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  1. That is a shame. I enjoyed her dances and chatting with her.
  2. I was there last night from about 17h30 until about 19h00. Very quiet. I had dances from Ci Ci and more dances from 'Charlie' who is a new one for me. A 29 year old Haitian from Montreal with very large breasts and an infectious personality. Very nice dances. There were maybe 2 or 3 other girls there (max of 5 or 6 I would think) including Ivy. The club was dead.
  3. Personally I wouldn't bother with Ivy. I met her about 6 months ago and I was sitting in one of those seats at the entrance to the CR. She walked over from the DJ booth area told me some line like 'I saw you looking at me and I'm getting wet just thinking about you. Let's go have some fun'. Needless to say I've had better. She seems rather scatter brained.
  4. I've been to Club 77 twice in September and maybe once a month or so since May and have only seen Ginger back in May I think soon after Taboo closed.
  5. I was told by somebody that Ruby was there last Wednesday afternoon. No idea if that is her regular schedule or not.
  6. Thanks for the update. Was there a lot of monitoring of the CR by the manager?
  7. I was there yesterday afternoon and had dances from Kim (major disappointment) and Selena (better than Kim) but the place was dead and the girl I was hoping would be there wasn't.
  8. PM for more details, but basically in the daytime the curtains are often available...discreetly find out from the girl you're chatting with where she worked at in the past...if she says Taboo in the daytime you're in luck. I was there last friday, lots of options offered but the best looking girl was the lowest mileage :(:(
  9. I think it closed in maybe 2011 or so....it made Taboo look classy :):) No dj, just a CD jukebox, retro porn on small tv's and lots of dance options available. After it closed it became a high end steak house and then that closed and I think it is another restaurant. Has anyone been to Club 77 now that Taboo girls may be there? What is the privacy like in the CR. I went once about 10 years ago and it was very quiet.
  10. Well it is the end of an era. The writing was on the wall for a while as the place was never very busy and most the money was made on dances that the girls keep and not the bar. Most girls don't have a lot of options of other places to go to in the area. Club 61, Le Pink, Barbarella's, Silver Dollar and now Taboo all gone in the last few years with no replacements.
  11. Yes..and daytime most customers are there for a quick release...rarely do any girls go on stage during the daytime and most girls bring privacy curtains for the CR.
  12. Yes...Ruby is back. I saw her on the 30th and again last Friday. I don't think she's been there for a while.
  13. I was there on Tuesday and had one dance (long story) with 'Sinoway'. What is the deal with her..she seemed quite odd or is that just standard with her. Mileage was not a lot but hints of more to come etc.
  14. I was there yesterday and noticed Adora, dark haired Bianca , Sarah (ebony), Ruby and maybe a few more I recognize but don't know their names.
  15. Ah ok. She had quite a complicated life outside the club and I always thought she would make life outside the club her priority.
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