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  1. I saw her twice on this visit, one time was usual excellent, other was way better than excellent LOL If she lived here I'd be broke. But happy.
  2. I have been seeing her for years whenever she is in Winnipeg. I flew from Winnipeg to Ottawa to spend a weekend with her, and it was well worth it. 'Nuff said!!!
  3. I use transfers for touring ladies and have never had problems. Winnipeg has a very very bad issue with fake bookings, no call no shows. I know one lady who was here recently and had fifteen bookings, not one showed up. Not even one. She will not be back.
  4. What an unanswerable choice.... Victoriajolie is so good I have not seen anyone else for years. Keissy, I have not met yet. Both super attractive, intelligent, charismatic. My goal was always to try a duo with them. Hopefully it will happen before Vj retires.
  5. Has anyone seen her this visit? Specifically March 5-6-7
  6. You definitely need to improve your image search game. Never transfer money to anyone you do not know and trust. See them at least four or five time first before doing that. These scams are all over the place.
  7. Those backpage pictures are not her. There is an older ad somewhere with her own pictures from a few months ago.
  8. Avoid downtown, period. I rented a nice room at a upscale hotel. They had sold all the parking for a hockey game! No parking for their own guests. No such problem around the airport area. Never ever going downtown again.
  9. Along with that maturity comes, well, maturity. I have known her for a few years, she is always reliable and professional. This visit was in a beautiful condo with a nice view of downtown...I live in Winnipeg where it is dead flat, this was a nice change. I spent an entire evening with her and it was fantastic. She picked a restaurant for us and we also did a bit of shopping. I enjoyed her company a lot. Our private time together was as good as I could ever ask for. She inspires a sense of trust I have never seen in any other lady. With her I feel like I can reveal my deepest secrets and never worry about her judging me. She is always encouraging me to try new things, and patiently indulges all my fantasies. A totally unique woman, without parallel.
  10. If the next client is due in ten minutes that does not leave much time for her to freshen up for him! This is an ongoing situation and not likely to change. Some people cannot manage time.
  11. Lucy Lake has returned from her hiatus. She would be the one to see, but be prepared, Vancouver is shockingly expensive.
  12. I spent 35+ years in a very high stress environment. For years I could not wait til I could get the hell out. Then suddenly I woke up one day and that was the day. You cannot imagine how fast 35 years go by! No more pressure. I always had bills, mortgage, commitments. I had to work. Now everything is paid off, I can walk out anytime with a full pension...and I don't want to. With no pressure any job is ninety percent more bearable.
  13. Any small amount of cash or change...first one is free...plus fake pics that she says are real. Not likely.
  14. All the weight I lost was fat. Muscle is almost the same, but more apparent and defined. Lost an inch off my biceps but two ladies at work think they are bigger. Also starting to get a six pack. I used to jog every morning and do tons of Taekwondo, but never got this lean. Forget cardio, diet is everything.
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