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  1. Hi, someone have a meeting with this lady? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/ottawa_sexy_curvy_emma_available_today-6603564?source=list
  2. kikou68


    Damm, so beautiful. I wanna want wash your beautiful body.....
  3. Ruby not going to the club anymore since august.
  4. I was at the Barefax Saturday night. Long time for me. Surprise me, they charge 5$ to rent a CP.!!!!! Since when? Only the weekend??? Have a great time with Nikki, long dark hair, beautiful face and gorgeous body. So beautiful. Booby 's back too. I love her smile.
  5. kikou68

    IMG 0571

    I would love to kiss them....
  6. kikou68


    Gorgeous, so beautiful.........
  7. kikou68

    received 10213259595394734

    Très joli. Ça donne le gout de te rencontrer......
  8. kikou68


    So beautiful......
  9. kikou68

  10. kikou68

    Whaouh, trop beau, juste envie de les embrasser
  11. Whouh, juste trop beau!
  12. kikou68

    002 (9)

    Very sexy!
  13. kikou68


    Beautiful long hairs. Love it!
  14. kikou68


    So beautiful!!!! Love it!
  15. Claudia, she's just a gorgeous woman, with beautiful long hairs. Love it!
  16. I saw Krissy a couple time, and it's always a great time with her. Such a very beautiful lady.
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