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  1. Saw Sara yesterday , overall a good experience . If you are looking for a nice erotic massage with a nice finish Sara provides that for sure .
  2. Seems she's re invented herself as Gwen on LL under Massage . That usually says a lot of her past performance IMHO
  3. My experience did not go well . Please don't PM me on this one .
  4. Kylie was easy to talk to via PM here . Thank you for taking the time . Good luck in your return to HRM . Love those sexy photos on LL
  5. Welcome back Kylie I sent you a PM Hope we can meet soon
  6. I've met Olivia quite aways back before her time with Sara. I'm wondering if anyone can share their experience with either one of them . I really enjoy massage and wondering if its a very erotic style massage . Seems to imply so . Pm me if you would Thanks
  7. Hard one to get a hold of no luck seeing her today 😢
  8. Yes I wrote the reco on Candy . The pics on LL are real and representative of her. Wonderful personality , I plan on seeing her again tomorrow .
  9. Got a hold of her , Sawdust you were right !! I should have trusted my gut. Told me she slept in , no apologies and sounded out of it . I'm done . It all seemed so promising way back when . Oh well learn and move on and trust my gut better next time . So much deception out there . Thank god for our Lyla ladies but it's always exciting to meet someone new too .
  10. If you mean Mandy 1334 posted on LL about 2 weeks ago yes there are similarities but the breasts seem too large to be Mandys . Unless there is a different Mandy you speak of .
  11. So I talked to her Wed and setup a date this morning for 11am . Checked in yesterday and said it was a go and when I called and texted this morning I got ghosted. Now that's not to say something may have come up so for now I'll give her the benefit of the doubt . If any one ( including the fellow Lyla member who has met her ) could PM me their experience with her I'd appreciated. Sawdust's comment of trusting my gut makes me wonder has he saw her or just telling me to go with my instincts . Anyways I'm still open to meet her and I'll keep you posted. I got no hits on her pictures anywhere . Her last 4 digits of her current # on LL is 1872
  12. OK EastCoastLifter please let the cat out of the bag already LOL
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