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  1. Without a doubt! I didn't even bother doing a search cause it resembles the add by Eden so much... I do wonder if she is an actual SP though
  2. Looks like she now goes by Eve and is in Moncton... Anyone?
  3. This lifestyle is an addiction, if it's with one SP or multiple... the trick like with any vice is being able to balance it with your personnel life and financial situation...
  4. The Taj is good, I also like Maharaja behind that club in Dieppe... you know the one don't pretend you don't 😉
  5. OK thanks Mod and everyone else very helpful!
  6. You've got all the girls fighting over you jeffmac1984!!
  7. Ahh well I guess her name will be spelled sans "a" for eternity lol
  8. Are we able to edit our posts after they're up? Can't figure out how to do it but I thought you could... Just spelled a name wrong and would like to correct
  9. Wow! I Had an amazing visit with Alexandra this afternoon. I had noticed she was in Halifax this past week and asked if she was stopping in our fine city of Moncton. We texted back and forth and she booked her trip here (lucky me/us) Met this dark haired beauty at her door wearing sexy lingerie. My god I was hooked on her from the beginning till end... She's in town for another day or so, said she may visit Freddy and Saint (awesome) John later this month after Montreal.... Don't miss out 😉
  10. What are you thankful for? For me it's Alexandra Ferrari visiting Moncton this week!
  11. There was a review that was moved to bait and switch. I believe some pictures were changed since then so not sure which are real or not. I tried on several occasions to meet, one evening we texted back and forth several times trying to arrange a meeting and then she said she fell asleep (next day) I ended up meeting someone else that night...
  12. I really don't understand why guys would want to use that method of finding a date... nor would I want it on the street in my neighbourhood... I echo Meaghan's comment
  13. I found her details to be in remarkably better English as well and got the same feeling... something seems off...
  14. Thank you for the feedback. So if you see a pic with the leolist scratch on loose leaf I suppose this could be stolen from someone else... and leolist could verify that. I think the added phone number would add to the authenticity... F it I'll just stick to asking them if they're real and use the honour system what could go wrong ;)
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