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  1. Met with Rose French today. What a wonderful experience . Small in stature but a body that is so sexy with curves and so very fit. Made me feel I was the center of her universe . Great skills true gfe , just a sweet down to earth gal . Another gem from YFL . I will see her again for sure . Never felt rushed . Can't wipe that smile off my face
  2. I just saw her for the first time and posted a review. All that is said of her is true . Real sweet girl , nice location . Recommend her 100% . Very fit body , yes short in height but curves in all the right places . I put a reco up , it should be posted soon
  3. All great points , thank you Daysha for your perspective from the other side of the coin
  4. Had an experience about 2 weeks ago and want to throw something out there and get some feedback. Had a wonderful 1st date with a certain SP about 2 months ago and it was fantastic. As I don't hobby as much anymore I usually go to see reviewed girls or ones I have seen before to hopefully ensure a good date. So I booked a second date and it was a complete let down . I decided to text her next day and in a very polite way asked her why our date was off especially compared to our first. She actually agreed she was not her best that day and was going through some stuff and probably should not have booked me . Do you think asking her was not cool or within my rights . I'd love to see some SP's chime in as well . I was honest with her in saying it was unlikely I'd see her again , didn't really seem to matter and that was even more disappointing .
  5. I'd highly recommend Katherine . Magical hands and just such a sweet genuine person.
  6. Michelle is the one of the best massage providers I have met . She posts on Leolist under massage. Nothing else on the menu but her hands are to die for. I'm not sure if she's taking on new clients . I will ask her when I see her tomorrow
  7. I have met Allie . Seen her twice but it was awhile back. A decent time but booking was frustrating and I got ghosted a couple of times after my 2 previous visits so I gave up on her. Pretty girl but a very quirky personality. I agree with the comments above . Only saw her for massage/HE .
  8. Greenteal makes a very valid point .
  9. I reached out to her this morning. Must be frustrating for her to be shadowed with doubt. I did find reviews for her in NS reco section . All with a common thread. Be nice if there were some more recent ones. Her pics are nice , I'm willing to hear her out and toftt
  10. Wow Nice to be remembered thanks again to all Having fun for sure
  11. Thanks to everyone welcoming me back now and in the future.
  12. Met Kitty about 2 months ago. Nice place although I think she has moved . Very fit sexy body and nice girl next door type of looks. No rush and very friendly. Gfe experience except no kissing which I enjoy. She was very open about a medical issue she deals with and because of covid didn't want to risk DFK. All else great. I will see her again
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