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  1. Gatineau is a red zone in Quebec and almost everything is closed for 28 days. even weddings 25 inside 50 outside. Its under the same rules as Montreal and the police will be at certain areas and only necessary trips will be allowed. Strip clubs, bars, restaurants no dine in, casinos etc... closed
  2. Quebec Premier announces all Bars , clubs, theatres, casinos, strip clubs, and dine in restaurants, closed in these 3 areas, Montreal, Quebec city, and Chateau-Aplanche(sic). For next 28 days check the news website of CJOH.
  3. right now i work in the market area, not at a club, i will walk by mavericks there will be 50 people lined up outside not wearing masks or using the 2 meter rule. the highest age of contamination is between 18-25 at the moment, same thing for avant-garde. or have this idiots using e-scooters on the sidewalk and not wearing masks.
  4. Ontario has ordered the above closed for 28 days and restaurants to reduce hours
  5. Maybe its time for dancers to advertise in their section that they have so they can make some money.
  6. I would have to say 1. Annika at the Playmate she is amazing some one I could marry too! 2. Seven at the Barefax Most amazing perky breasts with great nipples 3. Adora at the Playmate she is incredible.
  7. I like the playmate best on Hanna and Mtl. rd, then Barefax in the market and finally the Nu Den lots of parking near St. Laurent Blvd and Oc transpo I think.
  8. the rules of what u r allowed to say are legally strict several boards or forums of been criminally charged , such as terb, perb and sp411. sp411 is now a cuddling service. lol
  9. Went to tuckers before going to the Fax, met a dancer I knew from Barbs. Did Seven ever look good this afternoon. She is an amazing dancer and was a great Birthday present. Their were actually 4 black girls and 3 white girls that I counted. A total of 7 girls for lunch.
  10. Spent the afternoon with Ruby, Ashley and Annika. All three were good but Annika was my favorite, she returns Nov 6th and 7th. Hope to return soon.
  11. I would suggest Playmate for lunch! More girls! More Ladies and free buffet on Wednesday with purchase of a beverage.
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