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  1. This has definitely been posted before but I wanted to address it again. Many clients get so standoff-ish and totally flip a switch when you ask them to screen- even when it’s in your ad. I don’t think they read the whole ad to be honest and that’s fine, but are Ottawa men not used to being screened? I think it’s so insane not to screen. Here’s my process, I ask them if they’ve seen my ad, to which 99% say yes. If they say no, I send it to them. Then we talk rates and dates/ times. Then, to lock it in, I ask for my screening criteria. The shock I get is nothing far from funny and frustrating. I go down a level to a less ‘intrusive’ form of screening, they’re still rattled. Some suggest a FaceTime session to get to know each other first. I don’t know about you but to me- that’s not screening. I still don’t know who you are, if you’re a safe, if you are who you say you are, you could be putting on a front and I could end up in a million little pieces later that night. I don’t know about anyone else but screening is mandatory for me. Has anyone else in Ottawa had this issue to this extent? How do you go about it besides just saying ‘byeee’ next? I have my script about how us sw have to be safe blah blah blah but that’s just not cutting it Love, Candy
  2. END OF THE MONTH TRIP TO SYDNEY < APRIL 29- MAY 1 > AFTERNOON THE 29 to LATE MORNING THE 1st OF MAY! Prebooking is encouraged for my out of town trips xo Hey Gents & Couples, Outcall always available and incall is hosted this week & weekend as listed above! OUTCALLS AVAIL HRM & BEYOND **deposit varies by distance** Open to travel to other areas with prebooking (please contact me directly) Elevate your frequency, put your stress behind you & unwind with one of the finest, genuine providers around! GOOD VIBRATIONS & SWEET SENSATIONS LETS KEEP IT FUN & PROFESSIONAL BABY ✨ DRAMA FREE, INDEPENDENT & ALWAYS DISCRETE QUALITY COMPANION 😘 Good Energy, Great Conversation & Impeccable Services! SAFE & PROFESSIONAL SERVICE (not negotiable) TALL & NATURAL SOFT, TANNED SKIN MASSAGE HEELS & LINGERIE MANI + PEDI CLEAN & FRESH ALWAYS - Health & Hygiene ** (required to be maintained by all clients as well) A strong reminder *** SAFE ONLY!! * No exceptions * 613-917-2552 Call or text ( NO BLOCKED CALLS WILL BE ANSWERED ) Time is precious 🕰 💛 Treat me Good & I'll Treat You even Better xo 𝓚𝓲𝓶𝓶𝔂 💋
  3. Would love more awareness and conversation about screening clients, Deposits -do you ask one? asking for ID? Reference checks? how can we keep each other safe? check in? call or text another provider share location Safety for women in the industry and how we can support each other. Red Dress movement hang more dresses on the Hwy similar to the N/A program I would live to start a SW/A support group.
  4. It's that time of week again! This time I had the pleasure of interviewing intelligent and compelling @EmilyRushton on a topic that I think anyone in this industry needs to be aware of: the importance of screening. Please have a read and remember to like and comment with your thoughts. ❤️ Q: Hey Emily. Thank you for being our next interviewee! This is an important topic and I’m glad we’ve got the opportunity to cover it with you. Before we dive in, can you tell me a bit about yourself and your career so far? A: Happy to contribute on such a great topic. I’m a 40 something redhead residing in Atlantic Canada and tour Canada full time (except now, COVID has restricted travel so I’m not venturing too far). I’ve worked for agencies, owned an agency, written ad copy, adult marketing and been independent so I’ve covered all the bases in my time in this business (15 years). Q: Wow, you've done a lot in that space of time - impressive! So, screening. What are your screening methods and why did you choose them? A: For any new guest I require the basic: (name, age, occupation, where you saw my ad, cell phone (I wont accept text apps) and the name and website of a reputable independent companion whom they have previously met that can be their reference. Depending on the city I may take work info in lieu of a reference from another lady, but rarely. I do understand some people are unable to provide a reference so I do have other options for them that I won’t share publicly. Q: How many Clients refuse to screen? A: When I started screening a lot refused, however now its maybe 20% refuse and they almost always come back and fill out my booking form after they’ve experienced what non screening can get you (robbed, scammed, fake photos, etc.). Q: What are their most common reasons? A: “I am a well known person in society” or my all time favourite “I share an email with my wife”. I decline them and move on, its not worth trying to reason with someone who thinks they are above screening. Q: So I know a lot of Clients are worried because law in Canada currently criminalises them. What would your response be to someone concerned about that? A: You face just as much risk booking an unknown who asks no questions from being robbed to a possible police sting. Do your research on the lady you wish to visit with, reputable ladies may ask some screening questions but they wish no harm on anyone. Q: Are there any tell tale signs of a Client that won’t screen? A: They make the booking process difficult when its easy. As in not putting their name, trying to contact us on an app or lying about a reference. Q: What are the biggest reasons that you screen? A: For my safety (even though screening is not 100%) I feel safe knowing who I am allowing in my personal space. I have never had a bad date, been attacked or robbed. I base this on the fact I attract the clientele I wish to spend time with and they value the fact I screen. Q: Do you find it frustrating having to explain to Clients that you’re doing this for your own safety? Generally, how do they respond? A: No because I just decline them and move on. I have found the entitled arrogant ones are the main group that question why we screen and its not worth another breath. It's common sense why we screen, if I have to explain it we are not a good fit. I don’t mesh well with stupid. Q: Have you got any experience working for an agency? Do you know if their screening processes are generally different to your own? A: I’ve worked for 2 and owned 1. To the best of my knowledge and experience agencies have their own basic way of screening but not to the extent that I would screen for myself. When I owned my agency, this business was very different and I feel much safer than it is now. The way I would book for my girls is very different than how I would now. Q: We have had a number of people suggest a Verified Clients badge on Lyla where other Providers give them the “okay”. We’ve decided not to go down this road as safety is our number one concern, but what do you think of the idea? A: Personally, I think that’s a bad idea. I won’t accept a reference from a lady who doesn’t screen, so I have a hard time accepting an ok from someone who books on text apps or doesn’t screen. Plus some men guilt/threaten women into vouching like on P411 years back. Just because I’ve met someone and provided an ok doesn’t qualify as a reference check and if you want to stay safe you have to do the work. Q: Thanks for your input on that, I have similar reservations. What advice would you give to a Client who is nervous about screening? A: Take your time and find a lady you connect with, who will guide you through the screening process. Real, reputable companions invest in themselves and will have multiple web presence (as in exist in more than one place online), photos and social media as well as possibly interact on boards. Q: What advice would you give to Providers who might be tempted to skip the process? A: It is your life and taking an extra 10 minutes to screen someone could save your life. People looking to harm you won’t answer questions. Q: Thanks so much for your time, Emily. It’s been a pleasure. Is there anything else you would like to add? Thank you for having me and stay safe, one screened date at a time.
  5. Without asking anyone to openly divulge their secret weapon. I was curious to know what were the popular self defense tools used by providers and hobbyists. Pepper spray and batons(if not spring loaded) are popular but mostly allowed as protection against animals unless for law enforcement. The taser is prohibited(unless a cop) and knives are a bit too deadly for the purpose of self defense. Dogs like German Sheppard's, Rottweilers and other intimidating large canine are also effective. Other devices like portable alarms and "rape whistles" can be deterrents. In the past years, I adopted the tactical flashlight. It's small, versatile and legal. There many type on the market and the model I own only has two modes and will always open the brightest mode first. At night it can blind an aggressor for several minutes allowing the options to run away or sucker punch him(depending on the circumstances). I never had the opportunity to use it in real life. But after testing it on myself in daylight, I see how effective it can be. Anyone with advices or anecdotes on the matter? Thank you.
  6. Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying a sunny and/or snowy day:) I’m new to the biz and just wanted to extend my gratitude for this network!... The positivity that is expressed and knowledge that’s available with regards to safety and services across the country is amazing! Sending love to all of you this holiday season! 🖤ZoeDior
  7. I recently received a request for a threesome with 2 fine gentlemen and since I have never done this, I was wondering what you guys think about meeting 2 men? I am used to meeting with couples and offering duos... This new thing sounds interesting and I love trying new stuff but better be cautious... So guys, how "freaky" are you? Have you ever done this? If not, are you open to that type of experience? What would you require for such an encounter ? I'd love to hear from both providers and hobbyists.: ) Tell me about your experience and your view on this topic.
  8. Hi everyone, I am building a free app for escorts/sex workers, and I would love to hear about what you would want to use! Some features we are thinking of building include: Mobile app and website Manage all bookings: We'd give you one easy-peasy line of code for your website, and all bookings via website forms & emails would be managed through the app Calendar integration Clients automatically checked against a database of bad clients when they book: No searching required! Consolidated blacklists (have one big one vs. multiple smaller ones) Can report clients if they are unsafe, aggressive, or no-shows Schedule safety check-ins: Enter a password after meetings, or we'll give you a call. We want to get as many escorts and sex workers involved in the development of this app. We would love to bring some onto the founding team! What do you guys think? Any other features that would make your lives easier?
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