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  1. I met her too , my experience was quite different than Timetourist . Glad you had a good time .
  2. I've known Katherine now for almost 20 years and every time I see her it's like we just saw each other yesterday. I had not seen her for quite some time so I arranged to see her last week for one of her exquisite full body massages. She has the touch second to none and needless to say I left extremely happy. Conversation always flows easily , her maturity shines through and she still rocks an awesome body. I have such a great time with her and I'd recommend her to anyone seeking a great experience with a wonderful lady . Thanks Katherine , I hope to see you again real soon . You are the best .
  3. She is legit . Decent massage , good finish but for me very mechanical . Pretty woman , nice personality. If you are looking for a good massage and finish give her a shot .
  4. Noticed her ads gone too bad
  5. Just wondering if anyone has seen Thai Tina lately. Seems to be no recos on Lyla for her. I understand that she is much older than her stated 23 and pictures are not recent but I did hear she still rocks a solid body and good service I just can't remember where I saw it. If anyone has had the pleasure of meeting her if they would share their experience with me I'd appreciate it .
  6. Yes I did see this . To clarify she didn't post any availability last week and nothing today for this week . Just hoping she hasn't left again .
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Emma and the fact she hasn't posted anything on twitter in almost 2 weeks. I have reached out several times . I hope all is OK and she's not going through again what led her to take a hiatus in the first place. She is such a sweetheart .
  8. I have met Emma as well and look forward to seeing her again ....if I can get a hold of her LOL Busy gal I'm sure so hopefully I reach her soon . Welcome back Emma
  9. Met with Rose French today. What a wonderful experience . Small in stature but a body that is so sexy with curves and so very fit. Made me feel I was the center of her universe . Great skills true gfe , just a sweet down to earth gal . Another gem from YFL . I will see her again for sure . Never felt rushed . Can't wipe that smile off my face
  10. I just saw her for the first time and posted a review. All that is said of her is true . Real sweet girl , nice location . Recommend her 100% . Very fit body , yes short in height but curves in all the right places . I put a reco up , it should be posted soon
  11. All great points , thank you Daysha for your perspective from the other side of the coin
  12. Had an experience about 2 weeks ago and want to throw something out there and get some feedback. Had a wonderful 1st date with a certain SP about 2 months ago and it was fantastic. As I don't hobby as much anymore I usually go to see reviewed girls or ones I have seen before to hopefully ensure a good date. So I booked a second date and it was a complete let down . I decided to text her next day and in a very polite way asked her why our date was off especially compared to our first. She actually agreed she was not her best that day and was going through some stuff and probably should not have booked me . Do you think asking her was not cool or within my rights . I'd love to see some SP's chime in as well . I was honest with her in saying it was unlikely I'd see her again , didn't really seem to matter and that was even more disappointing .
  13. I'd highly recommend Katherine . Magical hands and just such a sweet genuine person.
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