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    Hi gentlemen 💕 I’m an SP based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve been in the industry for some time and pride myself on professional, upscale service.

    For inquires please text 902-801-9444 so we can chat further. Looking forward to meeting you 💋
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    Halifax, Nova Scotia
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    student providing intimate companionship

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  1. Trust me, SPs are grateful for those like yourself with this mindset @RayRenpelle 💕 treating us “well” and with respect should be a must that goes without saying.
  2. I know Lexi personally and can confirm she is the number @MassageLover-613 shared ❤️
  3. I only keep my ad up when I am hosting @FlyPanAm 💕
  4. For some reason, I’m unable to comment but just because an SP is “lesser known” doesn’t mean they are incredible. Some of us stay away from review culture or having a large online presence because we require privacy in our personal lives. Something to consider. There was no need to drag my name through the mud for the sake of your point.
  5. Thank you everyone ❤️ I hope to see you again soon.
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