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  1. Went last night and had a dance with Chrissy. The dance was nice but she charged for 4 songs when it was only three. I didn't want to argue so paid but will avoid her in the future.
  2. Does anyone know where Diamond went after Barbs?
  3. Had a ton of fun today with Skylar. Wow. Great convo then lots of fun in the CR.
  4. I've been a LYLA member for some time but never posted. Also have been curious and checking out people but rarely have an opportunity to actually visit and enjoy the talented people here. Skylar was just the person to pull me out of my shell a couple weeks ago on both those fronts. Friendly, gorgeous, inviting and the right amount of naughty she made an hour slip by far too quickly. But wow, was it ever fun. Her massage skills were amazing, she was fun to talk to and she let me have some fun doing some reverse massage as well. I look forward to seeing Skylar again some time soon.
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