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  1. Is susan older or am I thinking of someone else?
  2. Can any one describe susan? Is april back too...
  3. Sunny is great. Just wondering if any one can comment on april? Does she provide the same great experience?
  4. Which of these two do people prefer based on experience, massage quality, extras? I've been to ness and always get a quality massage from linda or rachel. Just curious if thompson is better or has more options. Who would you recommend at thompson dr....
  5. Anyone try this place yet ? Looks new, can’t find any info other then K ad.
  6. We’re you on your back or stomach when she did that.. I haven’t known her to be that playful
  7. Paid them a visit on the weekend, first time in months. Session was with Hallie, who is probably in her early twenties. No special treatment, but the massage was good.
  8. Last time I was there Rose mentioned she had a friend from Korea giving massage for only a few weeks. Has anyone tried her? I think her name may have been Judy...
  9. Haven't seen her in the book for a long time. See her indie adds on EC and bp now.
  10. Noticed there add in a local paper with a website now. www.winnipegchinesemassage.ca
  11. Is she formerly from EB/TO, maybe?
  12. A lot of fun ladies here, but does anyone have some good reccomendations for who gives the best neck/back and deep tissue massage. Use to think Brittney was pretty good, but she isnt there anymore.:(
  13. EB was fully booked saturday with few girls working, so I decided to try Nevadas. Only problem I couldn't find it. I know its 793 Sargent, but what door do you use ? I tried the one right next to Cerbos but it was locked. Could it have been closed or did I go to the wrong entrance...
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