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  1. hunger

    Amber and Ashley

    so can anyone second that opinion on Mika?
  2. hunger


    look tgtbt but please let me know
  3. hunger

    chelsea in freddy

  4. hunger

    MYA im freddy

    the add says Jade... not Mya..?
  5. I checked her reviews. She has a very good review from 2015... same girl?
  6. hunger

    Electra in freddy

    Yup! Was wall worth it!
  7. Maritime beauty..I keep seeing her add on BP. Someone must have seen her... anyone?
  8. hunger


    Any info would b appreciated.
  9. hunger

    "Magic mouth" in freddy

    i made an apptmnt with her. when i got to her new hotel at the scheduled time. i texted and she cancelled at that point. said she ran into a reg. client in the parklot and he took her for 2hrs. i will probably book again though. lol
  10. hunger


    well. i guess i may have taken one for the team. picturea are real and accurate but zero for personality. she spent the entire visit checking her phone and ipad which were beeping constantly. lets just say there was no guarranteed satisfaction.
  11. ive seen her add several time in freddy and moncton but cant find any info on her. gents?
  12. hunger

    Angel in FTON

    i would like some info as well
  13. hunger


    well?? how did it go?