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  1. Progrock

    SP in Bathurst?

    So Sly1237, have you toftt? Comments?
  2. Progrock

    SP in Bathurst?

  3. Progrock


    You can go see Lucy with confidence!!!
  4. Progrock

    Heaven in fredericton

    STAY away. Saw her last spring. SHe is a cokehead, a thieve and a crook. She left with my money. BE CAREFUL.
  5. Progrock


    It looks fishy!!!!!!
  6. Progrock

    Heaven in Fredericton

    Stay away!!!!!!!! She did the money grab and leave the last time i say her!!! She is not trusthworty anymore!!!
  7. Progrock

    Sweet Vanessa?

    It is the same girl. Book with confidence.
  8. Progrock

    Mika - Fredericton

    Hi buddy. Do you recomend her?
  9. Progrock

    Goodbye Backpage

    My dear Sophia, not all SP are on Lyla. Very rarely do we see SP serving north NB here!!!!
  10. Progrock

    Goodbye Backpage

    Leolist NB has most of BP adds save the junk
  11. Progrock

    The sexiest of them all!!!!
  12. Progrock


  13. Progrock

    6EBA9616 B8FB 45CD 9F68 8A8A032E91CE

    very nice to see your nice smile!