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  1. Which ones work at baseline/greenbank?
  2. Only went once just before lockdown but was amazing. What's the setup now? Masks required I assume?
  3. So with things opening up some, I'm thinking of going for a session. Anyone know the new rules? Are they requiring masks?
  4. I tried searching but the term BBW is to short to search by :( Anyone know of any BBW service providers in the city? Thanks in advance
  5. Moving to that area soon and looking to see who's local.
  6. Moving to that area soon and looking to see who's local.
  7. Anyone know a good US equivalent to this site? Will be traveling there soon and like to find some fun. Please message directly if you do.
  8. An amazing woman, gorgeous and sexual and so much fun! I will be coming back for more to be sure.
  9. Thanks all to those who recommended Taylor, an amazing woman!
  10. Sorry all, was offline a bit :) And I think I will be ringing up Taylor very soon. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions!
  11. It seems all the places are pretty far from my neighborhood :) Anyone know a good one closer to here then Bank or out in Stittsville? I hear there is one on Carling near the Coliseum but can't seem to find confirmation on if it's any good or not. Thanks in advance.
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