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  1. Does anyone have any good experience with have a girl walk on your back?
  2. The link didn’t work. Can you post or sent me a phone number. i could really use a good massage.
  3. With hair salons opening on Monday, is there any word on massage studios?
  4. Over 900 views and 10 comments. This is supposed to be a sharing of experiences board not just a looking board. We can all learn from your input.
  5. Who do you want to see first after the ban is lifted and why? I am going to see Betty at Sakura. She may be older then some, but her massage and tease are awesome.
  6. Jessie at Sargent is a real gem. Great massage skills and very willing to please. She has an amazing smile and fun personality.
  7. It’s been a while since going to St Marys so I booked an appointment with Lisa for tomorrow. If I get a heads up on her this evening, I will post some fead back tomorrow regarding my experience.
  8. It’s Betty for me. Where does Rachael work?
  9. I would love to be the guy who gives your wife a massage. I am 6’ tall with a runners physic. I don’t have a place of my own but have been giving a number of massage providers massages as a hobby. If you would like, I can reach out to a massage place I know, to ask if a women can give you a massage and we could use an extra room for me to give a massage to your wife.
  10. Does anyone have the contact number for Annie off Pembina. PM would be great and really appreciated.
  11. My vote for the best teaser is Betty.... What is yours?
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