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  1. Brooklyn, a wonderful person... an amazing date!!!!! I should have written this review long time ago. I didn't and I don't know why. Maybe I wanted to keep the secret for me. I am a lucky guy.... I had the chance of meeting Brooklyn a few times time and I hope I will be able to meet her again!!! The first time I wrote to her to ask for a date, I was surprised by how smoothly eveything went. She responded quickly and I was even able to talk to her. She is so friendly and down to earth. A first date is always a bit nerve wracking for me but in a matter of seconds all the stress had disappears. In front of was there was this beautiful and sexy woman with a huge smile... a hug and I knew everything would be perfect... and it was!!!! It really was !!!!!! Being with Brooklyn is so easy.... it natural... she is an amazing girlfriend... talking and chatting away... until the things become a lot more intinmate.... talking about intinmate, it will stay between her and me because I am not going to give you details... sorry... what I can say is that every time I saw her, it got better and better... it was fabulous the first time and it simply became more and more amazing!!! Brooklyn is better than a dream!!!!! She is real!!!!!!!! Thank you Brooklyn for the wonderful memories and for the ones to come!!!
  2. louismario

    your are simply amazing...sexy.... love your new pics!!!!
  3. louismario

    simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  4. louismario

    you are soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!
  5. you are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. gee.... i would love to be that friend...... good morning gorgeous.....
  7. louismario

    sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. louismario

    ....and soooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!
  9. louismario

    you are simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. louismario

  11. I love white!!!!!!!!!!!!
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