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  1. Boys (and girls) of Bathurst!!! She might come here Tuesday and Wednesday!! DON'T miss your chance and contact that lovely lady. 🤩
  2. Hello fellow hobbyists, I had the good pleasure to spend some time with Alli Zeon in Bathurst this week end! It was our third encounter! For those who doesn’t know miss Allie, she is the definition of a PRO. From the first contact (she contacted me to scheduled her passing into Bathurst) to the hotel with private entrance, to the sexy clothes, etc. Everything she does is professional. Allie is an experienced provider with a look to die for. Twenty years old providers would kill to have her body. Firm everywhere! She is a beast in bed, a HOT lady! Very sexual, with no shame. Have I told that she has goddess body! Lol. She is nice to talk to. Very inquisitive and interested in what you have to say. she is a major league player, nothing to do whit minor league. That is why her compensation is a bit more then your regular provider. But if you want the experience of a professional, that is what you have to spend. Book with confidence and she will make you see stars! P.S. Good luck on the next journey of your western adventure and don’t forget the eastern boys!!! LOL.
  3. Well boys we are in for two special treats: allie zeon and Emily Rushton!!! Lets show them the the boys from the north are the sweetest.
  4. Nothing but good things to say about Sky!!!
  5. Book with confidence! She is a sweetheart with killer curves
  6. Progrock

    Beautiful eyes!!!
  7. A pink floyd song came to my mind while with her: i need a dirty woman, and that is what i got. Book with confidence
  8. Stella is a wild one in bed!!! Book with confidence.
  9. How could I recommend her if I haven t seen her?
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