommendation. I am about to enter a period of inactivity as I go through cancer treatment. In the past year I went through several setbacks in my life making people ask me how I was getting through it. Only one constant would come to mind and it is Kylie Jane. She has given me a great deal of support and encouragement, helping me to keep a positive outlook on things. How gratifying it is for one to visit a lady who welcomes you warmly, with hugs and kisses, who will sit with and listen to you venting and offers words of encouragement. Kylie is well versed in many subjects and has life experiences that helps her to understand you! She is very easy to chat with. Of course her physical beauty is also a good reason to see her and the intimacy we enjoy is beyond words. The knowledge that we mutually get about eachother makes our visits a rich and fulfilling time. The memories I have accumulated during our visits will be great during my time out. It will also be something I can look forward to when I am able to become active again. I never regretted making that phone call to her over two years ago and can't wait to see her again. Beautiful person in all senses! This pandemic only served to make her better, gorgeous physically with beautiful personality! I can't wait to be able to spend more time with her again! I would like to keep her for myself but that would be unfair to others. You treat her well for your recompense is a great treasure!!! See you soon Kylie Jane!!
  2. I think @StephanieMystique tru.y deserves the win! I also support her nomination of @charlottequinn123. I have experienced how supportive Charlotte is and so much fun to be around. Very popular lady! She has my vote!
  3. Happy belated! I join everyone else in expressing my appreciation for all your work! You have provided me help and guidance when needed! Thankful for that! Keep up the good work!
  4. I will admit that I had a very similar experience as that of Jamesnicol. But I will also admit that they were my first and second attempt at booking a SW and I totally failed to do my homework and research these two ladies. I did not make the same mistake a third time. I did all the research I knew to do at the time and it paid off. I met the SP who would become my regular companion. Back then the deposit idea was not yet an issue. Trust and honesty prevailed. But times have changed. Now we seem to have a pandemic of time wasters, scammers, ghosts and no shows. So, even though I am the first to be hesitant at sending money to someone I don't know, it has become a necessity to request screening info and deposit from new clients. I have been converted. Even though because we have build a level of trust, my companion doesn't request it but I do for longer or booked well in advance. Simple! You screen/research the SW you wish to see. Respond to her screening, book and pay a deposit and....enjoy!! So easy but apparently so hard! Of there will always be deceitful people and time wasters. But it can be so much better. Maybe I dream of a perfect world!!!
  5. OK, here I go again! I know I am about to write something that many will disagree with, it is usually the case. But I am "old school"!! I totally agree with pre-booking. I know who I am, I know my body so I can judge pretty well when I will want time. Certain dates or occasions that have a fixed date I often book months in advance and will send a deposit sometimes the completete donation with the full understanding that if something should happen it is hers to keep unless we both agree on different arrangement. However, I also do the spur of the moment visit where I contact her 2-3 hours before and, after confirming with her, I just go without a deposit. Now I am talking about visits with my regular companion who has ,known me since the beginning of my hobbyist life. I cannot say that it should work that way for all. But I truly feel that until trust is established between providers and clients the pre-book and deposit option is likely the best. I know it requires trust a lot as there many scammers out there, but clients need to do their homework and a bit of research..
  6. I would like to nominate @KylieJane. She has been steadfast in her support and encouragement. A true companion!
  7. Thank you! I wish you well also! Yes indeed @KylieJanedid pick @StephanieMystique and @charlottequinn123 for me. I think that she realized that, having been a one woman man, I was not likely to do more looking as I was content with her. She also appreciated the need for diversity in this and felt that they would be compatible. You are right also. They can be fun and naughty but are very classy and with decorum!
  8. Not sure if this is the right place but I will be discussing escorts so this is where I write it! It is hard to believe that in a few days it will be two years since I became a hobbyist. I came into this knowing nothing having been married for 45 year's total, spanning two marriages. And I never cheated. So I came into this with so many misconceptions. My only experience with escort was when I was in Germany where you went to this house, paid and picked a girl and did your thing. Whether it took ten minutes or an hour you did your thing and got out. Purely physical! So I was kind of expecting similar when I contacted @KylieJane for my first modern day experience. What a surprise I got. I met a beautiful blonde lady, impeccably dressed, with a gorgeous smile. My education started. I credit Kylie Jane for bringing me out of the rock I had been under for so long. She accepted me for who I was and treated me with respect, never ridiculed my naivety(?). She taught me about etiquette, encouraged me to learn all I could. She directed me to site like this one where much information can be found. When she felt I was ready she talked about duo with another lady. Only issue I had was I never was a man to share the woman I am with with anyone. I gave it some thought and decided that I was ready for new experiences. So it came that I was introduced to @StephanieMystique. I have to admit that I was distant at first. Kylie and Stephanie were wonderful at loosening the tension and making feel at ease. There followed more duos for longer time. Then I was introduced to @charlottequinn123. Again a great lady. That first year was such a learning time. Kylie taught me so many things. One thing I really liked is that our visits were not just sexual but involved so many nice moments with great conversations. Then the pandemic struck. Being a mature man in a high risk condition, cleanliness and good hygiene became very important to me. We managed to navigate the lock downs, restrictions and limited contacts and we able to continue some contact. Then when things got better as far as being able to visit, my personal life took a thimble. I now had to fight for my grandkids, support them financially. That and taking care of my house which needed work done. It became overwhelming and I decided to sell my house. My activity as hobbyist had almost stopped. Then the car accident came. Just at a time when I finally had an appointment with Kylie Jane. I did not think she would want to see me with a disfigured face, broken tooth and a sore acky body. But she did and she was so gentle with me. I also found out during scans after the accident that I have lung cancer. Again, she did not pity but very encouraging and understanding. Finally at the end of November I was able to pick up my activities again and try to make up for loss time. When I look back I am so thankful to @KylieJanefor never giving up on me. I have learned a lot from her about this life. Also Stephanie and Charlotte have been there also. I hope to see more of them this year. At the beginning some have rebuked me for praising this lady. Too bad. If I feel that someone deserves praise I will not hesitate to give it. Kylie Jane does indeed. She has shown me how far showing respect and appreciation can go. I am proud to say she is my companion and my friend. I have no hesitation in being public with it also. Thank you @KylieJane and Stephanie and Charlotte. Maybe this year will bring the four of together again! .PS:I am alone, so I talk and write a lot!!!
  9. Very good interview. I too am over 60. I agree with the emotions and feelings. I have very strong feelings towards my regular companion. It has nothing to do with romantic love. But I feel we have a great connection that makes each visit so pleasant.! I think we are very comfortable with each other. Intimate moments are also more enjoyable. So feelings, emotions I do not run from them but use them to make things better
  10. I am honored and do not feel deserving of this. But then, first time in my life that I ever win. Thank you
  11. I want to express my best wishes for Christmas to this wonderful lady who has been there for me during this year. Being with her was a healing for me and a source of strength to carry on. This lady is @KylieJane. Thank you for a wonderful year and Merry Christmas! Two other ladies that I cannot overlook for they also played a big part in my life in various ways during the year. They are @StephanieMystique and @charlottequinn123 . Thank you also for your support. Have a Merry Christmas
  12. I could be wrong but the ball seems to be going back and forth between some maybe more prominent members. I don't deny their merits and I , for one, have often benefited from reading their comments and from their experience. However, how about throwing the ball in a different direction. This is a provider I have nominated before and still feel she deserves the recognition. She is Kylie Jane, @EliteKylie. She is a regular on Lyla, she has several great recommendations and thousands of views. I personally know her and know how respected she is and also that she has the good of her clients always in mind. In these pandemic days she kept the safety of her clients first even if it meant a loss to her. She is my choice. I hope more will agree!!
  13. I agree with most of what is written so far. I think negotiating rates or expecting "deals" is in very poor taste. I respect the ladies I see, I appreciate them greatly! I value the fact that they are offering their time and themselves to me willingly and do what they can to please me. Therefore I never negotiate and I tip within my means ( I don't try to be someone that I am not). I try to always have a small gift of some sort, again within my means. I have been rewarded in many ways. Sometimes in a deal of sort, sometimes accepting to see on a special day or time. I would feel like "jerk" if I were to negotiate or expect special deals. The ladies I see have been great and I think it would be an insult to them if I were to expect that!
  14. Not what Lyla is supposed to be about!! Remember... If you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all!!
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