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  1. Hi fellow hobbyists, I had the chance to visit Hailey today. She is a beautiful Lady (5 feet and curvy in all the right place) . Her pics does not pay homage to her. She was easy to get in touch with and easy to set up an appointment. I was met by her in a sexy little outfit which shows all of her nice curves. She had a nice room in a local hotel with private entrance. She was very accommodating and responsive to my requests. No kissing and nothing unprotected. I really enjoy myself with Hailey. I would definitely repeat. Book with confidence. Treated good, she will show you stars!!! It takes two to tango ;-)!!!
  2. Too much information I assume!
  3. I tried, but Mod refused my reco..
  4. Great gal! Very nice meeting with her. Would repeat.
  5. Hi fellow hobbyists, I had the good pleasure to meet Freddygurl today. Contact with her was easy and pleasurable. She hosted in a local hotel with a private entrance. She is very sweet and charming. Beautiful smile. She looks way better in person then on her pics. I told her to add pics to her page on this site. She is a tall curvy lady (proportionated for her height) with long blond hair and beautiful eyes. Her rate are very good. She is very accommodating to her clients. She is sweet, soft and enjoyed every minute of our encounter. She has toys that she uses to enhance the whole experience. That lady is not shy when it come to the bed!!! Vary accommodating of the clients' needs and requests. I won't get into details, but I had a very good time with Freddygurl. I would definitely repeat the experience. Book with confidence. Thank you Freddygurl! See ya soooon! xoxoxo A satisfy hobbyist!
  6. Hi Bathurst hobbysts. Allie Zeon would like to come see us, but she needs some pre bookings. Let bring her her.
  7. Hey rocker, book with confidence. Message me for more info.
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