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  1. Got to hang with Jade again. Well worth every penny. So hot. Make sure you catch up with her before she moves on to a different city. Will be a giant loss for the Fredericton scene. So damn fun.
  2. Hey I got to meet up with Jade this week. Hot and tiny. Little inexperienced in the business end of it but great in action.
  3. Just got to see East coast today. She is hot and sweet. Great time. Wld 100% recommend.
  4. Every time someone asks you post “use search bar” this time you said to google it. It isn’t helpful and you know that.
  5. And there we go more passive aggressive replies. Fairly predictable. Well done.
  6. Not general advice to tell people to google things. It’s just passive aggressive.
  7. Green teal, man not everyone has experience in this, sometimes get wrong info doing searches. Community is to ask questions. Don’t understand how this bothers you. More than 1 person was interested and this thread has provided multiple people with information. What does it hurt? I got good info from asking from people with experience. Almost like that’s the point of the post. Just sayin
  8. Got the pleasure of meeting her yesterday. Had a great time. I was short on time but had great service. Cld give more details if pm’d. She is sexy and talented. Cant wait to see her again.
  9. Met with her yesterday had a great time. I am sure she will be more fun the more she gets comfortable.
  10. So do I. Everything about u is so sexy.
  11. Man I got to hang with her last time she was around. Amazing time worth every penny. Wish I was in town next week.
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