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  1. Just goes to show that everyone's experience can be different . I continue to see Candy I always leave completely satisfied and never rushed .Sorry some of you have not shared the same experience. As they say Ymmv
  2. Nikki Menage and all her exceptional co workers aka halifax playmates
  3. Tina's pics are a joke They are so not of her Stay far way in my opinion
  4. Again the link provided is not the massage Jordyn on LL who is now back and only works one or two times a week . The link you see is for Jordyn but a different one.
  5. So I had the extreme pleasure of spending some time with Nikki this afternoon for one of her newly offered HH Erotic Massage sessions. I was greeted at the door with a nice warm hug and a kiss from a woman in a sexy outfit straight out of the shower wet hair and all. She apologized about her hair but I thought it just added to her initial sex appeal to me . Straight massage sessions are hard to come by and she has the technique down pat for sure . Extremely adventurous with her hands and continually asks what you like and delivers. I had the fun of giving her a nice massage in return and may I add I think she enjoyed my talents as well. Never felt rushed , great conversation throughout and I never had to prod her along . We explored each of our bodies and the session flowed very seamlessly , never felt rushed at all. Nikki is genuinely interested in making sure you leave satisfied and I sure did. Her past reco's are well deserved. She doesn't come to Halifax often so guys make the effort to see her , I can't see you being disappointed . She's got nice soft curves , pretty face , pretty smile and a personality that even trumps her physical attributes. As stated in her ad she offers many types of dates but if you are looking for a hot erotic 2 way massage she is among the best on a very short list. Thanks Nikki Till I see you again
  6. I can echo Ravens comments. Super nice woman who takes pride in her appearance and service . Total Gem . It's been a while but our encounter is still ingrained in my mind .
  7. Lots of reviews on her I've met her a long time ago She hasn't aged numerically in 15 years lol . Sorry would not recommend based on my experience but YMMV but I doubt it
  8. Saw her again yesterday AMAZING as always
  9. it is not the right massage Jordyn She posts once or twice a week . She is back at it . Just need to check it daily Mon to Fri
  10. Yes Michelle does not host Candy hosts if this helps
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