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  1. I have been in this hobby for awhile and my favourite experience is usually a curvy mature sp or MA. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a few years to hook up with Molly and one thing led to another recently and I ended up getting to see her. Molly has some very good and some very mixed reviews. One of them even says she's a BBW. Now I like larger size woman so I'm fine with BBW but when I actually saw her I was kind of shocked. Molly is actually smaller than I prefer but I wasn't going to let that stop me. She has a very clean incall location in a nice building near Billings Bridge. She showed me inside and I quickly (and I mean really quickly) got undressed. One thing I can say after hobbying for all these years is being with a woman who actually loves what she does outweighs everything else for me. Hard nipples and wet pussy are hard to fake no matter who you are and Molly definitely has both. Also bbj is super important to me and even more important is an sp who not only wants to do but can't wait to do it and Molly delivered there too. I don't really have a bad thing to say about her and I can't understand how there are any bad things written about her. She is definitely a great experience especially if you want an sp who is really into her session. If you read the other stuff you really need to reconsider and see her, I am very glad I did.
  2. Thst was pretty awesome but answer my texts lady!
  3. I saw Amanda again recently and I cant believe I ever went anywhere else. She makes me feel so happy and relaxed....she is always in a great mood and will to make her clients happy.
  4. I see Amanda usually at least once a month. The first time I saw her I couldnt believe she had been working 6 years and I never saw her before. She knows how to take care of you and she has the absolute most perfect body including BIG DDDs that she knows how to use.
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    They were advertising their super bowl on Canada Day?? Thats kind of early...:)
  6. I have seen her too. She's amazing! Posted via Mobile Device
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